• Kitnz

    Orc Pirate?! Alright. Definitely a fine uncommon that’ll see plenty of limited play with all the pirates to play around with.

  • Sam Chi

    He looks like the orc from the WoW movie.

  • galen150

    seems pretty strong for a 2 drop. its ability wont do much turn 3 when it attacks, but seems like the kind of creature thhat could definitely find a place is a decent grixis pirate deck.

    • Random Guy

      It’s usually worse than Thalia’s Lieutenant or Champion of the Parish. Unless some very strong pirates start appearing, I don’t think their tribal will be standard-viable.

  • Shagoth

    Wow, someone predicted orcs correctly!

  • Happy The Cat

    this kinda reminds me of Akroan Hoplite, and I liked that card, the trade off of not needing to be given first strike vs tribal means you have to build into this but that’s easy enough.

  • thelordelric

    nice cheap aggressive pirate. I call this a solid uncommon, and I look forward to using it in limited

  • Claire Colette Haldeman

    not as good as dire graf captain

    • Mr.Mayhem631

      They’re completely different cards.

      • lol

        Its a joke..

        • Mr.Mayhem631

          I don’t get it

          • lol

            The fact that both are “Dire ___ Captain”s, he even put a space between the graf.

  • Adam Poznan

    I love the flavor of R/B Orc Pirate. Fairly relevant ability for cheap. Starting to see pirates heading towards a few turns of setup for a big swing. Then loot. Love it.

  • Dragoncastermaster

    i’m so happy that ixalan orcs has they are too iconic of a fantasy race to not be seen on more planes!