• Ultramegalord

    :-) nuff said

  • TogetherAlone

    well passes the Vanilla test with only one zombie in the grave. This and the mythic zombie could be a very good combo together considering it returns to hand if you use its ability.

  • Khan1104

    Ok im buying a booster box :D

    • CrozzStorm

      i want to build vampires, werewolves and zombies (zombies first if i had to pick) so yea im getting a box

    • MrAptronym

      Even the commons and uncommons look like a ton of fun, so yeah, I am in. (Plus I promised to if we got a dog planeswalker and someone called me on it.)

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    It’s a Voltron of corpses and murder. It’s…perfect. Also, it’s a zombie giant.

  • cement dorado

    its a zombie giant. some1 forgot the second creature type

  • yolksoup

    At least it didn’t end up to be the unbreathing horde.. that’s what I thought for a second

  • Jazzyboy1

    Wow, this thing is actually just amazing. Definitely running it in my Modern UB Zombies.

  • That Guy

    I think I’m in love.

  • Bige Boiy

    hwhoh my god

  • Cullen Straut

    Modern mono black zombies definetly seems like a thing.

  • Zombie


    I’d like to take the time to point out that this is an infinite combo with Gravecrawler and Phyrexian Altar.

    Make infinite 2/2 Zombies, find a way to give them Haste, gg.

    • Vixin Xiviir

      A triple?

    • Julna Buras

      uhhhhhh……… one problem: the 2/2 zombies all come into play tapped. So Amulet of Vigor, maybe?

      • Zombie

        I like where this is going.

        I can see the headlines now

        “Crazy Deck Brewer Foaming at the Mouth Wins Local SCG Invitational Qualifier While Playing a Deck Called Zombie Vigor, Claims He’s Broken The Format.”

  • Blahblahblahbla

    Woah. That’s a card now..

  • kmk888


    Cast early to go wide!
    Cast late to go tall!
    Cast any time to win!


  • MrAptronym

    “Where are our zombies?!” the people asked. Well, it took some time for them to shamble out but they certainly arrived.

  • Vizzerdrix

    Holy hell this ridiculous and soi just keeps throwing more awesome cards at us, this is so far my favorite set I’ve seen

  • Happy The Cat

    thank the gods!!! I thought giants were going to get nothing!

  • Altruistic Albatross

    Queue the Rammstein.

  • Vixin Xiviir

    Well hello Black Zombies. I didn’t see you there.

  • Vixin Xiviir

    I think this guy and relentless dead may make Risen Executioner work.

  • Julna Buras


  • Phoenix UNBENCHED

    Slapped me cross the face with an armful of lusciousness, it did.

  • GeneralGenerousGenesis

    A 2/2 Colossus?

    • AlaAlba

      If this is a 2/2, you’re doing it wrong.

  • Deadly Berry

    Either early game to put tokens or late game to swing for the win, this is definitely one of the best 3cmc options available for any zombie tribal deck.

  • Captain Mateo

    I already knew I was making a Zombie deck when this set came out but this was the brains on top of the zombie cake. This is definitely a must have!

  • Nebulium

    It should be listed as a zombie giant, also this is an amazing card

  • Jay

    WTF , how is this not mythic , this is the Def of a mythic , !!

  • Tragic

    This is incredible! Now we’re on the right track with zombies! This is pure value for any zombie deck.

  • Stef

    2/2 for 3 that doesn’t impact the board immediately. This feels like a trap. Great in a Limited tribal deck, but how often will it live a turn in Constructed? I’m going to constrain myself here and not jump on the hype train, even though my initial reaction was excitement for a possible top tier Constructed Zombie deck.
    The tokens also etb tapped, which matters. A 2/2 ready on turn 5 may be insufficient.

    • Vixin Xiviir

      The reason it’s going to be good isn’t because it impacts the board immediately- it’s because of the options it provides. If you’re running zombie tribal, you have two options: 1) Play it early to give extra benefits to the spells you were already going to play 2) Play it late to get a giant threat that also pads any other spells you’re going to play. You can go wide or go tall with this thing, and it works either way. That’s why it’s going to be good.
      Also keep in mind we have cards like Relentless Dead coming out, and we have Risen Executioner already. It’s good stuff.

      • Stef

        Yea let’s talk in a month or two. ;-)
        You basically just read me the text on the card and didn’t add any reason as to why this should be good. It’s either a giant creature (if all your zombie creatures are dead aka. you are already loosing the game) that get’s exiled or it can provide tokens at a super slow rate. You are overrating this card.
        Risen Executioner simply sucks and it will not help your strategy in any way. A 4 mana 4/3 that can’t block and cost a ridiculous amount of mana to return. The anthem effect is simply a win more effect at this point.
        Relentless Dead is a good card by itself. It doesn’t need this card to be good. The fact that this card needs a lot of other zombie cards to be good, says it all.

        • Julna Buras

          As much as I’m sure this won’t in any way convince you, I’ll take a stab at it anyway.
          First off, you can’t and shouldn’t use the “it dies to removal, so it’s bad” argument. Let’s look at the format-defining creatures of standard when BFZ came out: Siege Rhino, Nissa Vastwood Seer, Monastery Mentor, Abbot of Keral Keep, and, of course, Jace Vryn’s Prodigy. They all can die, get exiled, bounced, all that jazz, so by your standards, they’re bad no matter how big they can get or how much damage they can do. As for the prerequisites for it getting big (having large amounts of zombies in your graveyard), just because your zombies die doesn’t mean that you’re losing; even if all you’re doing is using your zombies to block with, they’re still dying and waiting to pump up your late-game bomb (namely, this guy). He’s potentially better in late game, where (unless you’re up against control), the opponent has already gone through most of their removal getting rid of the other threats you’ve placed down. As for the tokens, it’s another zombie that can attack, block, get buffed by cards like *cough* risen executioner *cough* EVERY TURN. Who cares if it’s only one each turn? You’re getting free power and toughness for playing cards you were already planning on playing.
          Your arguments against Risen Executioner were valid before this came out. There weren’t enough zombies in Standard for it to be playable, but now there are plenty, and he’ll be buffing every single one. Besides, what does it matter if its reanimation cost is insanely high? You don’t even need to use it; just use Relentless Dead to trade a 2/2 for a 4/3 zombie lord. Zombies don’t care about blocking with their fatties, so his “can’t block” stipulation doesn’t mean a thing when he’s swinging every turn.
          Finally, I think you’re misunderstanding what a Tribal deck is trying to accomplish. Diregraf Colossus needs other zombies to be effective because that’s what Tribal DOES; it searches out synergies between cards that together work absolute wonders. The tribal lords of Dark Ascension would have been absolutely stupid as stand-alone cards, but when you paired them with decks full of their types, those decks were amazing.

          If you’re still skeptical, I’d be happy to take any copies you get off your hands if you truly believe it’s overrated.

          • Stef

            Thanks for the generic copy/paste lesson about removal. Hilarious stuff. Can’t help but wonder why you care about convincing me though? Monastery Mentor is miles better than this card in every way, still it was almost unplayable in Standard when it was spoiled, because it was vulnerable and there was a lack of cheap support cards to trigger it. How many Constructed playable cards do we have to reliably trigger this strictly worse card right now? How many cheap zombies do you need to make this card work? You are asuming you have a graveyard filled with zombies when you play this card and you believe you have a hand full of zombies as well. Obviously this will not be the case, therefore this card is not as amazing as it appears to be or you would like it to be.
            Also, why on earth would you think you opponent doesn’t have removal in the late game? That comment made no sense at all. We are even in a format dominated by Jace, the Snapcaster Mage. Removal is plenty. It’s the typical hypothetical situation where you forget the opponent has cards as well. You have a lot of magical christmas land situations going on there.
            My arguments about Risen Executioner were made after the current cards were spoiled. How many Constructed playable zombie cards do you see in this set? It’s a bad card and making an army of 2/2 or 3/3 really doesn’t matter. We’ve seen thousands of examples like this before. It’s a win more condition, nothing else. If you go wide, you are better off protecting or adding to that board state, rather than playing a 4 mana vulnerable anthem. The tokens can’t block… because they etb tapped. *cough* You loose the game before you get that engine going. You should see a doctor about that cough btw. Sounds like you may be zombie intolerant.

          • Alexander Malinin (Cfyz)

            * Risen Executioner moves zombie tokens out of Virulent Plague’s range. They become 1/1s, but at least you are not losing most of the board right away.
            * An opponent does not live in christmas land either. With the tribal zombie deck it is removal that dies to a creature.
            * Diregraf Colossus is [potentially] strong because it is useful if either graveyard or hand is full, you do not need both full at the same time.

          • MTG fan

            How exactly would you lose right away; obviously, this card has a flaw like all the other cards out there, so the purpose is to try and make the best out of this card! BTW, it can block by itself right when it comes in, so a late game blocker is possible; in addition, negate from OGW would help it stay alive from removal spells since blue black zombies is completely possible with this set coming out. Honestly, everyone looks to much at the cons of a card rather than the pros. Advice: shamble back can help you get a zombie easily, gain you 2 life, and it removes a helpful creature from your opponent’s graveyard or a useless creature from your own graveyard, lowering Risen Executioner’s resurrection ability for the 2nd option.

        • Vixin Xiviir

          I did read you the card text, and pointed out the nuances behind it, and then added a few cards it can work with. If you refuse to recognize the nuanced argument, I can’t help you there. I’ll say again- the card is good because of myriad of situations it can be used in. A lot of games go late right now- midrange is all the rage. A Diregraf Colossus HAS to be answered if it hits early, because pretty soon with all the Relentless Deads, Shambling Ghouls, and Risen Executioners you’re going to turn out the board gets taken over; alternatively, play it late after your opponent uses their removal on your other cards and get a giant machine that can win the game for you. Either option is good.
          And your “needs other zombie cards to be good says it all” argument is stupid. Tribal has been around for a long time- look at merfolk tribal, which runs Lord of Atlantis. You could also say he’s bad because he “needs a lot of other [merfolk] cards to be good”, but that would be stupid. Look at Modern Eldrazi right now. It runs 4 Eldrazi Mimic, arguably a card that isn’t going to be good without quite a few other Eldrazi. Saying a card is bad because of tribal is a stupid argument. Yes there are going to be cards in tribal that are good on their own (Thought Knot Seer, Reality Smasher, Relentless Dead, etc.) That doesn’t mean you can’t play the tribal cards because they can’t stand on their own- you play the tribal cards with the stand alone cards, and you profit from it.
          No, Risen Executioner is not the greatest card in the world. Would he work in Zombie Tribal, especially with Zombie generators like Diregraf Colossus or Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet? Absolutely. A 4/3 smasher that pumps your team and ISN’T LEGENDARY (meaning you can play multiples), with the optional upside of coming back (which isn’t very likely, but it could happen, which is why it’s a garnish, not the main course) is a good lord that will work in a zombie tribal deck.
          At least we agree that Relentless Dead is a good card.

          tl;dr: your argument is bad and you should feel bad.

          • Stef

            “tl;dr: your argument is bad and you should feel bad.” – I skipped your wall , read this line and came to the conclusion you probably didn’t write anything worth spending my time on. I feel just fine and I assure you I will continue to do so, regardless of whatever I write about any piece of cardboard… You should feel very bad for making comments like that though.
            Funny how the hype can make some people absolutely loose it whenever someone takes a shot at their new favorite card. ;-)
            In 2 months this card will be a casual favorite and completely unplayed in competitive magic. No different than, let’s say, Undergrowth Champion? Powerful card, with no chance of being anything but a casual or niche card in Standard. If you want to believe otherwise I have no problem with that. You should play the cards you like. But don’t pretend you haven’t seen hyped and overrated cards before. This fits the description.
            We should talk in a few months. It would be interesting to see if I’m that wrong about this card.

          • Vixin Xiviir

            If you’re just going to be one of those idiots that reads the throwaway, silly closing statement I’m not going to waste my time on your red herrings. Ignore my wall, fine. I’m not going to deal with you. Read my arguments, come up with an intelligent rebuttal, and we can continue this.
            And yes I’ve seen hyped up cards before that failed- I’ve also seen dismissed cards take over a format. For example, Thought-Knot Seer. Some people thought it was good, a few thought it was terrible, most thought it just okay. Look at it now.

          • Stef

            Well I don’t tell people to feel bad, make personal comments or call them idiots. So if you want me to read your arguments, you basically need to change the way you communicate and improve your people skills.
            Thought-knot Seer was compared to Vendillion Clique with an upside, almost instantly by the majority. Tbh. I’ve never heard anyone with the slightest experience in MTG dismiss it as anything less than extremely powerful. This card is no TKS though. This card is way more straight forward with it’s abilities. I don’t see anything about this card that is not obvious at first glance. It’s not like a Jace, Vryns Prodigy that needs to prove it’s playability before we realise how good it is. We’ve had cards like this before, Monastery Mentor for one. This is just obviously less powerful.

          • MTG fan

            People skills… Sureeeeeeeeeeee

        • MTG fan

          What do deck strategy do u plan to use that is effective compared to Diregraf Colossus in a zombie deck?! Stop contradicting their statements without actual evidence.

          • Vixin Xiviir

            You sir, are a rare breed.

    • Hedronal

      If you’re playing this as a 2/2, I suggest altering your zombie deck and/or how you’re playing it.

      • Stef

        You mean keep it as dead card in my hand until my graveyard is filled with my other creatures, so I can play it as 3 mana 5/5 or the like? Horrible suggestion. No really, that’s a terrible line of play. If I don’t play it on curve, I might as well just play any other stronger card. There plenty of options that are better as late game threats. Even one turn later, Kalitas is already a better choice. The primary function of the card is as a tokens producer.
        Also, did you notice the obvious nonbo if you want to play this card late game? You can’t resurrect your Relentless Dead, Risen Executioner or other zombies, as it requires them to be in the graveyard when you cast it. This card is very slow and gets worse as I think about it.

        • Hedronal

          My point is more that if you’re playing it, it shouldn’t be hard to have one of your zombies in your graveyard by then, by blocking, sacrifice, discard, etc.

  • Zachary Cooper

    Modern zombies is so close. It already has 3 lords, grave crawler, this guy, the new mythic zombie, geralf’s messanger, gary, etc.

    • Zackiskip

      moder zombies has more then 3 lords
      you have
      diregraf, deathbaron, undead warchief, lord of the undead, and cemetary repear.

    • Velvet Wurm

      I play merfolk and my friend who likes zombies wonders why zombies don’t have any of the lords that merfolk has. I think the big gap is in the CMC, there aren’t any 2 mana zombie lords and no synergy in terms of control and consistency. Zombies just aren’t powerful enough fast enough.

  • space-coyote

    We’ve come a long way since Scathe Zombies