• SmolderingButcher

    A really simple efficient and interesting card. Now nothing is safe from a counterspell, even in standard.

  • Derek Mullins

    Oh man, I love this guy; I really hope be stays. He’s so deliciously malicious.

  • Marvin Sürig

    Nice a new Voidslime but this time we just cust off the green :D

    • Tolle

      O_O wow… my thoughts exactly

  • David S. McCrae

    A 200% better Cancel!

  • Liam Maiher

    A nice upgrade to stifle. Even though it is a little mana intensive. Wish it was 2U not 1UU

    • Tolle

      Check out voidslime. This card is already strictly better

    • knuttypoo

      You can’t be serious.

  • Edwin Marín Castro

    One thing is sure, we will never have a single instant that counters mana abilities. Never.

    • Tolle

      We can’t. Mana abilities don’t use the stack. It is literally impossible to counter a mana ability.

      • Edwin Marín Castro

        I didn’t know that, thank you.

        • Tolle

          No problem.

    • BusinessmanGinger

      That is literally impossible because mana abilities don’t go on the stack, the reason the card says mana abilities can’t be targeted is not because it’s a hindrance that the developers thought would balance the card out, it’s that it can’t be done.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Baral is such a douche, I love him.

    • Derek Mullins

      I really love him as a villian; I really hope he doesn’t get offed by a convenient plot

      • Hedronal

        It’s not like he has a way off of Kaladesh, so the result wouldn’t be too different in the near future.

  • chad

    hhhmmm so lets see…disallow ulamog or maybe ishkanah or emrakul… not a bad counter spell

    • DJ Pad

      Except it would only counter either Ulamog/Emrakul’s trigger OR Ulamog/Emrakul not both.

      • chad

        The triggers are what you want to counte since that’s the part that makes them good

        • BusinessmanGinger

          Why on Earth would you want to do that for either of them? If you counter Ulamog, you only exile 2 tihngs instead of having an indestructible beatstick swing at you and mill 20 and if you counter Emrakul, they Mindslaver you only once, you take an extra turn and they don’t have a 13/13 trample, flying, pro instants fatty.

          • Rigo Reyes

            I can deal with a 13/13 trample, flying, pro instants fatty…thats better than deal with my board Swept by my own cards..

          • BusinessmanGinger

            I don’t know what you mean by “swept by your own cards”. Does that mean your creatures attacking you? If so that’s not how that works. If you mean playing your spells on your stuff the likelyhood that your stuff will be wiped is pretty small in Standard. Also you get an extra turn to retaliate with at least 2 cards that your opponent hasn’t seen.

          • Scathain

            Depends on your deck, I am guessing. I have seen some pretty darn removal heavy decks on Magic Duels, in which case you might want to stop the ability. In general, though, I would tend to counter the actual spell, unless I have relevant removal in hand.

          • BusinessmanGinger

            Exactly thank you.

          • Rigo Reyes

            from where do i get the 2nd card? i know i will get one on me next turn…but where the other comes from?

          • BusinessmanGinger

            You get a card from your first turn and then another from your extra turn. Also you didn’t answer my question about “swept by your own cards”.

          • chad

            Because if you let emrakuls ability to resolve your going to lose a lot more if you allow you opponent take your turn and allow them to play around your hand, just counter the ability then exile him on your turn. U ulamog is a little different because of his exile effect.

        • Transgendent

          Honestly it’s situational. If you have sorcery kill spells in hand, counter the ability. If you don’t, maybe risk the one turn mindslaver or having two permanents exiled in order to avoid a huge body that you can’t deal with.

  • MTG fan

    Story Spotlight #3/5

    • Derek Mullins

      Didn’t notice that last time; so we have 4 of the 5… Hmm…

  • Derek Niles

    This seems crazy good

  • Dave

    A bit weird they didn’t make its cost UUU. Maybe counterspells will get more power from now on.

  • Julna Buras

    Ooooooooooh, yes please.

  • Jakob Schneider

    Feels just right.

    Very nice move from Wizards to turn Voidslime’s {G} into a {1}. (And not {U})
    This should see a ton of play.

    Obviously it’s also a strictly better Cancel, though that spell getting outclassed is a given.
    (Yet that doesn’t mean I don’t like seeing that being the case.)

  • Zombie

    I know this doesnt concern most people, but this is a HUGE card for Magic Duels’ online matches.

    Also its the best counter spell in Standard. So there’s that.

    • Hedronal

      With things like this, I keep wondering what will happen to keep there being a standard-ish magic duels, in case it gets too frontier-y.

    • David Herrera

      I really doubt Duels is going to include this card. They cited new Emrakul as being too difficult to code as the reason for not including her in the Eldritch Moon update. If they included this card, they’d need a way for you to target the stack. I don’t think they’d recode the way the stack resolves visually for a single card.

      But on the other hand, I could be wrong. It’s happened before. Fingers crossed.

      • Zombie

        Target the stack? What?

        You mean like every other counter spell in the game?

        • David Herrera

          Er sorry, I meant the triggered or activated abilities on the stack. Duels is not terribly communicative about what’s attempting to resolve in what order.

          • Zombie

            You can still respond to triggers, though.

            They don’t hover over the board like cast spells, but there’s still a timed animation that plays and you have a chance to stop the timer to respond to a trigger.

            I think you might be right, but it would be simple enough to just have Magic Duels put a targetable copy of a trigger onto “the stack” like Magic Online.

  • Shagoth

    A better voidslime in mono blue?…
    God dang it, I was thinking my talrand deck wouldn’t need any additions for another five years because we already have enough stupid powerful blue control instants/sorceries.
    Weird that they went from worse cancel to a better version of a classic counterspell.


      This is not a better than Counterspell!
      While i think it is pretty strong and the best Counterspell since Mystic Confluence, i don’t think it is better than the Original.
      Why you ask?
      Stifle and Trickbind are so good, because they can effectively Counter Fetchland Triggers and cheap value ETB Triggers. The card gets worse the longer the game goes.
      Because of this a card with CMC 3 will not profit enough from this ability, since it will counter spells 90 % of the time – not abilities.
      Don’t get me wrong, a strictly better Voidslime is good. But i think most of the decks in Modern that use it would rather play Counterspell if they had the chance.

      But coming from the Duel Commander Perspective (I play Vendilion Clique), i understand why you are a fan. We need every good Counterspell we can get ^^ But since the format changed from 30 to 20 life i see myself running cheaper Counters than ever.
      Mental Misstep found it’s way back into the deck and i even play Revolutionary Rebuff, since having a 2cmc counter can be the difference between winning and losing – especially on the draw.

      • Shagoth

        A classic counterspell. Not the card, counterspell, a counterspell that became a classic card. The card I am referring to is voidslime. Not the card “counterspell”.

  • Brian Schmidt

    This is a better or worse than Stifle?

    • sdsas


    • BusinessmanGinger

      A better question to ask is: Is it better or worse than Voidslime? In my opinion I would say better because there is no green in the mc. Also for another comparison it’s a strictly better Cancel.

    • Bige Boiy

      more powerful, more flexible, but way more expensive. stifling a fetch is more potent than disallowing it.

  • Rovkir Hexus


  • Ironclad

    I really hope Baral gets his own card.

  • MrAptronym

    Wow… a better voidslime. I am almost a little sad to see my old favorite go :< Lovely card though.

  • That Guy

    Person at Wizards : Voidslime is a good card.
    Another person at Wizards: Yes it is.
    Person1: I’m just bummed I can’t run it in my azami edh deck.
    Person2: Same, except for me it’s all 10 edh decks I have that run blue but not green.
    Person1: How about we make a mono blue version of it!?! Who cares if It gives blue more ways to answer everything!
    Person2: Great idea! and let’s make sure not to make it cost any less either.
    Person1: Good thinking. I don’t want to make any fair blue cards.

    • Shagoth

      …Person2: Yeah, we kind of screwed up making unfair blue cards since the best control spell in the last set was Glimmer of Genius and how its premier counterspell was Cancel with a downside.
      Person1: Heck, the card isn’t even that unfair. Like what was green about the original card anyways?

      • Bostorket

        Person3: Bind, sans cantrip? I mean it was a precedent, though it does seem like an odd thing for mono green to have.

      • Hedronal

        Being fair, that downside is one made to be built into an upside, like discard-costed abilities in a delirium deck.

        • Bige Boiy

          i play cancel with a “downside” in venser alongside familiar’s ruse

  • Shagoth

    I just realized that this card is 100% likely to see modern play given it’s a strict upgrade of a card that already sees small amounts of modern play.

    • BusinessmanGinger

      I wouldn’t say 100% but it has potential to replace a few counters in Modern. I think it’s just really hard to replace things like Remand and Cryptic Command when the first is really cheap tempo control and the other has versatility.

      • Shagoth

        I say 100% because it’s a strict upgrade to a spell that currently does see play in modern, voidslime. Though, very fringe. This will replace voidslime in Blue/green…faeries so they don’t have to worry about mana fixing as much, replacing voidslime will make the consistency of casting it, somewhat better.
        I’m not saying this card will see massive play.

  • Robert FakeLastName

    magic needs more of this

  • Bostorket

    Voidwhat now?

  • jude

    ….so voidslime was always awesome, still is. this card is literally no different. This is….wow .3.~ for the past while, counterspells have been pretty useless in standard. for the first time….like….ever? this one might actually be worth playing because “Lol get ready to eat a million damage off this combustible gearhu–” “counter the trigger” “……….well there’s my turn”

    • Hedronal

      Or just counter the gearhulk, but this also works if you can’t for some reason.

  • Deadly Berry

    Better than Voidslime, not like it was any relevant in modern “Gotta watch out for Voidslime”- No, you don’t think of that often enough. In Modern if you want to counter a spell this is not the card you want; if you want to counter an activated ability you use Squelch or Stifle, not this. This goes to the pile of *will see play until I rotate* cards.

    • mehngo

      You realize the majority of the reason you didn’t play Voidslime in modern is because of it’s extremely demanding CMC? You had to run green in order to run it. This alleviates the card of its second-color mana restriction. “Why run Cryptic command when you can just run Unsummon, Blustersquall, Counter, etc. ?” That’s because it frees up necessary slots to accomplish the same thing. Versatility is heavily underestimated in cards.

      • mehngo

        Also control isn’t that relevant. But still.

      • Deadly Berry

        I can’t imagine any serious modern player replacing Cryptic Com for this, or even Remand; this is still a do-not-want counter for modern.

  • Nanya

    Sweet, now I’ll have TWO voidslimes in my one EDH deck!

  • Happy The Cat

    @flavor text m8 dont pick a fight with me.

  • Scathain

    An improved cancel for standard, about time. Seems like a perfectly decent counterspell, but I doubt it will do anything crazy. As someone who runs a counterspell-heavy monoblue deck in modern, I can say that 3 mana is quite high for a counterspell in modern, and it is unlikely to see much play in modern. Still, a nice counterspell for standard.

  • kmk888

    Staple in Standard from day one. This is likely to supplant Summary Dismissal entirely but either way, planeswalker ultimates have never looked less safe. Buy your Torrential Gearhulks immediately.

  • Bige Boiy

    i think this card is very good

  • Vizzerdrix

    Hey we need another cancel variant and a counter spell at rare with some sort of specific hate. Hmm ok why not just do both ?

  • MithosFall

    Strictly better Voidslime. Never thought I’d see it. This could see some real use, and maybe not even in Standard.