• EterAsc

    Maybe someone can help me with this Card.

    Considering following situation: My opponent casts a Lightning Axe that targets a non-token creature I control (and own).
    In response, I cast Displace to target said creature. Will Lightning Axe be countered? As far as I know: due to Displace my non-token creature will be an entire “new” creature on the battlefield after resolving, hence the target for Lightning Axe becomes illegal / disappears. Is this true?

    Thanks in advance for any help and explanations.

    • Peter Johnston

      yeah, lightning axe has no target and is countered.

    • Tragic

      Bingo. That’s the beauty of flicker effects. Plus they can trigger ETB abilities

  • Pesimitee

    A reprint of ghostly flicker with a new name! I love this set.

    • Not exactly, Ghostly Flicker also hit lands.

      • Robert FakeLastName

        and artifacts

        • disqus_A12YL8TXnr

          But it also require you to exile two things, while this is up to two creatures.

          • Robert FakeLastName

            well you will almost always have at least 2 lands by the time this thing is cast anyway.

          • disqus_A12YL8TXnr

            That’s fair.

          • disqus_A12YL8TXnr

            I just like that this says “up to” because then you don’t have to flicker both creatures if, say, you’re dodging a burn spell but still want to attack.

            However, I keep forgetting that ghostly flicker let’s you exile lands as well. Honestly, if you can exile a plains you tapped to cast it, it gives you an untapped plains to cast a cloudshift with, so you still have a another flicker spell on hand.