• ChaosEngineer

    Sweeeeeeet.I’m so putting a play set in my panharmonicon whirler deck. He works so well with decoction module and whirler virtuoso.

    • ChaosEngineer

      Plus, this card just practically voided experimental aviator from the previous set. So much more value here.

  • Derek Mullins

    Ok, so there was an awesome Saheeli Deck by Neal Oliver, that they mentioned on Daily MTG… I have a feeling, this was one of the cards Blake hinted would make it better… Panharmonicon all. Day. Long.

  • Alex

    I’m getting seriously tempted to run Breya, not as degenerate combos, but Thoper Tribal. Whirler Rogue, Ghirapur Gearcrafter, Thopter Engineer, Pilgim’s Eye, Hangarback Walker, Thopter Spy Network, etc etc…

  • guy

    of all the two color pauper edh generals from this set, He has the best chance of being playable. It’s a shame, Izzet already has so many good pauper edh generals, while gruul and, to a lesser degree, azorius (ascended lawmage is so boring) need more options. I wish the white/green guy from this set was blue/white. He could be a useable and fun general if he was azorius.

    • Balkion

      This guy isn’t legendary am I missing something?

      • Brams

        My guess is that in pauper EDH you can use an uncommon as a general instead of a legendary.

  • Xeonar

    Totterista Dissidente translated comes out to something like Thopterist Dissident.

  • kmk888

    This card strikes me as a particularly powerful addition to the Improvise deck due to being a solid playable that is both reward and enabler for Improvise.