• Kahai

    What, is that translation right??? :D

    • Kahai

      Planeswalker tribal not in a precon! Holy moley!

      • Brogan Justicar Gibbons

        This with samut the tested should encourage some 5c superfriends that don’t involve atraxa

      • Robert FakeLastName

        deploy the gatewatch was like this as well along with at least one other tutor.

    • Felix Seiler

      I speak German and i can confirm the translation is right :)

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    ….what the fu….

    • Kaiser

      he hates Gideon but, he becomes in his boyfriend

      • Jacob Hennessy

        “Hey Gideon! Remember that time I drowned your crop mate? That was fun, do you wanna hang out later?”

        • Samura

          that was also Djeru’s crop mate and he did it because he was deceived, like all on the plane

  • Bige Boiy

    wow, a mench AND a krieger

  • LetsGetReal

    Doesnt “combo” with thalias lancers on curve very sad

  • Nanya

    Superfriends have a new toy

  • Happy The Cat

    why do you have to be mono white!? you were the chosen one! Naya or any three color combo and we have a great super friends commander, but this guy can only use Ajani, Elspeth, Gideon, and Nahiri. heck, I’d take two colors just cause it gives more options.

    • Kahai

      They could have easily done what they did to make Samut three color…

  • Han Solo II

    the time when your common resolve card is better than your legendary creature card

    • Chaospyke

      Kinda reminds me of when a creature version was better than the pw version

      • Han Solo II

        are you saying that you dislike the mythic rare 4 mana Chandra’S Pyrohelix?

  • Tolle

    Another great mono colored superfriends commander. Good thing wizards gives us a wide variety of planeswalkers instead of reprinting the same characters over and over again…

  • Kevan Kramer

    Not sure why he cares about PWs. Yes his girlfriend just became one, but still. Still nice to have a Call of the Gatewatch on a stick.

  • galen150

    super friends tribal! yay!

  • Jeremy Perez

    Why couldnt he be a smaller drop !

    • Robert FakeLastName

      i think you know why.

      • Jeremy Perez

        haha true.

  • Derek Mullins

    Well… Ok?

    I’m really curious on the story now, but I guess monoW works; he was just so black before, deceived or not. Still, pretty interesting ability, but I’m sad that he’s not a PW, because if Amonkhet is done, so’s he.

    • Evan Livish

      Actually he was always white, white represents order and is often shown as putting yourself above others and it is often shown in respecting the authority of your society even if that society is corrupt. true he did sacrafice others to complete the trials but he did so with respect and in the name of Bontu. Also his only request to Hazzoret was for her to spare samut

      • Derek Mullins

        Oh, I’ve always envisioned him W (I felt that was obvious enough to go without saying), but there seemed to be enough of a B side to compliment.

        • Cody Daniels

          I believe that Amonkhet isnt done. Between the nissa deck exclusive cards and cards like Hope Tender, the flavor indicates amonkhet recovers

  • jaya

    The planes protector is mono white… totally kills it in edh…Its not that white is like the 2nd worse color but the fact that there arent that many diversity of planes that do good stuff besides put tokens or w/e

    • Daniel Behan

      It’s alright as part of the 99 but i agree as a commander it’s lackluster

      • Daniel Scott

        It can only get better though, maybe we’ll see a walker that makes it worth it. Perhaps if there is ever an entirely new mono-white walker, might bring something new to the table.

        • Daniel Behan

          I severely doubt it they would have to print 3-5 really powerful walkers in order to make mono white super friends even viable and not jus more Gideons or elspeths more unique ones so you can have more than 3 walkers at once

  • Shagoth

    Gideon tribal in commander!!!!
    There’s also 13 mono white planeswalkers and two colorless planeswalkers, that’s a decent number for a white commander control deck, I suppose.

    • Hedronal

      Unless you want Gideon (Kytheon) as your commander more.

      • Shagoth

        Eh, they are both as efficient because we really just want Gideon of the Trials to be the commander for that deck more. Besides, this one can fetch Gideon of the Trials.

    • Brian Schmidt

      …or just put it in your Atraxa Superfriends deck and be set.

      • Shagoth

        That’s boring.

  • Márcio Siqueira

    the best friend of the super friends

  • Deadly Berry

    Not a big fan of super friends, but meh.

  • TheFullMontzy

    I really hate the gatewatch, but I love all the superfriends support!

  • thoptertoken

    Elspeth commander? YES!!!

  • Vizzerdrix

    I all readu wanted to try building a kytheon edh when i saw Gideon of the trials this makes me want to do it more so. Maybe this will help push Gideon in standard

  • manguydude

    Djeru and Samut at Tanagra?

  • Geddon

    Really bothers me that this guy can’t survive a 1-on-1 with an eternalized monster.