• Kahai

    Hopefully this named character gets an interesting Embalm.

    • Hedronal

      Looks like it might be exertable.

      • Typhuzuzu13

        Why not both!

    • What!

      A legendary with embalm? That sounds so sweet! You’ve gotten my hopes up!

    • Nikolai Anzuoni

      If the token is a separate lengendary it’d be pretty amazing. As in you can have a creature and a token.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    I hope Djeru is a planeswalker.

    • BusinessmanGinger

      Either that or a legendary creature.

  • Random Guy

    This looks cool and pretty strong. Compare to Blossoming Defense.

    • ymmij X

      It’s really great when used with exert. I make my 2 drop a 4/4 lifelink on turn 3 and spend 2 on another creature. My opponent swings and suddenly my tapped down 3/1 stands up and kicks their 2 drop over. Not quite as good against control but still good.

  • Mors

    Hey little Djeru what have you done?

    Hey little Djeru who is the only one?

    • Karl Comrodd

      Hey little Djeru who’s your superman ?

      Hey little Djeru who’s the one you want ?

  • thoptertoken

    The flavor text should have been:
    “You got this.”

  • Mip

    I want a legend of him in this set and a planeswalker form in hour of devastation. Also, this is exactly what I wanted out of this set, a (currently) nonplaneswalker main character/hero. But the gateway has can help because wizards won’t do otherwise.