• Sani

    The final-final form of Delver of secrets! And I like it, I want this for my Melek deck.

  • Chair-sama

    Oh, look! A delver mama with her delving children!

  • Dominic Ng

    So this card turn Delver of Secrets into a 3/2 flyer

    • Urdothor

      It does, doesn’t it? That’s really flavorful, encoding its own “perfection” on to others like him.

  • M.T.G

    Yay, another delver

  • Ryū

    Oh I love it, oh I love it so much.

  • Jacob Kodicovic

    The final chapter in the Delver story has been spoiled!

    • Jacob Kodicovic

      Also, fun fact: on the bulletin board inside of WOTC’s headquarters, there is a large letter that says:

      REMINDER – All blocks on Innistrad must have an upgraded form of Delver of Secrets

      • Kevan Kramer

        Not true. The last two sets of the Innistrad block didn’t have this character in it at all.

        • Jacob Kodicovic

          I ment all blocks

    • Hedronal

      I so much hope there’s a mythic chapter though.

      • Jacob Kodicovic

        Same, but I don’t think that will happen because this version seems like the final form because it spawns new ones to continue the cycle

        • Hedronal

          True, but what if they form a collective and improve it again or something? In the worst case, it could figure out how to spawn Abberant Researchers instead of Delvers.

          • Jacob Kodicovic

            Seems probable in Return to Return to Innistrad. Also if there is a Return to Return to Return to Innistrad, I hope he’s a walker that makes 6/5s

          • Hedronal

            At the point of being a walker, I hope for different tokens from at least two abilities.

  • chad

    oh yea control staple in standard. expect to see this in the pro tour.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Well this is awesome. Niv Mizzet welcomes you to the party.

  • Urdothor

    I have a desire to run all the iterations of Delver in a deck now.

    • Urdothor

      And, all the different parts of the story synergize so well too.

      Delver of Secrets, reveal the top card, if its an instant or sorcery, flip it.
      Aberrant Researcher, put the top card of you library into the graveyard. If its an instant or sorcery, flip it.
      Finally, when you cast instants or sorcerys, put a token out, and when you have 3 of them, flip it.
      It works out so perfectly.

      • Break

        And the tokens are more delver of secrets
        // Insectile Aberration. Flavor Win

        • Urdothor

          The question is now, what instant do I run? Something with flashback? Or should I just include snapcaster mage. Hm.

  • Phoenix UNBENCHED

    inb4 he becomes an Eldrazi Abomination Planeswalker.
    Mark my words, he’ll be Ob Nixilis 2.0

    • Hedronal

      Alternatively, this is Ob Nixilis’s backstory.

  • Happy The Cat

    so they said they were going to stop making Tribal and greatly cut down on tribe lords but have now gone and printed a larger lord for a tribe that did not need to get stronger at all. this will flip fast and it will just throw out extra so many tokens. anyone who has never played against a wizard edh, go look up Azami, Lady of Scrolls. With this guy, stormless storm kits and on draw effect(Sphinx’s Tutelage for example) you will kill multiple people instantly.

    • Urdothor

      It’s part of an implied storyline that’s been occuring since the first innistrad. It’s an exception

      • Happy The Cat

        so if the first version broke modern to this day the final form has to also break a format?

        • Mack Tackleton

          Just counter it and you won’t have a problem.

          • Happy The Cat

            I- Bu- Wha-
            countering one of their spells is like trying to use a glass of water to put out a forest fire

          • Konan

            Thx that made my day =D

          • Steak Sauce

            Why didn’t you side in MIndbreak Trap, you scrub? :P

          • Happy The Cat

            because it was a casual game and I didn’t know I would be playing a blue deck until about five turns ago

        • Kevan Kramer

          This won’t break the format, because the format was already broken years ago. The whole point of the format is to do broken things with cards that don’t see play anywhere else.

    • TogetherAlone

      they don’t balance for other formats but standard, simply put, deal with it :P

    • MrAptronym

      Cut down doesn’t mean cut out, and Tribal the card type didn’t go because they wanted to encourage tribal decks any less. In any case I don’t think this card is at all broken in the format. Its one of many triggered abilities that can get nasty, yes. However, the format is more or less used to cards of about this power level. The combos you’re talking about have equivalents across the format and have for many years.

    • NC

      I’ll take infinite wizard beatdown over Laboratory Maniac losses any day.

      • Happy The Cat

        so once the wizard deck has this ridiculous engin online what do you think it will do? cause it looks to me like it might be drawing in the upwards of 30~40 cards, that gives you only two turns before you can deck yourself. I think you still might be losing to Maniac with the new deck that wants to draw even more cards.

        • Joji

          Oh well? Still no reason to get on this card’s case. Definitely not going to make it any where, but this card is quite powerful and pretty strong, even though I doubt it will make it into any format except EDH. Maybe some Standard play.

    • Son Goku

      Tribal decks are my favorite, though not necessarily Wizards. I’d still really like to make a Phoenix deck, but we still don’t have a legendary Phoenix or a Phoenix lord. Hard to believe!

  • Derek Mullins

    XD Has to be one of the best outcomes of this block… I love this side story!

    • Hedronal

      We don’t even need a written story, the cards say it all. Even just the first one was a complete story.

  • Dylan Dougherty

    Cryptolith Rites and Azami oh my….

  • Kaiser

    Insect Eldrazi Horror WHAT?! this man…insect man have more forms than any character of dragon ball, now is probably more powerfull than Stormcrow

  • Kevan Kramer

    Delver of Secrets finally got to the rare rarity. So congratz to that little guy…you made it!

  • Bacon

    So it’s basically a 6/5 for 3UU that pumps out post transformation delvers every time you cast an instant/ sorcery? Count me in!

    • Hedronal

      With a window of 5/4 making pre-transformation Delvers, yes.

  • NC

    This really IS his final form.

    • Kevan Kramer

      I hope not. I want a mythic version.

  • Guy

    Why does he make human wizards when the art shows human insect wizards?

    • Melissa Juice

      Because creature tokens always a single creature type.

      • Jared Fruitman

        human wizzard is 2 creature types already…

    • eltratzo

      it shows humans with insctile wings. they may be on their way to becoming inscile abberations but at this point they only have the stats and the wings. the repulsiveness will take a while to set in. ^^

      from a mechanics standpoint: the back”and are insects in addition to their other types” and possibly even a line of text that makes them stop being human if they are.those are a lot of words to add to an alredy wordy card for making the flavour fit marginally better. i’m guessing they thought that that wasn’t worth it.

  • Kevan Kramer

    . I want a mythic version of this character. Hopefully we get one when we go back to Innistrad. Or better yet, make this character a PW for the mythic version, hopefully a transformation PW.

    • Hedronal

      I too hope for a mythic version, who is by that point legendary.

  • Bige Boiy

    Delver of Delvers of Secrets

  • Lockwert

    can’t help but find this stupid

  • Nolly

    Next time on Innistrad, meet the mythic rare delver who is the eldrazi on his front and transforms wizards into 5/4 insects on his back!

  • Khan1104

    How is this not a legendary creature by now ? :P

    • eltratzo

      cause apparently turning into insects is all the rage amongst innistrad mages. I mean this one in effects turns it’s own tokens into delvers. so it makes sense that there are quite a few insect horror wizards scatterd throughout innistrad.

      and the truly scary thing about that: this being innistrad I expect that they are amongst the least problematic nonhumans around ^^ especcialy with all the Whatev’rakuls running around.

  • kmk888

    A great end to the cycle. Looks temptingly playable for 5 mana too

    • Hedronal

      5 mana for a blue 5/4 flying that makes tokens with your instants and sorceries looks very playable. It and those tokens becoming larger is gravy.

  • Hedronal

    This guy just won’t stop.

  • Edward

    This looks amazing with Azami or Talrand in commander. Also a nice card for Patron Wizard as well.

    • Nanya

      Not to mention Supreme Inquisitor.

  • the mad seer

    this is why we need to regulate recreational drugs in innistrad

  • That guy

    Finally, a card that makes wizard tribal a thing1

    • Liam Maiher

      Azami did that over a decade ago.

  • Poro Vlad

    mmmh why is not legendary? wanted as commander in EDH XD

  • Nebulium

    This may be the non-legendary character with the most card (faces) dedicated to it. I love it.

  • Vizzerdrix

    weird tokens weird tribal boost. this makes me miss my mistform ultimatus edh more than i all ready do

  • Blahblahblahbla

    That is a hell of a 5 drop blue creature. Kinda glad i don’t play standard. I dont think i would enjoy getting steam rolled by this backed up with counter magic.

  • Phoenix UNBENCHED

    My lands, he isn’t legendary. It isn’t hard to get two out and flip em both, and BAM – instant army of 5/3 fliers.
    People complained about a lack of payoffs to playing blue; here ya go. I’m gathering islands as we speak.
    As a golgari mage, this reallys BUGs me.

  • Zeke Martin Spencer

    … Okay, yeah, I like that they finished the implied story with Delver, but why did it NEED to be an Eldrazi? Did his findings lead to him being able to transform people into Eldrazi (going off the artwork and giving them all flying)? And how does him finding specimens MAKE HIM an Eldrazi???

    • Flatfish

      It wasn’t his intention to be with the Eldrazi, Emrakul just corrupts and makes mad everything on Innistrad.

    • Geddon

      Yeah, what Flatfish said. Emrakul showed up just as he was nearing the end of his work, and screwed with his mind.

    • Alex2480

      He is the Delver of Secrets. He knew all along that Emrakul was going to come to Innistrad. He was just preparing.

  • Stinker289

    Flying wizards who lift?

  • Typhuzuzu13

    Jeskai wizards maybe? Stormchaser mage, reflection mage, jori en, sanguinary mage, the homunculus and this? Add some draw power and cheap prowess triggers?

    • Typhuzuzu13

      Oh! And vyrns prodigy is also a wizard. Which is kind of cool. Fits that one-drop space

  • Kameenook

    Aww this is dope yo.

    Delver-Aberrant Researcher-This ? Coolio

  • Tolle

    I feel like this won’t be the last card in the Delver journey. I don’t know how but I think we will have one more. I know the card says “final iteration” but the last one said “perfected form.” So I am not confident that “final” really means “final.” Also, note we had a common, then an uncommon, then a rare. I totally see a mythic delver happening if we ever return to innistrad or maybe in supplemental products.

    • bentheechidna

      The last one was in fact perfect. Perfect implies but does not state that it is final. This says Final Iteration, and seeing that he has now been mutated by Emrakul, I think this is the last we’ll see of him.

      If we see a similar story in the future, it will likely be with a new character.