Domri Rade - Gatecrash Planeswalker

Domri Rade

  • Color: Green, Red
  • Type: Planeswalker - Domri
  • Rarity: Mythic Rare
  • Set:

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+1: Look at the top card of your library. If it’s a creature card, you may reveal it and put it into your hand.

-2: Target creature you control fights another target creature.

-7: You get an emblem with “Creatures you control have double strike, trample, hexproof and haste.”

  • Willright


  • Marckodns

    :o I think that i will be playing grull next semester, even being a natural dimir player :)

    Borborygmos smash, Borborygmos destroy!!!

  • francois

    How did these get spoiled?

    • LightningXIII

      Craigslist…well at least according to mtgsalvation.

  •  Combos well with turn 3.

  • Justmanypeaches

    Tak and the power of Juju?

  • Seritho

    This card is ridiculous, that finally ability is freaking insane.  I mean it wasn’t an emblem but like a one time trigger, it would still be reasonable for the Loyalty cost.  Making that ability an Emblem basically says, HAHA YOU LOSE!

  • Shadow921

    2 words: Abrupt Decay.

    • Rakdos Reveler

      or dreadbore. But honestly, saying “kill spell/counter” as an arguement to EVERYTHING doesn’t quite work.

  • Notreal

    I like it, but its just another Tibalt

    • I Atma Weapon I

      tibalt was awful his +1 is what made him so bad this +1 is really useful even more so in a creature heavy or moderate deck

  • Indes

    Seems to be a very good card, seeing how green can ramp it out on turn two, but the thing that is disappointing about it is the -2 ability. Look at it this way, he is never going to get to his ultimate so usually the most utility you can get out of a planeswalker is determined by the secondary ability and his is very weak (or seems to be as of right now). Take RTR Jace for example, if you know your opponent has ways to deal with Jace you can get value out of him by just using his secondary ability right when he comes into play, that is value. Not so much with this dude.

    • Busterswrd_maniac

       you have obviously never played around with the whole fight mechanic have you…….. in a way, fight = green removal

  • Kiki Jiki The Planeswalker

    i have the thoughts that this planeswalker is a “prototype.” the reason i say this is its unlike magic to tell you to look at the top card of your library and if its a creature card put it in your hand and if not, what then? put it back? Put it in your graveyard? also wasnt fighting a innistrad tactic? does this also mean that gruuls ability will be fighting? also does this mean that gruuls abilitys be between mulching and fighing and what in the world does the boros angels ability have to do with the boros ability? because if all the boros cards had something to do with an extra combat phase… well i think i know what i would see at friday night magic more often.

    • sphinxy

       dude your looking way too far into it. “fight” is a keyword that has been around but was never  named as such like “hexproof”,” exile”,” dies”, and ect. Also you would just put the card back, their are a couple cards that does that and the boros angle probably has nothing to do with the boros ability, extra combat phases just seem flavorerful for a red and white creature and useful for a weenieish playstyle. 

      • Kiki Jiki The Planeswalker

        no, im looking just right into it you poopqweer. name me some cards that look at the top of your library and dont tell you wha to do with it and also whats so weenie about red and white being weenieish?!?

        • Rakdos Reveler

          … are you touched in the head? White is the WEENIE colour. The extra combat phase fits Boros very well.

        • Guest

          Sphinx of Jwar Isle: look at the top card and do nothing

          • The wind

            Correction: you may look at the top card of your library at any time

        • Redraptor369

          Scrying Sheets
          Snow land “Look at the top card of your library. If that card is snow, you may reveal it and put it into your hand.”It’s from Coldsnap. Look it up.

        • DunDun

          Seriously kid, do your own research. Brutal deceiver, callous deceiver, cruel deceiver ( I hope you’re seeing the trend here), Feral deceiver, explorers scope, darksteel pendant, Kithkin zephyrnaut, leaf-crowned elder, moonring island, nightshade schemers, pyroclast consul, quest for Ula’s temple, scrying sheets, sensation gorger, sphinx of jwar isle, squeaking pie grub fellows, wandering graybeard, waterspout weavers, winnower patrol. So I know you havn’t been playing all that long, but Wizards has had some pretty weird wording in the past, more than you can possibly imagine, but through 2 mins of looking I’ve found what? about 14 cards that don’t specify what to do with the revealed/looked at card if it doesn’t fit into the said category. Along that same line, “fight” mechanic was around in different variations like Master of the wild hunt, or Arena.  White/ red are “the” weenie colours. Red being goblins and haste. White being soldiers and buff abilities. Both of which are very aggressive and can generate tokens with ease. So, you have numbers and buffs… Sounds like a weenie strategy to me. 

    • Shadowrune

        the reason i say this is its unlike magic to tell you to look at the
      top card of your library and if its a creature card put it in your hand
      and if not, what then? put it back? Put it in your graveyard?

      This is correct, and you have to just read it for what it is. So basically after your draw, You can use the +1 to peek at the top of your library. You dont do anything to it if its not a creature, put it back on your library. Simple enough if you try not to redefine the text.

  • NoIHavent

    Guys. +1: Possible card advantage. -2: Almost definite card advantage. -7: Not really relevant, but good if for some reason you land it. Also, it’s a 3 cmc planeswalker. In Jund Colors. Or Naya. Either way, Bloodbraid elf will love this guy. Modern Jund will love this guy. This is going to be another stupidly expensive spike ‘walker. I want 4.

    • Pe Tey 13

      Dude I feel the exact way! I’m running it in my bloodbraid elf deck. This card is very good and ten times better then what I thought they were gonna do. I’m just glad it’s not another tibalt

    • Kodarth6804

      who knows you might get a whole bunch of them from boosters like i kept getting money rares, selling them, and getting more boosters from rtr
      ps. 19 BOOSTERS IN A ROW!!!

  • Yegkingler

    Gideon has got alot of good planeswalkers too pick for his army to fight the eldrazi.

  • Doubty von Skeptic

    I’m hoping this is fake so take my comments with a grain of salt. First of all, the wording on his -2 seems weird to me, “Target creature you control fights another target creature”, feels like it should say “Target creature you control fights target creature you don’t control”. Secondly, is it just me or are all his abilities green? I’m not seeing red in this guy at all.

    • Pe Tey 13

      No dude it’s worded correctly I have plenty of cards that do that -2. And his abilities aren’t just green. His last thing gives you red with the double strike and the haste, and green with the trample and hexproof

  • Trygve

    cards spoiled already? ^^
    I have the feeling someone might get fired

  • Lorescale

    Sarkhan Vol had all red abilities while being a RG pw. Domri Rade seems to have all (or mostly) green abilities.
    I think wizards needs to (re)define both the green and red slices of the color pie. Green gets everything from big creatures and mana acceleration to card draw, noncreature permanent removal (and creature removal with fight), creature fetch and lifegain. Red on the other hand gets way too little. Specific and typical red effects like extra combat phases or huge flyers can’t be spread across more than a couple of cards each set. I think red needs double strike for itself (not shared with white, just because they share first strike too) and needs vigilance from green, or something like that. Just dont solve it with taking another blue effect and giving it to red, cause thats getting old. Green should only have specific card draw and no fetch.

  • Gauche

    So seldom his ultimate will be used. I think that it is a good card overall. To have an extra draw on green and red is always good, also, looking at the top card, even if it isn’t a creature gives you the ability to plan your next move better. I see Nighshade Pedler’s Soulbound doing so much with Domri’s -2 ability. 

  • Drang


  • Tommoo77

    Amazing :D

  • Grool

    all i do is winwinwinwin >:) creature beater/mana ramp musthave

  • Grool

    iz that a boy or a girl :P

  • Shinoby8

    Great planeswalker

  • Tommyhillpicker

    Why is everyone saying that fight is a from ‘green-removal’? Obviously it’s true that there are green cards that use the fight mechanic, but there are more red cards with fight than there are green cards; check the MTG Salvation Wiki.

    • Tommyhillpicker

       form of*

    • Orisiti

      Yes, red has it too, but ir also has bolt, which is more red removal than fight is.  Plus, big critters are green’s forte, and fight works better with big creatures.  Green has very few ways to remove a specific creature from the game, which is why every timmy is excited to see fight in green.

  • My werewolf deck was so desperate for this guy to happen! With its draw power, it actually becomes slightly more consistent, and its second skill replaces Prey Upon! (meaning I have less of a risk of morhping my wolfs back into humans for overplaying spells)

    • Christopherb17

       your deck will probability be unstoppable with this guy

    • jin-sei no tenshi


  • Forest Bear

    Why is there no frame bleeding on this card?

  • Hmm…..

  • This will be fun to fight against…..not.

  • wdnfra

    could mwonvuli beast tracker see some play with this guy? basically makes it a tutor for any creature in your deck

    • Jake Salamand

      No, only because the creatures in your deck will not have those things until it hits the field

      • wdnfra

        yeah but you get to go get a creature in your deck and put it on top, therefore making it certain you draw it with his +1 ability

        • i wonder how useful this’ll be for a Vraska deck. as far as my (imperfect) version goes, i’m splashing a bit of a red in it anyway.

    • Busterswrd_maniac

       thats why i’m wanting to make Jund Tracker deck utilizing fight with deathtouch with this guy

    • Subtle_Kay

      Ummm…the “creatures you control” thing only applies to creatures you have in play, not in your hand, deck or graveyard.

  • Christopherb17

    why are they giving a planeswalker to a guild that no one uses 

    • Orisiti

      I’ve been planning on running gruul this time around…

      but this is going straight into mayael EDH

    • I Atma Weapon I

      Ive been planning on picking gruul from the beginning my main deck runs green white red, dont have many draw cards available so this will help loads.

      • Shadow921

        for future reference W/R/G is naya


    Hehe, this is going in my stuffy doll deck. Everything is a gunna fight stuffy doll lol

  • Domri’s first two abilities seem very green and not red.
    Also, what in the blood is he holding up?

    • boros guild master

      The second seems red/green.

      • Mariodroepie

         Second is definatly Green (Prey upon?)

    • Humanwerewolf56

      Take a look at Guild Feud and Blood Feud, as well as Alpha Brawl. All three are red and have fight mechanics.

  • Monkeypantsa

    I’m a foolish sort, I know, but I’m putting this in werewolves. Easily best anything in the three-mana slot

    • Mariodroepie

       I was thinking the same thing, this in combination with descendant’s path may prove a quick way to flush the deck for Werewolves.

    • hardly foolish, i rather like that idea.

  • What will be really fun is him pared with Sarkhan Vol

  • jin-sei no tenshi

    run NAYA humans red, green, and white.
    Domri and gideon.
    enchantments like ranco volcanic strength and etreal armor.
    and creatures like fencing ace mayor of avebruck, hamlet captains, gisela
    while attacking gidon domri can build up and while he is they will be scared of trampeling creaturs like fencing ace being pumped of by enchantments
    just a basic build till i see the rest of the creatures

  • Mkduck41

    Whos going pre-release this Saturday
    Gruul all the way