• mailbsdivcs

    well in standard playable, but in modern/legacy :(

    • Happy The Cat

      it beats voltron, so somebody somewhere wants it

    • DJPad

      At least it can kill a True-Name Nemesis, then again so can innocent blood.

  • Jacob Kodicovic

    Looks like we’re getting a cycle of monocolored modal spells at uncommon.

    • CMK

      Some think these modal spells (like the newest Gods) will only be in Bolas/Grixis colors, but I have to agree that it would be better as a cycle.

      • PrissyRose

        I can see this

  • Devin Beckley

    Honestly I like this in modern. Bring it out of the side against boggles and maybe even tron. ExIle is a big deal against any tron creature and if they have nothing on board then its a 3 mana thoughtsieze.

  • victorseth

    “This place has outlived its usefulness”

    Like this card. Flavor text coherence! 10/10

    Just joking, i really like it. But i’m kinda worried of what will happen to Amonkhet/Naktamon afterwards, even with Nissa trying to restore it.

    • Jacob Kodicovic

      It’ll become a sprawling condominium for gods, major demigods, and aspiring mortals.

    • victorseth

      Nicol Bolas seal of aproval.

  • Han Solo II

    this should have been in Amonkhet over Lay Bare the Heart

  • Gabriel Landoni

    3 mana thoughtseize without paying 2 life, or a 3 mana path to exile without giving the opponent an extra land (but not an instant)… Idk… If it were a 2 mana it could be played in other formats maybe

    • Angry Aardvark

      And keep in mind that the opponent CHOOSES which of his/her creatures to exile.

      • Soren Szilver

        keep in mind that if your opponent only has like 1 creature, as is sometimes the case in tron, infect, boggle aura’s etc, it can go through protection and hexproof

        • magicalfollower

          Yup, the only thing that can stop this card are spells like Leyline of Sanctity.

        • Angry Aardvark

          So can cards like Devour Flesh and Geth’s Verdict which do it cheaper and at instant speed.

          I’m aware this is can also be a 3 mana thoughtsieze and that it exiles stuff rather than putting it in the yard, but still.

  • jaya

    Its a 1 of the most powerfull voltron beaters, better than edicts. Goes around sigard, goes around gaddok…Still more for french. In multi it wont replace crackling doom and the likes.

  • Friedrich

    Make it 2 mana cheaper and I take it.
    Make it 1 mana cheaper and let me choose the creature and I take it.
    Let me choose a creature name/card name(including lands) and I take it.

    • Jacob Bachand

      The only problem with allowing to choose the creature would make it bad against Hexproof etc. Edict is good imo because maybe they have an 8/8 green Gearhulk plus a bunch of 2.2 or 3.3 creatures… I cast Yahenni’s Expertise to wipe the small creatures and use Expertise trigger to cast Doomfall, exiling Gearhulk or Thoughtseizing my opponent. I like it :)

      • Friedrich

        That is a 2 card combo against a very unlikely board, that can be substituted by way better single cards, like wrath of god etc. the only instance in which your combination is better than a generic 4 mana boardwipe is when all of the are indestructible, but that is what toxic deluge and back sun zenith are there for.

    • Kaiser

      1 mana EXILE one card of opponents hand? you know why cost 60$ right?

      • Friedrich

        I do not really know what you want to say with that, but consider first of all it is a nonland card, second consider its competition. Exiling n most cases is only a minor upside, because most spells discarded with the plethora of 1-mana-discard black has will no be relevant in the game anyways, yes it would be stronger then though seize and co. but who really cares, those cards do not win games, they are just minor annoyances.

    • PrissyRose

      this is costed correctly any less mana and it would be way over powered

      • Friedrich

        I will not play this in any of my 6 decks that play black currently. Even if it would be overpowered, I would not care, it would only “good” in modern, but not game breaking, standard is… let’s keep it friendly and say totally irrelevant due to their current policy and in commander this would be cool for 1 mana but not even close to ban worthy, I do not even think it would make the cut in most competitive edh decks.

    • galen150

      this is a solid card as is. stop whining

      • Friedrich

        Excuse me? I am not?
        I am just making the point that it will probably not shape any format or go into any 3+tier commander deck.
        This could have easily been one of the best cards in the entire set, it would have only needed a few tiny changes and that is what I wanted to say, please stop being aggressive.