• galen150

    i mean, you could flip this turn 3 at best, but still, not amazing.

    • Chaospyke

      If you flip it turn 3, You have 4 mana open, That is amazing.

      • Gord

        not even a land played for the turn so ramp on top of ramp

        • Grant Jacobson

          the land gives 3 mana so the 4th mana is the land for turn

    • Adam Gillies

      Are you serious? This card is great. 2 Mana investment that gains you three Mana of any one color every turn after?? That’s premium ramp. Also this isn’t legendary which is bonkers.

      • Bobit

        It’s insanely efficient, pretty conditional (you only get it by turn 3 if they have 0 removal plus the equip cost can be wasted multiple times) but still modern-viable.

        • Adam Gillies

          I agree but even if you don’t get it by turn three no harm done, still well worth the cost and small hoop jumping

          • Bobit

            Modern-viable is no small praise. I’m not entirely sure how many Modern decks can use it, but there will be some.

  • Johnny Doe

    Zedruu the Greathearted wouldn’t mind the Tokens, i’m sure.

    • Eli Eyal Broide

      Why Zedruu?

      • Graham

        Cos man goats who look like minotaurs eat plants

    • Caleb Martin

      The tokens aren’t owned by you. Unless you mean Zedruu wants someone to give him the tokens so he can gift them?

  • Koover_rob

    An overall awesome card for EDH (Politics, Mana Accelereation, Easy transformation cost). I’m really happy with all the DFC cards, since they do a lot in Commander :)

  • Chaospyke

    Well dino ramp suddenly got alot more terrifying.

    • Jay Kilian

      Lots of evasive pirates, too.

  • MrAptronym

    Non legendary. Lots of lost vales I guess. Yadda yadda commander blah blah. But elsewhere I think this goes best with blue. Unblockable or good evasion are needed to make sure this card will be an asset and not a liability. Blue also has the least access to ramp and interacts with equipment.

  • Marvin Sürig

    To bad Sigardas Aid is out of Standard. The combo just missed standard by a hair. Ornithopther as a 0 drop with evasion + Sigardas Aid as a 1 drop that removes this cards equipment cost for the first time playing it. Turn two add this on Ornithopter thanks to sigardas Aid and get the ramp of your dreams *-*

  • Kameenook

    I’m pretty sure this isn’t great, but it’s cool at least. Works well with evasive creatures so you don’t have to worry as much about the plants. Otherwise you’re still probably paying 4 mana for a gilded lotus which is good, but you have to jump through other hoops for it. In EDH it might work well in decks that can untap the land after you flip it.

    • Think_potatoes

      you don’t have to untap the land, the equipment doesn’t tap when you attack with the creature

      • MrAptronym

        I think he just means that abilities that untap lands become much more powerful with lands that tap for multiple mana, and it is a good way to extend your ramp even further.

      • Kameenook

        I meant as abusibility goes, otherwise it’s just like I said, a 4 mana gilded lotus.

  • Grant Jacobson

    pretty dumb idea but revel in riches gives you a treasure whenever one of your opponent’s creatures dies. play a couple of these in prep for a board wipe and suddenly those ten treasures seem a lot more attainable.

  • ymmij X

    i have found a use for slitherblade

  • Demiurgo

    Staple in commander already.

    • M Hedonist

      Just playing Gilded Lotus seems like you’d be better off in most situations. Who puts small, evasive creatures in their decks in EDH? I guess this might make sense in a deck with a 1-mana or 2-mana commander or some weird weeny-commander deck like Alesha. But even then, you’re paying 2 to play this and 2 to equip this and you give an opponent 2 blockers. And then you need the right moment where you have a creature out that doesn’t have summoning sickness and an enemy can’t block it. And then you have to hope that nobody bounces your creature or destroys it (because really, that’d be a marvelous opportunity to do that – destroy your creature *and* delay your Gilded Lotus land). And if that happens, you have to pay 2 *again* to equip this to another creature, at which point you’ve paid more mana than you would have for Gilded Lotus. I can easily picture a scenario where your enemies will ping your creature over and over again, and then the board gets wiped a couple times. Meanwhile you got your trusty machete lying about, wishing it were a Gilded Lotus.

      Gilded Lotus does the same for 5 and has no drawbacks.

      • Kahai

        I have an exploration EDH deck. This, thematically alone, trumps straight Gilded Lotus. :P

  • Happy The Cat

    I’d call this a cheeky garbage card that’s edh only if it wasn’t for the rw two drop flying menace dino, that one card lets this be a viable option for standard in a mid range dino deck, all of a sudden you jump from four mana to seven and can cast Gishath next turn. that’s decent imo.
    there’s also Rampaging Ferocidon, who finger guns your opponent when you play this, then it’s a 5/4 menace once equipped, give it trample or kill a blocker and it’s getting through probably.

    • Ryan Sullivan

      Ammonkhet 1 mana 1/2 unblockable

      • Happy The Cat

        but then I’d be running a non dino in my dino deck, I’d be okay with it if Gishath wasn’t such an important effect to rush out. Slither Blade would work for any other deck that didn’t need to topdeck only dinos after dealing combat damage.

        • Ryan Sullivan

          I think this blade is better for a combo deck than dino deck, in my opinion, but still

    • Deadly Berry

      It will work for dinos, I’m sure of that. Dinos have enough power, and most people will give them trample anyway, transforming this won’t be much of a problem.

  • Fred Weasley

    I know there aren’t a lot of people who play Leyline of Sanctity, but I really want to put this out there when they have Leyline on the field. “Oh sorry, you don’t get more plants to add to your garden”, that would be since Leyline has flowers as the pic. Yes, it’s dumb, but hey, I have to find amusement somewhere, you know, in addition to playing Magic.

  • Bob

    What i do like is that the land in not legendary! So you can cast and possibly attach another dowsing dgger post combat for the aggro decks that want to ramp fatties into play or for control just card draw or stay open with counter spells