Dragon Throne of Tarkir (Promo) - Khans of Tarkir Spoiler

Dragon Throne of Tarkir

  • Color: Colorless
  • Type: Legendary Artifact - Equipment
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Set:

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Equipped creature has defender and “1 Mana, Tap Symbol: Other creatures you control gain trample and get +X/+X until end of turn, where X is this creature’s power.”

Equip 1 Mana

What once soared high above Tarkir is now reduced to a seat.

  • jonathan.forgione

    guao interesante

  • Zombie

    It could’ve been a great finisher, but it’s just so overcosted and turns your fatty into a Defender.

    But it’s very powerful in Limited. I would be surprised if it saw even obscenely minimal Standard play, but I’m very, VERY skeptical of even that happening.

    • TimTorn

      If you think about it, it’s just a colorless Overwhelming Stampede, with the exception that you have to tap a creature.

      • graveruler3

        Personally, it seems to me like a slightly better Xenagod.

        • wombat604

          Or even better, put it on Xenagod :P

          • Zombie

            Make Xenagod a Defender, that’s not a terrible idea at all.

          • wombat604

            It’s a joke. Lighten up, really

          • The Revelator

            I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic, because if you are I’m curious to know why, and if you’re not being sarcastic I actually completely agree with you, because it’s a huge indestructible threat that your opponent will have to deal with QUICK, OR make them draw out an exiling card.

          • Zombie

            Except it’s not a threat if you give it Defender.

            That’s literally anti-threat.

            Plus if Xenagod stops becoming a creature, it falls off, and you have to reinvest that mana again, which means it’s even worse in that situation.

        • Zombie

          It’s really not.

          Xenagod can still attack. This equipment makes its creature a Defender.

      • Zombie

        Except it turns your huge creature into a defender.

        Which means if you have 2 or more other creatures in play already, and you’re far enough ahead to make use of this, you were probably going to win anyway.

        Just seems 100% win-more and nothing else. If you don’t need a huge fatty in combat and attacking, then why would you need this?

        At least Overwhelming Stampede can be used as an unconditional finisher with no downside, doesn’t stop one of your creatures from attacking, and costs less.

  • Mick Cortella

    Not bad. Not bad at all.

    • Zombie

      It’s actually kinda bad.

      jus’ sayin’.

  • Ulvhedner

    Instand EDH staple.

    • xSiNx SHADOW

      do you mean instant?

      • Ulvhedner

        It was a typo, my bad

    • Zombie

      As someone with 13 EDH decks with a 14th on the way/in-process:

      I will never play this in EDH.

      • Jack Jansen II

        the best part of edh is doing crazy things i could see running this in my kemba deck since mono white doesnt really have a way to give trample

      • LeonFA

        This isn’t as EDH worthy as its being hyped up to be, but there are a few cornerstone cases. I think its good in Aurelia with someone besides her using it. Godo can probably use it too. That’s really all I got though. It’s not going into any of my 32 EDH decks because I don’t run either of those two.

        • Zombie

          Aurelia doesn’t need an expensive trash equipment that removes an attacker with a trigger, which is Aurelia’s thing, and I don’t know what Godo needs, but a 9 mana investment artifact isn’t it.

          • LeonFA

            That’s my way of saying “I’m scrapping the bottom of the barrel for ideas” on ways to make this worthwhile. I’m with you on this completely in that it just isn’t going to be worth the effort in most cases and that 9 mana is way too much for this effect.

      • Ulvhedner

        It’s a threat that you’ll have deal with before it gets used. That alone is enough for me to use it in the right kind of deck.

        I’ll agree that saying it’s a staple is a bit overboard but it has a place in many decks, especially decks with some mana ramps, which most decent EDH decks has. Imagine having this on someone like Omnath? Just having one other creature is enough to end the game.

        • Zombie

          But there isn’t a right deck for this. No matter what deck you put this in, all it does is waste time and mana trying to get it online when you could be playing other, more relevant threats.

          Threat of activation only applies when the threat is more imposing than a blind kitten.

          • Eli Mecham

            Turn six play prossh, turn seven play and equip the throne to prossh.

          • LeonFA

            Turn eight, hope the throne and/or prossh is still alive, and that your other creatures aren’t dead. Or unsummoned, O-Ringed, tapped down, Path’d, Swords’d, name your removal effect. Its ultimately too much time and effort for an overrun effect. Turn seven you’re better of playing Overrun outright (And if you want magical big numbers some copy magic effect like Reverberate or Chandra the Firebrand) if you want +numbers and trample. It would have had more hope if it wasn’t 2 and Tap to activate since you could get it turn seven, but the extra cost put it in the danger zone really quickly.

          • Vizzerdrix

            Screw overrun play triumph of the hordes requires less damage and is cheaper and easier to cast in multicolor decks

          • Oberon

            Speaking of Kittens, Kemba would very much like this in EDH. Especially when you are giving all of your cat tokens a rediculous buff every turn. This and equipment such as Argentum Armor could lead to some very entertaining scenarios.

      • Oberon

        Some people like to play EDH for fun. Like me. I can’t actually take that format seriously, as it is far too easy to find a way to do durdly, degenerate things you could never do in a real game. That is the format where I can see cards like this one having a chance. You probably take your EDH very seriously, but other people just want to have fun, and this is a hit with the casual EDH crowd. I’m just sad that it’s unplayable in standard.

  • Aaron Seet

    The tri-color wedge lands are insta adds in to EDH land this thing just no

    • Zombie

      Yeah… This thing is pretty strong in Limited, probably only Sealed.

      This is just waaaaay too derpy for EDH.

      9 mana to play/equip/activate it on the same turn.

      That’s not happening.

      • Aaron Seet

        Exactly there’s no way in any universe that you can get away with getting the darn thing to resolve. Even at a limited standpoint shackling your biggest creature to defender is not that great either

        • Ulvhedner

          You don’t necessarily need it to be on your biggest creature, just any creature is good enough because you’ll grant your other creatures trample. It has a place in decks that has many tokens or as an alternative threat in voltron EDH decks

        • Zombie

          In Limited you won’t have to essentially “root” your biggest attacker. You can put it on your mid level curve drop, say CMC 3-4, and then pump your 1-2’s and your bomb/finisher the turns following. That said, it’s still not a good plan.

          My biggest problem with it is that, even in EDH, it will be so hard to actually use the thing quickly. The turn you play it, to equip and activate it, requires 9 mana, as I said before. Equipping it/using it on curve requires a 3 drop, then this, then turn 5 equip it and play something else, then actually use it turn 6.

          That’s wasting a whole lot of time doing nothing.

          If your opponent goldfishes really hard, this artifact might do something. But if they’re actually competent/ actually playing the game, it won’t happen.

          • Vizzerdrix

            Puresteel could make it more playable and fits into the curve especially with sol ring and other mana rocks to feed metal craft

          • mason

            sorry man im normally all for you cause you have good points but i think you are missing a couple of things like it only cost 4 to play not 5, and it has way more uses than you give it credit for. like for instance a 1/1 flyer is now a pretty big wall cause you have a 5/1 with this equip, damaging a creature to death also becomes harder 1/1 unblock-able is suddenly a death warrant. since it only takes the power into account it maces the card with high power low tough more useful. i know that you probably don’t have a play style that will use this which is why you are so against it and i mean no disrespect im jest saying it is a great card if you sit down and know how to use its style.

          • Zombie

            CMC 4, Equip 3, Activate 2 = 9 mana required to slap it on the table and affect the game.

            That makes it terrible.

            I’m not evaluating this from an overall viewpoint, I’m only concerned with its Constructed value, because that’s what matters most to me.

            This will never see Standard play. It is just too expensive to use. It costs both too much mana and too much time. Anything you do with this will be out-performed by anything else you could do with how much mana this thing takes to operate. It is nothing but a fat, stupid, clunky artifact that isn’t good enough to even see regular EDH play.

            This is not a great card. It’s a cool design, and it’s certainly flavorful, but a card’s flavor does not determine its Constructed viability. End of story.

          • blazingbrigand

            hahahaha imagine if you slapped this on a hateflayer with a unlimited mana combo on the field. although it would be ridiculous on hateflayer no matter what

  • Vizzerdrix

    Why bother playing this if xenagod is still legal and does pretty much the same thing?
    To whoever said edh staple, I don’t see it. Why sit your really big guy back with defender and tapped down? Why not just swing with it?

    • Ulvhedner

      Who said you need to equip it on the biggest creature? Any creature is good enough, it’ll still be a global buff and trample which can get you a long way in EDH

      • Vizzerdrix

        Well a bigger creature would have more impact but you’re right. As I posted above I really underestimated this card. It’s actually quite good. Just watch out for siege dragon. Though standard I still feel xenagod is better. Token edh or something with more creatures can totally abuse this

    • James Allen

      Xenagod only buff one dude. This buffs all. That’s why I like this card a bit more.

      • Vizzerdrix

        Yeah I’ve replied to a lot of people and overall the throne is awesome I underestimated just what it does. Xenagod in standard seems better to me but the throne has much more application for edh

  • Bento

    I’d still stick this in my Simic edh deck. Down grade the card all you want. I’m still going to make use of it.

  • Xero

    In casual or EDH, I could really only see this being useful in a token swarm deck. I’m thinking like hundreds of Saprolings and this on the Mycoloth that’s producing them. Tap it and your saprolings become 17/17 tramples this turn. That’s not bad. Otherwise pretty useless.

  • kmk888

    purely flavor rare. Move along.

    • Zombie

      If only the card was as good as the flavor.

      The dev team let us down with this one.

    • SeriosSkies

      Everything is going to be purely flavor…its a top down set, not a bottom up set like the last few.

      • kmk888

        What are you saying? You’re confused. This is a bottom ups set, meaning they started with the block structure and mechanics. The last couple of sets have alternated type… Theros started top down with greek mythology, RTR was bottoms up (according to MaRo’s blog), and Innistrad was top down from classic horror

  • Leonardo Duarte

    Some have the Iron Throne. Others have the Dragon Throne.

    Also, pair this with Colossus of Akros. Put it in a deck with the Chief Engineer and some other small cards. A White/Blue would be nice.

  • The Dude

    People forget Kemba is a commander. and this is not bad for her at all.

    • Vizzerdrix

      Oh yeah and she’s same power as the her tokens so the throne works really well. Not to mention I’d like to see a kemba list without puresteel so thIs could get out of hand pretty quickly not to mention raksha giving double strike with trample. Yeah I underestimated this card. I play raksha with kemba in my 99 so this might be considerable now

  • Axion

    Slumbering Dragon will sleep atop the Dragon Throne.

  • The Revelator

    It took some time after looking at this card for awhile to really start to like it. Yes it’s weird because it gives (supposedly) your biggest dude defender, but being able to pump your small dudes with trample to really bash in, even though it requires you to TAP YOUR HUGE DUDE WITH DEFENDER, I think that that’ll be fine if you’re getting in for an excessive amount of damage and being super aggro like the Mardu clan is supposed to be. Overall, I like this card and I’m definitely going to play it in a Mardu deck

    • graveruler3

      Just put it on a colossus of akros and monstrous him

  • EJ

    Since nearly every green EDH deck uses Craterhoof Behemoth as a win condition, I’d say this card will probably find a home in EDH.

    • graveruler3

      Mine doesn’t. I just like to piss people off with Vorinclex + Omnath.

  • Oberon

    Sweet flavor on this card. I’ll probably pick it in limited most of the time, as it can be a win condition (in the right deck with a high enough concentration of cheap creatures, of course). Too costly for standard, as you will usually spend one turn, sometimes even two, doing nothing for this to work. EDH players will like this card, as that format has the time for these type of durdly shenanigans.

    • EJ

      Why on Earth would someone play a format that doesn’t have time for this type of durdly shenanigans?

  • slythorne

    I want this for my self mill Llurgoyf deck!

  • Derek Niles

    Neat card, might see some fringe play in standard but its real home is EDH…looking at you Kemba

  • The DUDEabites

    I actually like the idea of running this in a Green Devotion in standard could be used on a hydra or arbor colossus to buff all the mana ramp creatures for an over run win condition.

  • GRUULman

    I think it actually costs 4 mana….

  • JakeEverfree

    “Dragons for the Dragon Throne!!!”

  • Blarg Honk

    So when do we get the Baratheons, Starks, Lannisters… Wait wrong realm.

    • SwagGod

      New block storyline: Set 1 the dragons have been gone for a long time, all the clans are fighting over control of tarkir. Set 2 An exile brings back the dragons. Set 3 The exile uses the power of the dragons to take over tarkir.

      I’m gonna say Sarkhan is about as close to Daenerys as you can get.

  • Fletcher

    -It’s a artifact, meaning you can keep triggering Overrun effect each turn.

    -High cost prevents it from being used very quickly
    -Defender locks down one of your creatures
    -Very easy to deal with. Because it’s a artifact, you can just destroy it or you could simply destroy the creature it becomes equipped to.

    I actually really like the idea this card tries to convey. I even wouldn’t mind the defender detriment if the effects you gained were more rewarding. Unfortunately though, I doubt this card will see very much play.

    • David Fitzsimmons

      It will see tons of play with my Khemba Kha deck. a 10/10 (from tons of equipment attached to her) cat with tons of abilities pumping out a bunch of 2/2…. I mean, 12/12s every turn. so wonderful.

      • Fletcher

        I forgot to mention that it is an equipment, meaning it does interact well with certain cards. Don’t get me wrong, i’m sure it will see some play somewhere. I just don’t think many deck types will be running this.

        Other than that I’ve been trying to come up with silly ways to take advantage of its Defender ability. The best I can come up with is that you can use it if you want cards like Zurgo or Ruhan to sit back for a turn instead of attacking. Plus due to their high power, they could really support your other creatures with the overrun effect. It probably isn’t a very viable strategy in Commander, but its certainly funny.

    • Joanna

      And the mood text though!

  • anon

    Look at it this way. Collusus (don’t get on to me about spelling) of Akros plus this card and Elspeth the Sun’s Champion. Simply add a Phalanx Leader and a few token builders. This card suddenly makes all those tokens extremely scary.

    • anon

      Also add an Iroas

    • Don’tBeThatLazyMan


      One L, two S, and an O in the middle.

      (You aked for it. Could have googled it twice in the time you write that part of not getting on your about spelling.)

  • Ryot

    Here is a great combo, this + Zurgo, turn six equip it and my creatures now gain +7/+7 and trample, even if you are defending this would be nice. or just drop some R/W/B buff spells on the equipped creature before activating the throne to increase the effect.

    • Oscar

      The problem is, Zurgo is especially good at attacking. As a defender, he hasn’t indestructable and only 2 thoughness.

      • Ryot

        True, but if you do swing with Zurgo, what are the odds that your opponent has an instant removal like banishing light, I would rather lose my 2-drop creatures that are buffed rather than lose Zurgo. Also, if you need to swing with him, the unequip cost is only 3.

  • Oscar

    I really like the flavour here. Reminds me of the “Iron Throne of Westeros”. Hahaha

  • vixel829

    so id just like to say to people saying this is a bad card. in any deck with heroic counter spam this is a great addition if you havent been able to pull a phalanx leader to counterspam everything. often you will get one very large creature that becomes pointless to attack with due to indestructible, deathtouch or another effect. with this you can use all of your smaller creatures to attack with massive trample damage and usually other effects such as lifelink or inspired.

    • Some Hyena

      I’m putting this in my Kemba deck. I never attack with her and she has defender half the time anyway from equipments, give my legions of 2/2 cat tokens like +20/+20 and trample. I don’t think that’s “bad” at all, i find that hilariously good for tokenspam voltron.

  • Lozo

    wow, they are bringing fetch lands into standard, thats just crazy