• RedPandaRevolution

    That’s… big.

    • Nharzhool

      Would prefer if it were 3 damage, and When it enters the battlefield, or attacks.

      • Kaiyla Bradford

        Then people would complain that it was a glorified titan.

        • Nharzhool

          oh yeah, that whole “Can’t please everyone” thing. Would be nice though

          • RedPandaRevolution

            I’d definitely like that a lot more. It’d feel a lot more compelling as a commander since it’s ability would continue to have relevance once in play. Alas.

  • atarkafan

    kinda disappointing compared to the early one, especially since there is no bounce in this standard or really in those colors for commander. Basically just a bigger bogardan with targeting on PW.

    • Matt86

      Play GRU, and bounce all you want. Just bind her to Deadeye Navigator, and witness your playgroup quit the game.

      • Robert FakeLastName

        Though, that assumes your playgroup hasn’t already left because of your use of Deadeye Navigator.

        • Matt86

          Very true ^^ I never used it, because I wouldn’t be able to look at myself in the mirror, and everybody who uses it for infinite combos, and really, why else would you play it, instantly loses the respect of my playgroup, which has a strict “no excessive combo outs” rule intact ^^

        • Minja

          I left my playgroup because of Deadeye Navigator and Tyrant of Discord.
          Also I punched the player in the mouth.

  • XC

    She is pretty Formidable.

    • Ned


  • Andi Nephaelin

    Was hoping for a little more than this. :(

  • Curtis Townson

    Perfect for Mayael EDH!

  • leonhart

    this is slightly underwhelming

    • Kaiser

      Isnt the best for standard but Shaman of the forgotter blabla and DL servant make she a turn 4 beast and that isnt best-case scenario…

      • Jody Williams

        Which is scary as heck. With the “ramp” and ramp in her colors already she is going to be in a lot of faces and that is before she gets to EDH or Kitchen Table.

    • Matt86

      Are you kidding? Best Elder Dragon by far, and the first Elder Dragon to feel, you know, likea big deal, pun intended.
      IMO, Elder Dragons should be EDH weapons, since the old ones are basically no good anymore…

      • Kaiyla Bradford

        Eh I prefer the original. At least that one could oneshot a player.

  • Kaiser

    Holy…dragon 7 cmc isnt so expensive in RG and cand swipe 2 creatures or a big one, 8/8 body with trample and flying, nice for EDH.

  • Andy Dondes

    Uhh this is cool

  • Melissa Juice

    Pretty brutal.
    Wonderful art as well.

  • Lord_of_Riots.

    So bogardan. How original. Only one more disapointing dragon left!

    • Kaiser

      this is more powerful than Bogardan, more..

      • Lord_of_Riots

        That doesn’t change that it’s a Bogardan Hellkite reprint with more power, thus unoriginal. It’s a cheap, low effort design. I think they got so hung up on making megamorph that they just popped these cards out last minute or something

        • Kaiser

          More power, and less cost, hits planeswalkers, and have not flash but trample. About design, yep isnt the most original but not a reprint too. I feel like THIS is what Atarka want to do: a brutal trample dragon, she burns the enemy when enters in the battlefield and crush the suvivors.

          • da

            Normal Bogardan hits planeswalkers too

          • Kameenook

            It hits players to be precise, which can then be redirected to planeswalkers, nerfed by Leyline of Sanctity. This is not nerfed by Leyline of Sanctity.

        • Matt86

          And Megamorph isn’t even good…
          btw, incredible how a competent design team can makethree different variants for morph, and manage to make none of them any good. Megamorph seems especially useless, while Manifest seems to be slightly better than normal morph.
          However, I would have liked for Atarka to somehow eat creatures. She really should have devour, doesn’t matter if it’s in the set ^^

          • Devin

            Devour has always been Jund-associated. Sure he has 8 power, and therefore triggers formidable on his own, but as he is the Temur dragon and the whole point of temur is huge creatures, I don’t see you devouring too often to gain 4 +1/+1 counters, cause then you open up to all kinds of removal on Atarka.

            I would prefer him buffing though, such as granting trample or +x/+0 or something

          • Matt86

            I was talking lore. Atarka eats, that’s what she does! Damn, Goblins have to coat themselves with poisonous spices to keep them from being accidentally eaten. That does indeed remind me of Jund.

        • Melissa Juice

          What a pointless complaint. This block has been full of fantastic, interesting design. They make a fun, Timmy card and you complain?

  • Arceus

    Wow, this one actually feels like a dragon. And with dragon tempest, this one will truly hurt dealing at least 14 damage the turn it enters. (8-9 to a player and 5-6 to other creatures/planeswalkers)

  • xudohjefigsdbjvhsdh

    this and early atarka seem pretty good alone or together with or without dragon tribal
    now i really want to build gruul ramp even if it doesn’t work

  • Andy Dondes

    Queen of ramp.

  • Vabolo


  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Underwhelmed until I took all factors in. Wow. RG Dragons, here I come.

    • Kameenook

      Do you even jund bro.

      • Dr. Burn Crow

        No. No I do not

        • Kameenook

          I totally respect you for it, but you should check it out, I hear they’ve got some nice dragons.

          • Dr. Burn Crow

            I think I might try Temur dragons, what with Sarkhan Unbroken coming out soon.

          • Kameenook

            Yes I just saw him, is he the only walker that just unsituationally draws cards?

          • Dr. Burn Crow

            I think so. That will be fun.

  • Jandro

    Now ramp in standard has a legitimate synergy going on. They can now focus on dragons!

    • Robert McManamon

      as a ramp player i can tell you i will

  • Stef

    Bogardan could target players aswell. Elder dragons ought to be stronger/better than any other dragon. But the best dragon in this set so far, is probably Thunderbreak Regent.

    • Kameenook

      Do you even Silumgar bro? In all honesty though, that Ojutai is a veritable beating.

  • Pulverizerg

    Can someone help me with finding this gorgeous art please?

  • BlahBlahBlahBla

    If you can stick this on the field against anything other than control in standard, you should be pretty good to go.

    Fantastic creature. It wasn’t all too long ago that a simple 8/8 flying trample for 7cmc would have been terrifyingly OP.

    • The 2kman

      With Dragonlord’s Servant, it’s get more OP

      • Jody Williams

        All dragons get more op. ^_^

  • kmk888

    RG Dragons is the constructed low-hanging fruit coming out of this set. But that doesn’t make it bad. Not even a little bit.

  • Kameenook

    She looks even more brutal than I thought she would be.

  • Temur Tamer

    Are dragons going to become a thing?

    Remind me not to play standard for the next two years

    • The 2kman

      Cannot tell if you’re joking or not

    • Melissa Juice

      Standard is quite healthy and fun right now. Fear not.

  • NHA

    I almost love the art even more than the card itself

  • kasigah

    Well, my wallet just ran out the door. If anyone finds it, bring it, and the booster box it’s carrying, to me.

  • FTV: Reserved List

    The timmiest dragon since tyrant?

  • Scud422

    Another prime example that if you make a card legendary, multicolored and mythic, you can reduce the CMC by 3, 1 for each.

    • Melissa Juice


      • Scud422

        If this was rare, mono-colored and non-legendary, it would cost 8RR at least. Especially 3 years ago.

        • Melissa Juice

          Oh, well, sure. But it’s far from broken or even overpowered today. Just a solid card.

        • Happy The Cat

          could you take a gander at bogardan hellkite?
          it’s from time spiral so it is kinda old
          it is 6rr so it is lower than your prediction
          the only differences between this and bogardan hellkite is one mana and flash for hellkite and +3/+3 and trample for this

          this cant be cloned (and live) so it loses a little value

  • selesnyawarden

    Choices choices. So finally the Savage one is revealed and the anomally expressed as both beggining and end. There are two options, to your left, you copy and fling this thing, to your right, you abuse the ETB, as its adequately put before, the problem is choice., Atarka is formidable, she even eats planeswalkers too, DAT art though…

  • LRK

    I kinda wished thousands of years later of being catered to by the temur, that she would be really fat. Like a cartoonish king on his throne.