Dragonlord's Servant - Dragons of Tarkir Visual Spoiler

Dragonlord’s Servant

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Dragon spells you cast cost 1 Mana less to cast.

  • guest

    finally a color besides green gets a reasonable mana dork… if only colorless for dragons. sad sad silumgar must wait his turn.

    • dndroxs

      Dromoka is queen, now bow before her. once atarka is spoiled they shall rule the skies together

  • Jordan

    T3 Thunderbreak, T4 Stormbreath, T5 Kolagan. Oh hell’s yes.

    • Seregios MH

      Even sooner if you have more on the field.

      • Robert McManamon

        or ramp with dorks as well

  • Master race

    So, Dragonspeaker Shaman just got a new friend. :P

    • Stef

      I actually thought they would reprint Shaman, so I bought a few of them a month ago. :-P Don’t know if I approve of this yet.
      Basically a 4-of in any dragondeck. Foils will be expensive…

      • Master race

        Jup I’m certainly picking up a playset somewhere. I don’t play dragons at this point but chances are I want to build one sooner or later because dragons are just cool. lol

  • Zombie


    • Kameenook

      Necromancer’s Stockpile demands you make a tribal zombie deck!

      • Jandro

        Why not both? Tribal ZOMBIE DRAGONS!!!!!! F*** YEAH!

        sadly, that’s not really doable in standard.

        • Zombie

          AIN’T GONNA STOP ME.

          • Jandro


      • Zombie

        I’ve made plenty of tribal zombie decks before.

        And Necromancer’s Stockpile sucks.

        Stop it.


        • Kameenook

          How dare you insult our terrible fun decks!

          • Zombie

            I take try harding to the next level.

  • Derek Niles

    Very cool, I was expecting this sort of effect on a bulk rare so I’m happy to see it on an uncommon and I always love tribal

  • Lorcogoth

    so this is atarka’s way of doing a mana ramp

  • Reagulus_Shmit

    Wish it was a dragon speaker shaman.

  • Planesmaster

    do they stack up?

  • Rob


  • Silverwolf600

    I really wanted dragonspeaker shaman, but this is just as good in my dragon ramp because turn 3 dragon speaker prevents turn 3 stormbreath.

    • kingalexander61

      He’s also a decent blocker too, so attack with your dragons without fear of retribution!!

  • richardshort2001

    Naya Dragons will own.

    • Kameenook

      B/R Dragons is pretty pure and easy to run.

      • richardshort2001

        I feel like that mythic Shaman could make Dragons so much easier to run, and the W/G dragons are good. Obviously red is likely to be in there. Always hard to predict till we see what works in practice.

        • Kameenook

          Jund it is. Just wait till new Sarkhan comes and cross your fingers.

  • Kameenook

    Best buds with Dragonspeaker Shaman.

  • Happy The Cat

    if no body is going to point it out that is a goblin 1/3! what is wrong with this plane!?!?
    first we get mono-green dragons now we get this!?!?

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Can I just point out this is the saddest goblin I’ve ever seen. Look at him. He just busts his hump,trying to make his dragonlord happy, trying not to get eaten. He’s having a really rough day. All he wants is the day to be over, but he knows its futile because tomorrow is the same grind. I feel for this goblin. This goblin is not the idealized fantasy hero. It’s what we all are, what we would end up being: sad, harried, frustrated, and probably eaten by a dragon.

    • kingalexander61

      He’s also feeding the dragon at least part of another goblin. Poor guy. That was probably Auntie Gorth, who always brought him candied krushok hearts when she came to visit.

    • Jandro

      Sad, harried, frustrated, probably eaten, sounds like a regular work day to me!

  • LRK

    I want to hug it

  • selesnyawarden

    I love this hilarious monkey-type art on this 1/3 goblin shaman, tough for a goblin, but also funny looking. love the art, simply hilarious. ;)