• tsokanos filippos

    This should have been white

    • Ryan Cameron

      But drakes are typically blue though. They would have had to change the name too. Discarding is not really a white effect like blue sort of is, and so you wouldn’t be getting as much use out of this in white with mainly just the cycling.

      • tsokanos filippos

        i didnt read the discard part..I guess i was hoping to see slide/rift once again.It will definetely see play in standard though.

  • Jeffrey Zom

    It might be a bit slow, but once you have it down, just like panharmonicon, it is so powerfull.

  • Typhuzuzu13

    Blue/red/black control madness?

  • Ryū

    I actually really like this card. Super fun time with the Archfiend.

  • Together Alone

    This is very good. Blue has quite a few ways to discard, and at instant speed. 1 mana for a 2/2 flyer is ridiculous. You just need to make 2 tokens to get value from this enchant.

  • MTG fan

    Red blue cycle deck, here I come.

  • Derek Mullins

    Super janky, but if you loot a creature with Wharf Infiltrator, for the price of (3), you get a 3/2 eldrazi and a 2/2 drake. Seems fun.

    • Enam

      And never forget that Wharf’s effect works ANYTIME you discard a creature, not just from his looting.

    • KrakenHunter

      UB Vampire/Zombie Madness ?

      WIth asylum visitor – prized amalgam – wharf infiltrator – haunted dead- heir of falkenrath – call the bloodline

      Voldaren Pariah could even work in it with so many tokens to sac.

      Then pack with control from both colors

      That’s some massive token gerenation.

      Also maybe we get to see some embalm in black or blue

      • Jay Kilian

        Cryptbreaker is another discard outlet that nets a token. You could use CB to create a zombie, and eldrazi, and a drake token for 4B. Not bad at all.

  • Kumrag

    Talrand Bicycle deck here I come

  • Ruben Bohnet

    Please be a cycle. Please be a cycle…

    • Cynical Bastards

      if it is and they reprint astral slide I would be so happy

      • Zombie

        They already said Astral Slide won’t be reprinted.

        • Cynical Bastards

          oh well

    • Happy The Cat

      well, with Archfiend of Ilfnir it probably will be, or it will be split between sets.

    • Random Guy

      It does indeed trigger on cycling.

  • sansmyhands

    Well, looks like blue is the second color for the super janky Splendid Reclamation deck I know I’m gonna build.

  • Cynical Bastards

    you could fit this into a jeskai astral slide deck with lightening rift
    seems like a bit of fun, although then I guess you wouldn’t get to run eternal witness

  • Timekiller11

    Some synergy with Baral maybe?

  • oaomcg

    Would have been good with Smuggler’s Copter…

    • Derek Niles

      oh god, you’re right

    • Joseph

      could be good with baral, counter an opponent’s spell for 1 less, than pay 1 to make a drake.

    • Will Todichiinii

      LoL, It is still good with smugglers copter – Just don’t play BS standard. They were going to ban Smuggler’s Copter all along they were just using it to bait people into buying packs – not cool. After the banning I just quit playing official BS sanctioned games and just played to the side with friends and people in passing.

  • Lord Gonti Of The Orzov Networ

    I dont like it.

  • Revotor

    It’s official. I’m going to make a janky blue cycler deck with wharf infiltrator and this + counterspells.


    Now we just need a (legendary?) Drake Lord … Drake Tribal… Even a Planechase Plane for Drakes would be cool for Flavour ( like a “Moon for Tarkir ^^ )

    • Shagoth

      Talrand kind of works.


        ok but we still have no legendary drake itself

  • kmk888

    Awesome card. 3 mana build around in Standard that you untap with and make an army.