• Chris Sullivan

    Wow I actually kind of like this card

    especially when it becomes a 4/4

  • Shagoth

    Aww, why wasn’t it a specter? Would anyone have felt it would be out of place to have a creature made of shadow on Bolas’s plane?

    • Marvin Sürig

      No Would’ve been a nice Specter but I think it’s hard to imagine an externalized specter. But hey we had a embalmed Illusion which confused me, too. So the argument is irrelevant.
      Personally I’d loved this to be a shaman :(. . . So many nice abilites for my shaman tribal and no shamans ;___;

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    My dreams!

  • galen150

    i kinda hope that this will see play, i rather like it.

  • Jude

    Commander: nath of the guilt leaf, geth, any wheel deck, anything running lilianas caress and megrim or geths grimoire
    Standard: sadly its…a little difficult to say, this thing get sbetter as it gets bigger so its either an aristocrats sac target so later you can get the 4/4 form or if the token deck picks up.
    Legacy and Modern: umm…probably gonna be tinkered with for a bit hard to say if many are gonna actually use this card…hand disruption is great but in these formats there a lot more to be scared of at 3. This cant put enough pressure on the board at 3 to warrant using outside of a weird combo deck…/maybe/ some waste not decks may likw it but not sure

    Overall, walking hypnotic specter is nice. It was used in two cubes ive played in as a nice midgame black midrange staple. If it can get bigger itll always be better. Black voltron seems best if this things gonna get used

  • Zombie

    That effect once Eternalize is active makes Liliana’s Reaver sit in a corner and cry.

  • sansmyhands

    This thing is gross for limited. Attack into blockers with mana up and your opponent has to choose between getting blown out by a trick, getting even MORE blown out by a trick, or believing that you’re just bluffing.

  • mtg-thoughz

    play this + removal + pumb spells = win :D

    • Random Guy

      For how much mana though?

      Since it’s sorcery speed at best it gets your opponent down to one card. Mediocre draft card at best.

      • Abe Stern

        r u out of ur mind?! mediocre draft card? have u played magic? did u know one of the strongest cards in magic is mind twist and is banned in almost every format except for legacy because of how powerful forcing someone dicard there hand? this potentially can make someone discard there entire hand on turn 4. and if u pump this thing up or give this thing haste thats GG.

        • Kaiser

          Is banned EVEN in legacy, you can just play mind twist in vintage and commander

          • Abe Stern

            sorry my bad i meant that lol i get legacy and vintage mixed up sometimes

        • TogetherAlone

          and yet this card is nothing like mind twist, this has to sit on the board for an entire turn without getting removed in any way with very mediocre stats for both costs. This is a bad card it will never see play I wouldn’t even take it in draft half the time.

          • Abe Stern

            hypnotic specter? better example? mind twist was just a bad example but just trying to say how early card hand hate is very powerful.

          • TogetherAlone

            True but this is not early nor resilient or even garunteed to get in, by turn four your opponent can have two creatures to block with and it wont even trade with them until eternalized. and even then it dies to everything in the format and most importantly to magma spray which sees heavy play.

          • Abe Stern

            lol read my comment above that i responded above and ull see my answer for what i think of the “removal arguement” sure this card isnt a powerhouse. but it has a potential turn 4 kill. anything that is a turn 4 kill usually means its good. will this card die to a lot of stuff? sure. but does it have the potential to win games? yes.

        • Random Guy

          Mind twist is unconditional.

          No, even if you pump this thing up or give it haste it’s unlikely to do much. It just makes them discard one unless you’re casting it for 6 mana. If you pump it up then your opponent just blocks it, which is quite strong but of course you also used a pump which is usually a 2-for-1 anyway. Add to that the fact that it’s draft so pumps are generally weak+rare and it ends up as a mediocre draft card. Good in the right deck, but the right deck is rare.

          • Abe Stern

            Mind twist was just an example of how powerful hand hate and card advantage is just because it can get removed doesnt mean much. also the externalize thing on it isnt fantastic but its defenintly a nice add on thats not why i think this card is good. ( if you want a better example to a card that sees play take a look at hypnotic specter ) yeah there are many cards that remove this card. same as electrostatic pumeller which is also a turn 3 play which can turn into a turn 4 win and that is seeing a good amount of play. there are plenty of cards that die to stuff. but the fact that you can kill them basically on turn 4 is worth that risk. i will more than gladly take that risk vs ur 4 magma sprays and 4 fatal pushes that u are forced to get revolt. why is any combo deck a thing? because of its potential as well as all the other cards you can build around it. this card has plenty of pump spells to use and other things to make this card straight up win you the game on turn 4 putting ur opponent in top deck mode while you have all the card advantage in the world. also im pretty sure human tribal is a thing. turn 2 metallic mimic (name human) turn 3 dream stealer ( now a 2/3 ) turn 4 thalias lieutenant (now a 3/4) add brute strength and u can have blockers for days but i have 6/5 thats probably killing all ur blockers and taking some cards from ur hand because of the trample. seems good? i think so. might not be eternal playable I cant say that for sure but this card definitely will be used in standard no two ways about it. in draft there are plenty of great pump spells that many people use that arent weak. brute strenghth mighty leap all the cartouches, honed khopesh. in draft this is also a crazy bomb if you are going agro and u have the cards around it and externalize really shines in draft.

          • Random Guy

            Electrostatic wins the game and helps you anyhow, even if blocked.

          • Abe Stern

            right, and if you loose your entire hand turn 4 thats game ending. not necessarily right away but chances are that I won the game. if your on the draw and im on the play? that means u have probably approximately 4-5 cards in hand if i can get rid of all those cards by your turn 4 putting u in complete top deck mode while i have a full hand unless a miracle happens you probably lost. idk man i think it seems good, i could be wrong but it seems like it has potential I cant tell for sure but it definitely has a shot. only time will tell.

          • Random Guy

            The only way an opponent can lose their entire hand is if you buff him up using two other cards (discarding half your hand) and the opponent has less than two blockers on the board. Electrostatic Pummeler doesn’t have those conditions, if you don’t remove it it’s going to kill you.

  • Kaiser

    for 3 mana isn’t “that great” i mean he would not hit just by his own but when you eternalize this little guy he demands removal. Maybe this card can push G/B Over control decks. Very scary.

  • TogetherAlone

    This just gets magma sprayed in standard. This is very bad there as it is in every deck with red to keep scroungers and other grave shenanigans in check.