Dromoka's Command

Dromoka’s Command

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Choose two —

• Prevent all damage target instant or sorcery spell would deal this turn.

• Target player sacrifices an enchantment.

• Put a +1/+1 counter on target creature.

• Target creature you control fights target creature you don’t control.

  • Flo


  • OSFerret

    I cry… Might spill into Eternal. Pretty efficient against Storm (If that is ever a big thing), can stop Twin from combo’ing, and if you have a bigish Tarmogoyf, it can do so twiceover. Also is useful against burn in a few cases.

    • Snievan12

      I don’t think it works on a storm spell, because storm creates copies of the spell, and this command can only target one of those copies.

      • Guest

        This is true. It’d be the same as trying to counterspell a Storm with something other than Flusterstorm.

      • DJ Pad

        Not to mention it does nothing against life loss (Tendrils…), unless you were referring to modern.

      • OSFerret

        It takes out Pyromancer’s Ascension. Yes I was referring to Modern and was unaware that it was not considered an eternal format. My b

    • Wolfishhalfling

      Just so that you are aware, Modern is not an eternal format. It’s just a non-rotating format :) To be an eternal format the decks should have access to any set minus the ban list, like Legacy or Vintage.

    • Jordan

      This doesn’t stop storm. It only prevents one casting of a storm card, not all of them.

  • Master race

    Yes! give me 4!

  • Eric Barton

    Amg. It’s everything I ever wanted from Dromoka… (Besides giving her Hexproof.)

  • David Fitzsimmons

    Very nice. Love how for 2 mana most of the effects can combo nicely with each other.
    Enemy has a strong enchanted creature? Get rid of enchantment then fight! remove two cards for one
    Enemy has a nasty creature that is either one power difference or same power as your best? +1/+1 and then FIGHT!

    But the sacrificing enchantment is really one of the best things, bye bye Theros Gods.

  • muahahaha

    So Dromoka’s Command can target your heroic creature twice, and put a plus one counter on it as well. Sooo Phalanx leader and Hardened Scales go booom!

    • Guest

      Heroic triggers when you CAST a spell that targets the creature, that means you cannot trigger it twice with only one card (it would work with rebound, but there you can cast it twice).

      • muahaha?

        So TWO phalanx leaders!

      • Aaron Seet

        the spell modes in question be fight and counter placement. So, with the way that I remember the triggers, casting Dromoka’s Command, choosing fight and counter placement, the spell of Dromoka’s Command (with both modes) is targeting both creatures

        • Guest

          If you choose two different heroic creatures, yes that would trigger twice. However, if you used two different modes to target the same heroic creature, it would only trigger once.

          Unless you are using the last option to have one of your heroic creatures fight another one of yours, but that seems like a corner case.

          • Guest

            err, scratch that last part. Forgot about the “you don’t control” bit.

  • Jandro

    Much value. Such castable. Very wow.

  • Melissa Juice

    Hot potatoes, that’s solid.
    Definitely seeing play.

  • Angrygnome

    Don’t overlook the fact that this fits on a Stick.

  • Alex Powell

    I play abzan aggro and I LOVE it to death. I’ve been waiting FOOORREEEVVVEEERR for MS to spoil this :D. To be honest I was hopping for some kind of card draw but I think I will have no trouble finding a place for this in my deck. Thanks Wizards XD

  • DJ Pad

    Probably my favorite command

    • DJ Pad

      Play a fleecemane, cast this to take out a courser and a caryatid, swing for 3. Seems solid.

      • Joshua McTiernan

        You couldn’t target the caryatids /: but yes. Begone with that courser!

        • kevin

          ‘Target player’ sacs

          • D-dollaz

            Carytid isn’t an enchantment.

          • kevin

            I know :) and i didn’t say it was.

  • Deadly Berry

    Insanely good, that’s all I can say.

  • William Allen

    My nya dragon plans just keep looking better and better.

    • Travoo Banks

      same here Naya Dragons is way better than Jund

  • Jordan

    And once again, white gets another amazing card.

  • lolu

    If it was “Prevent all damage target instant or sorcery spell would deal to you or your creatures this turn”… WOULD be insane!!

    One sided Anger.. LOL.

    • It does still work that way.

      • Guest

        No, it prevents *all* damage, not just to you/your creatures. He wants to target an Anger of the Gods with it and just blow up the opponents board.

  • Zombie

    Seems pretty decent. A little low on the power scale, but it’s cheap enough to where it will probably make an impact in Standard.

  • Anonymous

    For two mana?! I’ll take the max four allowed!

  • Kameenook

    Not a fan, have to give its chance though, because utility.

  • Aarhg

    That last last option sealed the deal for me. This is sa-weeet!

    • Anonymous

      Especially with Foe-Razer Regent. The inter-brood-actions are really interesting.


    im sry but atarka command is much better… i was so hyped for this card but now no

  • Fabien Joan Bernex

    Question :
    Does option 3 and 4 trigger heroism twice ?

    • Jordan

      No, you are casting the spell once. You can trigger two separate heroic creatures however.

      • Fabien Joan Bernex

        What i thought ! Thanks ! :)

    • Sparcs

      nope it doesn’t, unfortunately. unless you target separate creatures. still really good card for heroic though, since you can +2(1 heroic 1 card) then force a fight

  • Jordan

    This is hands down the best command. 2 mana, instant speed, easily able to two for one your opponent. Make them sac an enchant, then make one of your creatures fight one of theirs, then attack?

    • Jordan

      Even Brian Kibler admits this may be the best card in the set.

  • kmk888

    Either the best or the second best Command, right after Atarka’s. This honestly is in the top 5 cards from the set, maybe even the block. Very very playable in every deck that runs white and green.

  • Emiliano Valori

    My kitchen flinks really like this card!

  • joe

    this destroys red black removal

  • Ophmar

    Yesterday, despite my budget allowing one to four boosters a week, I pulled the dragonlord herself. Today it’s this! Time to bash in some of those unused Abzan cards, recruit my two Dragonscale Generals to the ranks, and pay my respects to the beast. I may even plop in one of the few of the acumulated Ivorytusk Fortress I’ve got just because… Anyway, hail Dromoka/Abzan! Finally, a deck is emerging!