Druid’s Deliverance - Return to Ravnica Spoiler

Druid’s Deliverance

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Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt to you this turn. Populate.

“Some may oppose us, but we are the reed that bends without breaking.”

  • facade

    Nice no combat or burn damage and I get get a copy of a token…..yes please.

  • Richardshort2001

    This is sweet.  Remember, if you choose to block that combat damage would occur, so you could selectively take out an opponent’s creature, and still not take any damage from those you don’t block…and you get an extra creature to do it with.  

  • Kenneth Mebus

    Wow, a fog like card that I really like lol. Gonna have to get a few of these.

  • Flickerfan

    this vs burn decks and Rootborn Defenses against board wipe :)

    • Andarien

       You are wrong, it does not help against burn decks, because it stops only combat damage

      • Flickerfan

        lol, my bad