• Guest

    Not just a creature, and not just a land, it’s a Crand

  • I wonder… Can you have like more than 4 of these creature lands in you deck?

    • Brandon

      Nah, still a non basic land. 

  • ekiouja

    i feel like an idiot I just noticed the couple in the backround

  • Guest

    Color: Colorless 
    It should be “Green”, according to Oracle.

  • Guest

    These guys are amazing.  They can make or break matches as they can become chump blockers when required, while at the same time are constantly at risk of getting Slagstorm’d and crashing your mana supply (or at least denting it, thanks to green’s ramping.)

  • Rev Shad

    i don’t see why everyone loss this card so much she is little different from a one drop mana ramp creatures