Dryad Militant - Return to Ravnica MTG Spoiler

Dryad Militant

  • Color: Green, White
  • Type: Creature - Dryad, Soldier
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Set:

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If an instant or sorcery would be put in a graveyard from anywhere, exile it instead.

“We will defend the worldsoul from Izzet ‘progress’ at any cost.”

  • This card’s flavortext might as well read ‘Suck it, Snapcaster!’ So much win in this card.

  • Saucey Coffee

    Woo! another green answer to Snapcaster ^,^

    • saucey Coffee

      oooh and split mana as well :3 double the versatility 

  • Just beautiful.. a 2/1 for 1 white or green.. and screws over flashback style decks. That is amazing 

  • Mlundgoldstein

    Anti Snapcaster!!!!! Anti-Flashback all together!!!!!!!

  • Wisdomseyes

    Elite vanguard + hybrid mana + relevant ability = ugh!

  • Mlundgoldstein

    this + sands of delerium with all that mana green’s making Izzet and Azorious are going down

  • Bryan Johnson

    Looks like the delver/snapcaster dominance has come to an end. Not that the deck will go away, of course, but it does make things a lot harder for that deck unless they can draw a gut shot.

    • Gut Shot rotates as this guy comes in. :P

    • Puddinkups

      They won’t draw Gut Shot considering it will rotate out as soon as this set goes live.

  • pacanug

    Could even see some play in Legacy Maverick

    • C_scheubi

      especially against high tide

  • Chomby0886

    All the delver players that refused to let the deck go even though half of it was gone…just died a little more inside :D. I will be so happy to see that played out deck either change dramatically or move on in standard. Did I mention I sometimes play it myself? Wow, this is messed up. #suckitSnapcaster!

  • pino

    wow, killing past in flames, snapcaster and ascension all in one… awk.

  • Ian

    Is that a guy or a girl? The face looks like a girl but those triceps are pretty meaty

    • guest

       Remember that it’s not a human so anatomy may differ.

  • Guest

    It is NOT going to stop delver in any single way. Delver will become Blue Red with Izzet Charms, this wont make diffrence.

    • Justmanypeaches

      Runechanter’s Pike?

  • Guest

    this card is actually one of the best one-drops we saw for a while (yea i know there is delver), elite vanguard got played(semi-succesful) and this card is better by FAR! because of no-manascrew + anti-snapcaster! seems awsome, i wouldnt go as far as legacy, because there are just much better cards..-
    although….. turn one this turn two thalia seems sweet :D

    • Guest

       Elite Vanguard was played because of being an human

  • ok that just destroy my mono blue deck.

  • BlackAce

    this card is going to kill my original izzet deck since the whole point was to draw and whole bunch of cards to use my instants and sorceries i want faster which means i end up putting most of them in the graveyard and discard to activate spellbound dragons effect and then re-shuffle with elixir but this card EWWWWWWW it just kills the deck HELL it says it will stop izzet league progress on the damn card itself lol

    •  Because its not like red has ANY way of dealing 1 damage to a creature…..

  • Dudurockx

    This card is an absurd an unnecessary stupid Delver + Snacaster hater. It is not only destroying Snapcaster but also all flashback mechanic and many other cards like the Runeschanters Pike. Oh Wizards…

    • Guest

       THANK FU**ING GOD! Do you play T2?! It’s the same sh** over and over and over again! Delver, Delver, Delver, Delver, Delver and Snapcaster, Delver… I’m sick of this T2, and a Delver / snapcaster hate card is completly necessary!!

    • Guest

       THANK FU**ING GOD! Do you play T2?! It’s the same sh** over and over and over again! Delver, Delver, Delver, Delver, Delver and Snapcaster, Delver… I’m sick of this T2, and a Delver / snapcaster hate card is completly necessary!!

    • Wisdomseyes

      this card doesnt just hit standard… flashback is a popular mechanic with or without snapcaster mage. 

  • MycMyc

    just a quick thought.. could this card also impale the emblem of tamiyo??

    • Justmanypeaches

      I think it has to do with the order of the static abilities. So I think if Tamiyo’s emblem resolves first, then it does.

      •  Nope, this thing impales Tamiyo’s emblem no matter what. This thing says whenever an instant/sorcery WOULD go into a graveyard, exile it instead, Tamiyo’s emblem says whenever a card *IS* put into your graveyard, you may return it to hand. Instants and sorceries never touch the graveyard with this chicka on the field, so the ability on Tami’s emblem doesnt even have a chance to trigger.

  • Lffo2

    I myself don’t understand why all the big worry about a creature like this that is as easy to kill as pie. Delver decks will have to upgrade sure but flashback decks UR…any damage card on the deck will have no trouble killing this and at worst, you loose 1 card in your graveyard. Its a great creature sure, but saying it kills this or that deck..please…

  • FuntimeManchop

    I wonder if everyone is going to have a 1 hybrid uncommon drop that is amazing.

    • Wisdomseyes

      spoiled so far: “curse catcher” with flying and Elite vanguard with blue hate. 


      wonder what the Rakdos/izzet/golgari ones would be if they do end up existing

  • Ron

    ahh yes, lets see the prices of snap and runechater now…

  • indes

    I cant wait to gutshot this with my delver deck… oh wait.

  • Guest

    This card may be an easy kill, but it is Selesnya.  Even 1 Collective blessing makes this a formidable foe.  I plan on playing 4 of each, and then where will those Izzet decks be?