• Jonathan Reynolds

    Looks like a certain judge promo will go further down in price.

  • larryand corn

    snapcaster mage… no like seriously snapcaster mage… SNAPCASTER MAGE WTF SADJFAIHFLJAFGUIASDG

  • Blahblahblahbla

    Mildly confuse since this has seen no competitive eternal play as far as i’ve seen.

  • It sees play in Commander, which comes under the “eternal” umbrella.

    • Tolle

      I am not sure if you meant it this way but you made it sound like including it because of a commander was only a technicality that allowed them to include it when this set is made as much for commander as it is for legacy and vintage.

  • Samuel

    i remember this was $15 when this was first printed….. for an entire 1 week …….