• Jay Kilian

    Lovely. There’s enough decent discard in Standard for a deck, but no real hand size payoff. Reprint the rack!

    • Aidan23

      Not really because transgress the mind is leaving and that was the best by far

      • Jay Kilian

        Yes, that’s a sad loss. Lay Bare is good except for grabbing Gods or God-Phaorah Gifts. The only payoff card for emptying your opponent’s hand quickly that i can see is something like Torment of Scarabs, which is decent but not great. Cruel Reality is too expensive. Torment of Hailfire?

  • Perfect for Mono-Black to get rid of enchantments and artifacts

    • Evil Tactics

      Don’t forget those pesky planeswalkers!

  • Alex

    Love the thematic takes on reprint art.

  • Deadly Berry

    Good to see you again, friend.

  • Zombie

    Another foil Duress to add to my awkwardly specific collection.

  • Kaiser

    Flavor text is just brutal