• Zeph

    Well well.. That’s interesting

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    I like this. It’s weird.

  • Joseph

    Why not just print the two halves side by side like in the past?

    • Braden Bollinger

      Idk. Maybe so you can turn it sideways in your graveyard to remind you? Or because they just wanted to be funky idk lol

    • Ultramegalord

      If they did the same as a normal split fuse someone would try and cast the second half from their hand, this way it sticks out more so both players notice. Leah shenanigans :p

      Side note I like this because of how I hold my cards with just the name and mana cost showing in a stack in the palm of my hand. I HATE the fan method….

      • Joseph

        That does make sense. I guess I just feel like it looks so weird and kinda wastes space? I dunno.. I’ll have to wait and see what the rest of the cards in the set look like, but that top card seems like it can only fit so much text.

      • Shagoth

        People hated the other gimmicks? This is like all of the flip gimmicks combined to create a hideous concoction, aside from flipping the card face down.

    • Cthulhooo

      Maybe they designed it that way to help newbies so they won’t tilt their head sideways to read it and reveal the information to your opponent because non-graveyard part is always straight? That would be pretty smart, though it looks horrible.

  • Gaylord Masterrace

    the cool sing is you can put it sidewards in your graveyard, sp that the one half is looking out of the pile

    • Gaylord Masterace


    • William Powell

      It is a very unique design if that’s what they’re going for. Otherwise it’s not making much sense. Turning a card sideways in the graveyard?! Whoah Wizards, you’re getting a little crazy here guys…

  • Daniel Sarabia Viera

    why no use Flashback 3WW (If was cast from a graveyard….) like Increasing Devotion

    • Kevan Kramer

      Because it is not Flashback at all. The cards are two different effects

    • www

      Maybe because the second effect (when it’s cast from the graveyard) is way too different than the first one.

  • Kevan Kramer

    I was hoping this was a fake, because the way this card is….is ugly as hell. The mechanic is neat though.

    • Kahai

      If they make the new template have other mechanical functions, it might be interesting.

  • Kahai

    I don’t think we are going to see too many cards with this new template, hopefully they make casting from the yard have cool interactions with other keywords.

    Overall, i like the idea of one card being two spells depending on where you cast it from. Makes me wish Forbidden was in Innistrad 2.0. Hell, Forbidden could work here too. (Forbidden for anyone who doesn’t obsess over keyword creation, was originally going to be a keyword in Avacyn Restored, but due to various reasons, miracles was used instead. How Forbidden works is that a card with the keyword Forbidden would begin every new game in the exile zone, with either a way to cast it from exile or other cards in set to bring it back into regular play zones.)

    • Avery Standley

      Unearth return possibly?

      • Kahai

        Potentially, though it wont be much larger that it was originally if it shows up.

  • Devin Beckley

    Looks fun in modern abzan, kill everything and get back your goyfs bobs and flayers!

  • Zombie

    Card mechanic is awesome, card format is literally the ugliest possible way to do this kind of card.

    “Now hear me out. What if we do a split card, but we turn only the second card… SIDEWAYS. AND THEN… wait for it… we don’t mesh the borders, and then we flip the card to be the opposite direction of every single split card ever made just to annoy people who want to run both of them in a deck.”

    “Calm down Satan”

    Not to mention, how bad must that artist feel?

    “Yeah, sorry, your art is on a card, but it’s literally the smallest and most irrelevant art on a card in magic history, including the Morphling parody from the Un-set.”

    “But… I’m Noah Bradley, everyone loves my art”.

    “Sorry we’re only going to commission two tiny little rectangles that are pretty much just generic sunrise/sunset pieces.”

    And Wizards wonders why artists are starting to speak out about hating working for Wizards by commission.

    • Kahai
      • Zombie

        Exactly, I just don’t understand why Wizards tried to innovate and ended up creating an abomination.

        They barely made the updated card frame work, what makes them think that they can succeed with radical new card style design?

        • Zeph

          I’m not a fan of the design either but I can understand why they’ve done it. Other options would be (in my eyes):
          >One card, two effects, no weird design. So like in the textbox you would first have “Destroy all creatures with power greater or equal to 3” and under it something like “Consequence – 3WW (Cast this spell only from your graveyard, then exile it.) : Return all creature cards with power less than or equal to 2 from your graveyard to your hand.”. Problem with this however is it would be a lot of text in the box and it may become too full (perhaps not in this example, but who knows what other cards with this mechanic there will be and they might have more text).
          >Both spells sideways, like fuse cards. But you can’t cast them both at the same time, so it makes no sense and it would only confuse people.
          >Flip design. But it doesn’t flip.. Well.. Maybe something whacky like “When this is put into a graveyard, flip it” could make it flip but I think flip rulings say that a flipped card can only be flipped while on the battlefield..
          Anyway I’m just blabbering here, trying to justify Wizards’ design xD

          TL;DR functionally good design but ugly

          • Kahai

            Split cards exist that don’t say fuse. Fire//Ice for example is an oldie but goodie.

            I think a subtype might have been better in this case than a whole new template.

            Just like Traps have specific rules, they could have easily made this spell work with Consequence as a subtype.

          • Zeph

            Good point, didn’t think of Fire//Ice. I think if it would’ve been best if it were like:

            Destory all creatures with power greater or equal to 3 if the Consequence cost wasn’t paid. If the Consequence cost was paid, return all creature cards with power less than or equal to 2 from your graveyard to your hand.

            Consequence 3WW (Cast this spell only from your graveyard, then exile it.)

        • Cthulhooo

          I have a theory. Maybe they designed it that way to help newbies so they won’t tilt their head sideways to read it and reveal the information to your opponent because non-graveyard part is always straight? That would be pretty smart, though it looks horrible.

          • Shagoth

            I think it’s simpler: Gimmicky.

      • Melissa Juice

        I hate the flip template and much prefer how it’s being done for this new mechanic.

        • Kahai

          I think if they can design around sideways spells in the yard, it’ll grow on me, but as it stands now, there is very little art space and that’s a bummer. At least with the flip template you got a decently sized art space.

          • Melissa Juice

            Oh yeah, I agree. In general, I don’t like the aesthetics of this, Kamigawa flip cards, or split cards., but something about the…upsidedownness of flip cards drives me nuts.

        • Kahai

          I said it elsewhere, if they can make Forbidden work here (spells starting in Exile and using other cards to cast or bring them into regular game space) and make exiling spells matter (like completing trials gives you rewards in the after life (id est exiled spells becoming castable) it’ll be fun! :D

          I just want forbidden… XD

          • Melissa Juice

            What’s “forbidden”? (Off to Google I go.)

          • Kahai


            Forbidden was going to the one of the keywords in Avacyn Restored, it came from an idea Richard Garfield had ; He had made a custom deck of magic cards some of which wouldn’t do anything and would inject them into an opponents deck.

            Essentially Forbidden is a static keyword that requires the card with Forbidden to start within the Exile Zone. There would be other ways of returning it to a playable zone or casting it from exile. Misthollow Griffin is the only remaining piece of Forbidden support in Avacyn Restored. And until rather recently, the only card castable from exile.

          • Melissa Juice

            Ahhh, very cool. Thanks for the explanation!

  • Shagoth

    One part was to get around a card on the reserved list and it has some nice synergy with itself, and it looks innately powerful, but this is the most abysmal design template for a card I’ve ever seen. Also, this mechanic could be good with dredge on other cards, clearly not this one, but I’m scared of the Consequence mechanic.

  • TheFullMontzy

    … I… I just… Ugh, this would be such a good card, but its so gross looking!

  • Derek Niles

    I love the mechanic but I have to agree with everyone else, this design is awful. Like way worse than kamigawa flip cards

    • Happy The Cat

      the kami ones at least looked clean, with the art transition and everything, this looks unglued almost.

  • Happy The Cat

    what would have been wrong with just giving it a knock off flashback look?
    I mean, even the minor design parts of it, I dont know about you guys, but I turn put my graveyard next to my deck with my exile either on the other side, or turned 90 degrees and under my graveyard.
    I get that it’s like this so it can stick out of a graveyard but, again dunno about you guys, but I like to keep my graveyard and what not correctly stacked, and even cards slightly tilted from the rest get to me.
    oh, also shout out to white getting a wrath AND a big revive spell, not like people have been saying they get too much or anything… calling red’s is treachery into earthquake or something of the sort.

    • Necrachilles

      Might not look too bad with exile with half out to the left and this to the right. Don’t like how it is basically there to say “hey opponent look at these spells I kinda have in hand” that’s part of the fun of flashback, hoping your opponent forgets.

      • Happy The Cat

        I mean besides shenanigans from cards having two casting costs, this ability it just flashback but do x if you cast it from the graveyard.

        • Kahai

          Yeah, they could have done the same thing as Traps. Put a clause to how the spell is cast.

          • Josiah McMillan

            Again, they have so many cards that care about cast triggers in standard so the want to make it a cast triggers not an activated ability

  • Rui Casas Novas

    What an awful design!! Who thought that this was good? Really??

    • Tolle

      Well, apparently, a lot of the fans.

    • Cthulhooo

      What if they wanted it that way to help newbies so they won’t tilt their head sideways to read it and reveal the information to your opponent because non-graveyard part is always straight? That would be pretty smart, though it still looks terrible nonetheless.

  • Arnez Wright

    How about this for Modern in some sort of Naya Aggro deck like Zoo or even Humans? Could it be good against the dreaded Midrange matchups like Jund/Eldrazi?

  • Magus of the nooB

    I like the mechanic and the design. :P

    • Arnez Wright

      Me too!

    • Marvin Sürig

      Mechanic YES. Design ehhhhh… somewhat strange. And I normaly like doublesided cards. I mean they coulded designed them like Fire // Ice which I’m more used to X’D
      Still getting this card XD

  • Dustin

    It’s a fake. The card states it’s 210/269, but wizards has already confirmed the set number is only 264

    • schemerboy

      look at the basics

    • Arnez Wright

      Look at the Amonkeht lands; they say x/269 as well… It may still be real. Take into account the Planeswalker decks.

      • Marvin Sürig

        Wrong regarding the Planeswalker Decks because those cards are over the number of regular cards. But the Fullart lands were added turning the 264 to a 269

        • Arnez Wright

          Oh, I see. Hehe, I was almost there..

  • Robert FakeLastName

    do split cards get high collector numbers? It’s weird because it is 210/269 that is like artifact/land levels of collector number.

    • Kahai

      Template changes this radical haven’t been seen since the days of Time Spiral. It might mean a new era for ordering card sets. Who knows.

      • Shawn Michael Diaz

        RTR had split cards and they were after multicolor cards and before artifacts iirc. It hasn’t been all that long…

  • Anthony George

    Could have just made it a normal card and read: “Consequence – You may spend 3cc 2w. If you do, Return all creature cards with power less than or equal to 2 from your graveyard to your hand. You can only use this effect if this card is in the graveyard and exile this card if you do.”

    Simple and clean. Or, you know, just make them two separate cards.

    • Aurore

      But that wouldn’t trigger effects that care about spells being cast.

    • God Enel

      It would be simple and clean only on the surface because you’re only caring about the visual design of the card, but in practice you’d be activating an ability, which means it can’t normally be countered, and it would be instant speed unless you put a clause to prevent it, and even if you somehow make it so that you’re recasting the card with a different effect so that it goes onto the stack and can be countered, it would still have CMC 4, which is relevant in some cases. The current design is much better.

  • Daniel Scott

    I assume the aim is for it to stick out the side of your graveyard in some fashion?

  • Krhaynes1

    Can we forget design for a minute. This card is actually pretty great!

    • Kahai

      Will likely find its way into some modern decks.

  • Dewill

    WOTC higher ups: how can we save money on printing cards?
    MaRo: we can print less colors.
    WOTC higher ups: ok. I like that. How can we do that design wise?
    Guy outside cleaning windows: I know! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3a5ba8da555213c25a7b286a0732c4ba57707010060a4cb8b8db257a6cee5e8e.jpg

    • Kahai

      >implying the entire cardstock isn’t printer over in color.


  • Kahai

    So the only reason i can think of for why the new template has TWO distinct card areas would be for different colors spells or different type spells on the same card stock, which would interesting. Maybe have the top be sorcery and the bottom instant. or the top is white and the bottom black. et cetera.

    • Dewill

      The consequence mechanic which plays from graveyard can be done at instant speed anyways. There would be no reason to use two distinct cars types if the consequence mechanic can always be an instant per say

      • Arsène Michiels

        Not since it is not an ability but another spell (sorcery)…

      • Kahai

        Unless Matt Tabak has made major changes to the rules, a spells speed is determined by its type, and unless otherwise granted, can only be cast at the speed it’s type is allowed.

        Comp Rules:
        307.1. A player who has priority may cast a sorcery card from his or her hand during a main phase of his or her turn when the stack is empty. Casting a sorcery as a spell uses the stack.


        What Consequence does is allow spells to be played from the graveyard, similar to flashback.

  • Deadly Berry

    Just three words: Do Not Want.

    • Kahai

      idk man, four 4 wrath that hits nearly every eldrazi. (i don’t care about standard, so i don’t know the meta, just stating a fact.)

      • Deadly Berry

        The effects alone are fine, specially if you run small creatures, that’s not the issue I’m noticing. The problem is that if you only need to return your fallen creatures, you first have to pay the four mana effect to put it in your graveyard and then cast as Consequence. Imagine the awkwardness of paying 9 mana in a deck that runs creatures with cost 1 to 3 approx.
        To add insult to injury, the card format is horrible; putting myself in the artist’s shoes, I would feel quite offended if they used my artwork in such a distasteful manner.

        • bill cheeto

          or you can play discard effects like madness

        • Aurore

          Random idea: Cast this card for it’s wrath effect turn 4, then bring all your stuff back turn 5. Weird, right?

  • Edwin Marín Castro

    Just perfect for playing with small creatures.

  • Riiiiiight

    “Greater or equal to 3” sounds weird. Why not “3 or greater”. Odd.

    • Hedronal

      It’s not the official translation.

    • Josiah McMillan

      It’ll be 3 or greater in the english printing, it’s currently been an almost literal translation from Portuguese

  • Randall Ferguson

    Should’ve went back to planar chaos times….Those cards had the most badass card design of all time.

  • Khan Runander

    Finnaly something interesting in magic, 4 mana Sort of Wrath with sort of split flashback makes the limited player in me so happy.


    Oh my dear lord… I hope it’s fake – but just in case; have my personal split-card-ugliness-rating:

    5 Innistrad Flip cards (a hassle, but beautiful)
    4 Invasion (gimme my glasses)
    3 Kamigawa split card (urgh where is the top?, getting pimples)
    2 Amonkhet split card (let me glue a small card on your bigger card..wtf is that?)
    1 Eldritch Moon Fusion cards (Designer: Hm, Token? Kid: NO, LET THEM BUILD BIG MTG CARDS, BIG IS GOOD!)

    Congratulations Amonkhet split cards, you are the most ugly – but you are pretty close!

    have some humor :)

  • mrtrampo

    I don’t understand why people complain about the new design. It does someting different than what split, flip or double face design do. At first sight you recognise that it’s a split card with one part castable from the graveyard. It’s just that usefull !!. You don’t have to read a small remider text, YOU SEE IT.
    A split design with just a reminder text would have made mistakes : people casting either part of the card from hand, or people forgotting the castable part while card is in graveyard. Again, you SEE the difference.
    This design provides visual datas about the card mechanics, just like the vehicle design reminds you that a vehicle is not a creature card. It’s good for the gameplay.
    I think some of you people underestimate the usefullness of visual card design. It’s not just about beauty or artistry, it’s also about efficiency and sharing informations.
    Can’t wait to see other spoilers

    • Daniel Scott

      yea, I think people will like it when they realise they can put it in their yard sideways and be able to see that it’s there real easy, also people get used to stuff over time.

      • For me, and many other people, I keep my exile under my graveyard sideways. Putting this sideways in my yard would be confusing as I may either think I either already used it/it was already exiled, or I may accidentally try to use it twice.

        • Kahai

          I’m super picky about where i put my cards, i hate seeing exile zones under the graveyard. It’s kind of like you’re telling me i have to ask permission to see your exile when in reality i should have free access to that information already.

          It’s like when people organize their graveyard, i know i’m in the minority here, but i do play cards like Alms, Volrath’s Shapeshifter, Bosium Strip, Phyrexian Grimoire, and Phyrexian Furnace. Where the exact order of the yard matters.

          Depending on the deck, (namely Zur) i’m extremely picky about where my cards go, to the point that people get angry with me when i insist that as long as everyone knows what’s enchanting or attached to what, it doesn’t matter where the card is located. hell that’s literally the rule:

          400.5. The order of objects in a library, in a graveyard, or on the stack can’t be changed except when
          effects or rules allow it. The same is true for objects arranged in face-down piles in other zones.
          Other objects in other zones can be arranged however their owners wish, although who controls
          those objects, whether they’re tapped or flipped, and what other objects are attached to them must
          remain clear to all players.

          So i try to put shared object between the players so everyone see who owns what, but some people just don’t like that idea and want their Arrest’d creature on their field with my enchantment under it… XD

          • I mean, you do kinda have to ask permission to see any open information because those are other people’s cards. Besides that, it’s the same for graveyards, you always are allowed to look at your opponent’s graveyard, but it’s also common courtesy to ask to see it.

            Minor thing about that rule, which doesn’t change anything in your context, the order of the graveyard can be changed as long as there are no cards legal in that format that care about graveyard order.

          • Kahai

            I almost strictly play commander, the only format i know that actively plays cards that yard order matters.

          • Josiah McMillan

            So only standard, modern, and draft of any set after the Urza’s block

    • Derek Niles

      pretty much everyone likes the mechanic, and I don’t think anyone thinks a normal split card with reminder text wouldn’t be a disaster. But playing with cards that look nice is a massive part of this game. Its why Wizards gives nice looking cards to only their judges and why the promo market is so sought after. visually mechanics need to look unique (like the vehicles) but they also need to look good, because otherwise why have art at all? We could just play cards with text


      The design is not useful here. They could have just used a keyword (consequence), rules text and gave it the second half of the card. And to the person who says the opponent can read it easier.. ehm, maybe we should print all cards sideways? Because there is no difference to this.

      Sure, you get another artwork – but how can you enjoy an tiny artwork on a card like this? I don’t know man. I will get used to it eventually, but designwise it is just obsolete.

  • Derek Niles

    well….at least it doesn’t look as bad as merge cards….

    • madmanic

      Yea it looks worse than the merge cards, 2 merge cards just make a big magic card but this look like you cut a split card and a normal card in half. We can’t have squirrels but this is ok

      • Rocket Raccoon

        I want squirrels for modern D:

  • Bearman7775

    I always find it interesting when Wizards mixes things up when it comes to actually changin what the formating is on there cards like with all the flip, merge, split, rotate and even the future boarders. I like new design space that is not just a keyword but something a little more fancy. But talking of mechanics, I would like this new “Consequences” one to help give new life to older decks, like drege. It probably wouldn’t make then faster. But maybe give them more closing potential in long games. I’m also curious if this mechanic is only going to be on sorcerys and Instants. I could see it on a creature and in the grave yard exIle it and get some tokens.

  • Bostorket

    I think this card just gave me whiplash.

  • Arcus Diabolus

    This card doesn’t really have a draw back.

    • tom bob

      well, i think its greatest draw back is it’s quite possibly the ugliest magic card to ever exist, even beating the kamigawa flips.

      • Bostorket

        [Description for artist]:

        There is a really angry sunset, then a sideways sunrise that isn’t quite as angry.

      • Arcus Diabolus

        I can’t argue with that, but still, I see no reason to think this card isn’t going to see top tier abuse.

    • Shagoth

      Since your creatures don’t get destroyed the first time, they won’t all return to your hand from your yard. But even then, I’d rather have them in play than my hand.

    • Random Guy

      It’s Aligned Hedron Network at 3 instead of 5 power and Aftermath. Pretty great, but it doesn’t counter Mardu Vehicles (too low power) or Copycat (doesn’t care about creatures), so we’ll see if it’s actually playable.

  • Aarhg

    What do you guys think it’s going to be called in english? Consequence or aftermath?
    I think I prefer aftermath.

    • Shagoth

      I think it will be consequence.

  • tom bob
    • sansmyhands

      I really like this design, but that’s funny.

    • Dave


  • Devon Ronald MacInnis

    As I get used to it I can sort of understand why

  • Yuan Ramirez

    I think this is fake. Why does a white card have such a high collector’s number unless ofc these pseudo split cards have their own dedicated range of numbers somewhere at the end (after artifacts and multi-colored cards)? But then again, does that mean that there are 59+ (210/269) of these split cards? I mean everything else seems to fit… Maybe I just don’t like it because it’s got small artwork and it doesn’t really fit the effect of the card. I feel like a board-wipe would and should feature bolas in some form.

    • Josiah McMillan

      I’d say the lands would be after these as the spoiled full art basics are 250-255

      • Yuan Ramirez

        Oh right, completely forgot about the lands!

  • Friedrich

    Is nobody gonna comment on that it’s a card out of a 269 card set, but wizzard said that Amonkhet only has 264 cards? Oo

    • Yuan Ramirez

      Hm, you are correct. But the full-art basics also said 269 cards

    • Yuan Ramirez

      My guess is that they originally had 264 cards but someone from marketing decided they wanted full-art basics (for better sales). They didn’t have fitting artwork for that, though, so they had to add the 5 full-arts later on.

    • Gadabout

      If you check the full art lands you’ll see that they also say 269.

      • Friedrich

        I know, but the Website does say 264. And it has said the same thing for the past 2 months.

        • Shagoth

          Probably because they aren’t counting basics themselves.

  • Rovkir Hexus

    Interesting design. I wonder how many Consequence cards they have in store for us.

  • I’ll definitely be adding this to my R/W Human deck’s sideboard. Nice little reset button when things start to go bad in the late game.

  • Bige Boiy

    this is a good mechanic

  • Jorge Carvajal

    Shaman’s Trance is looking better now.

  • MTG fan

    I love this. It’s flashback but with a twist. Interesting. I want to make a white black control deck now.

  • PrissyRose

    Good mechanic, ugly design!

    I feel we will see a nice cycle of rare Consequence cards

  • Fael

    Ouch, even worst than flip cards’ design.

    • Vizzerdrix

      I’d say worse than flip but better than meld that’s all the stupidest mechanic I’ve seen in a while

      • Kahai

        Contraptions will be puzzle piece cards that you can literally take apart and reassemble into different cards. (This is a joke)

  • MrAptronym

    I really like the idea here, but the outer border on this makes the card look really ugly. I think there were probably better ways to format this.

  • Vizzerdrix

    So innistrad gave us a functional big furry monster with meld and this set wants to make who what when where why into a real card with this new mechanic, that’s 2 un cards made possible in about a year haha

    • Shagoth

      Give me booster tutor, now, Wizards!

      • Happy The Cat

        or letter bomb.

  • Benjo Sian

    if this is the mechanic i think ill build a (b)(u) zombie deck with this.

  • Marcelo Ortega Coimbra Martins

    my doran deck likes this

    • Adriano Lecaldare

      Yes that’s what I was intending as well! An intersting take on a retribution of the meek style card.

  • kmk888

    I truly love the way the mechanic plays, but the card frame is hideous. However alternate Flashback is sweet and as someone who loves graveyard stuff, this set so far has been a delight.

    This card itself may see some play as 4 mana is a great converted mana cost for a wipe. That being said, sorcery speed is pretty bad in a world of vehicles and planeswalkers, and the power restriction also hurts the playability. For an example of how conditional the card is, just look at how it matches up against Mardu Vehicles… It doesn’t destroy Inspector, Exemplar, most Ballistas, any vehicles, Gideon, Knight Allies and doesn’t exile Scrounger. I suppose Mardu could actually play it. And I know that one deck doesn’t necessarily determine the playability of a card, but I still don’t know if this one’s going to make it except out of the sideboard.

    • Uncertain Title

      Someone pointed out that, when placing this card in the grave, you can turn it sideways and read the ability easily, even if cards are stacked on it. I think that’s what they were aiming to do when creating the frame.

      • eltratzo

        thats a nice catch and really clever if intended. which seems likely as this is essentially variant flashbacking (as the “increasing X” cycle showed, cards that do different things when flashed back work under the rules so this whole mechanic could be written as flashback) and they are aware that flashbacks biggest (and probably only real) problem is that keeping track of graveyards can be annoying in paper.

  • Kumrag

    didn’t read the card, too busy hating the frame lol

  • tsokanos filippos

    First I thought this card was kinda cool,but then i read that it returns the creatutes to THE HAND not THE FIELD ! Awefull in so many levels.

    • Kaiser

      5 mana return ALL the tinys to the field? are you insane? that would be very broken in standard for white.

      • KrakenHunter

        it’s not like white standard isn’t broken already

        • Shagoth

          “If it’s broke, let’s break it more”

          • tsokanos filippos

            The white 2 power value creatures are very limited since origins rotated out.Even if you splash a colour for more powerfull 2drops(ayli,sylvan advocate) you will still need to wrath your own board or find a way to discard it.I d rather see something semi-broken than tons of unplayble rares.(PS im talking about standard,i dont care or play limited sealed commander frontier etc)

  • Jalais

    I think this could be a sweet fit for Vehicles. Sweeps away very little of yours (scrapheaps, Thalia) while hopefully removing any serious blockers, and then later if you run out of gas, get all your toolcrafts and thrabens back.

  • Winter Trabex

    A one-sided board nuke for white weenie decks? Ouch. I was hoping this was fake because it looks ugly and seems too powerful for standard.

  • Jeffrey Zom

    could this be good for the soul sisters deck?

  • Marvin Sürig

    Well Madness cards are still in standard when this set enters standard. Only Oath of the Gatwatch and BFZ will leaf.

  • Kahai

    whatsinstandard dot com.

  • Kahai

    BFZ and SoI both rotate out at the same time. The current two block two set paradigm either has 5, 6, 7, or 8 sets in the standard pool at once, id est, at any time the standard pool will not be smaller than 5 sets, and never greater than 8.

    This means two blocks rotate out at the same time.

  • Kevan Kramer

    No cards leave when this set comes out.

  • Marvin Sürig

    Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t Kaladesh + Revolt + Amonkhet make 3 Sets? Which make it less then 5 when SOI+ and BFZ+ rotate out?

  • Kahai

    We will be getting a currently unannounced set when those rotate out, making standard pool of five sets, or two and a half blocks.