• Jacob Kodicovic

    The future’s been good to these guys!

    • Spyboy

      Workout everyday and you’ll gain some toughness

  • TheAweDude

    Should’ve just reprinted Those Who Serve with this card’s flavour text.

    • Lorcogoth

      I agree they should have done that, just like they did with the yeti’s in the tarkir block

    • Fred “Deakon” Rebhun

      To be fair, from a meta game stand point, they can block (and live) their eternalized brethren who come back from the dead… but I agree flavorwise for the reprint.

    • Kahai

      New art > old art.

      The entire plane has changed in some way (or at least the city has) so why would i want the same shiny art from the original? Also toughness matters.

      • Hedronal

        Reprints can change art too. Blocks eternals though.

  • Happy The Cat
    • Nathanael Lambert

      photoshop is the way of the future, today

  • victorseth

    Ok that was clever. HAHA

  • Shagoth

    The laziest card I’ve ever seen…

    • NC


      • Shagoth


  • Koover_rob

    Loving those “easter eggs” :) Flavour and lorewise, this is amazing.

  • Deadly Berry

    The inseparable trio from Those Who Serve. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see them again in Ixalan.

  • Absinthman

    I like to think that it’s actually three guys disguised as mummies, taking advantage of the chaos, and lootin’.

  • Animar, Elemental Master

    I wished they made an eternalize that gets weaker when eternalize, but maybe only costs like 3B