Dynacharge - Return to Ravnica Spoiler


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Target creature you control gets +2/+0 until end of turn.

Overload 1 ManaRed Mana

  • Flickerfan

    good in standard if you have a few Drake tokens

  • Gabriel Bales

    I want to see Izzet doing more random, weird, quasi-useless stuff. For example:

    Concatenize – 2RB


    Exile two target creatures controlled by one player. Then put a token with power equal to the sum of their powers and toughness equal to the sum of their toughnesses into play under that player’s control. It gains all abilities those creatures had.

    Draw a card.

    Also, I love how this card, if you don’t Overload it, is Bull Rush.

    • Aejan

      Flip-Flop 2UR
      SorceryChoose an opponent.You control that player’s next turn.That player controls your next turn.