Eagle of the Watch

Eagle of the Watch

  • Color: White
  • Type: Creature - Bird
  • Rarity: Common
  • Set:

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* Intro pack reprint

  • wwwww

    dat spoiler
    definitely not storm crow

  • steve

    why does it say 275/272

    • Jazzyboy1

      It’s not going to be printed in boosters. It’s an intropack only print. At least, that’s what I’ve read elsewhere on forums discussing the matter.

      • Kahai

        Correct, when i saw this leaked from the original site they went on about how the numbering on the card is associated not with the full printed filled into boosters, but rather put into secondary product, like the deck builders box set and intro decks.

    • It will be like Terra Stomper, not in the actual booster packs but still in the set.

  • Zombie

    It was a solid pick in Limited when it was first printed, and it will be good now. Can’t say much else about it, really.

    • Kameenook

      While I’m inclined to agree with you, theoretically it could be a horrid limited pick, theoretically there could be a plethora of undercosted X/3 fliers, making this guy sad.

  • Ryx

    Still a better pick in limited than Storm Crow.

    • gabriel

      that was outrageous

      • Ryx

        I was joking, well.. in the sense that this isn’t actually in the set. it will be in side products (like intro decks). Still a better pick in drafting than storm crow, white synergy and all that jazz.

        • Kameenook

          Have you ever played a game of magic? Or a game of limited magic? You drop storm crow, and your opponent has one draw step. They look at their top card, realize it is not storm crow, and then concede.

          • TROLL_

            I can do nothing but agree :This happened to me once. Worst day of my life.

  • Kameenook

    Strictly worse than Misthoof Kirin. KIRIN FOR LIFE

    • Nick Hannah

      Kirin tribal FTW.

  • Vizzerdrix

    This could be a game changer. It’s almost storm crow it’s a little more balanced than storm crow which is kinda nice but I’d rather have storm crow

  • ?

    What’s with this storm crow joke about? Storm Crow does ABSOLUTELY nothing…

    • kevin

      Excatly. It’s bad. But Force of will (same set) is problaly The best counterspell ever made. The power between them is a joke.

      • Dr. Burn Crow

        Its not “bad,” it’s just decent, but it happened at a time when blue had a lot of good cards, so for some reason, people latched on to a mediocre blue bird as a rallying point. That bird represents the everyman in an age of gods.

        • Happy The Cat

          it is also so bad it is good
          nobody wants to use a kill spell on a 1/2 but sometimes you have to

    • Sean

      As kevin said, Force of Will and Storm Crow were printed in the same set. Force of Will was such a dominant catch-all answer that non-blue decks were pushed; either you were playing Force of Will or you were wrong. This caused upset players to suggest that “any” blue card was just a strictly better version of a card in another color since it could be exiled with FoW. Storm Crow is an exaggeration of that sentiment, a generally terrible card that was technically able to answer anything alongside FoW. That is what the Storm Crow joke is about.

      • cement dorado

        Storm crow is the new planeswalker :P

  • Happy The Cat

    hmm.. a bird strictly worse than storm crow
    costs +1 mana and can get pinged out from mancers
    sure it gets to deal 2 when attacking but so much more is available at three mana
    storm crow has this physiological affect that no one kills the 1/2 so it can chip away 6-8 damage in games
    I know it doesn’t make sense but it would even work against some good standard decks as long as you have an aggressive deck
    not saying you should run it but sealed or draft storm beats this thing