• galen150

    ffeel like this shoulda been uncommon :/
    maybe for limited formats they made it rare?

    • Eli Eyal Broide

      Rarity is only for limited formats

      • ColorCaptain

        And money

        • Shagoth

          Mostly money, I’m pretty sure limited isn’t the most played format.

          • Hedronal

            But it is the one where rarity matters most.

            Also technically it’s two formats, draft and sealed.

          • CnBCustoms

            The money isn’t just dependent on the rarity, it’s also dependent on its value as a card. There are rares that haven’t been reprinted that are worth less than a dollar because they’re not very good cards. And regardless, Wizards only cares about selling products and getting butts in seats at events. They don’t control the singles market, nor do they care. They generally build sets for limited, that’s why there are always trash mythics, rares, uncommons and commons in regards to standard and modern. It’s limited fodder. A bomb in limited is often pretty bad in most other formats, regardless of rarity. Rarity is, without a doubt, for limited.

          • Dave


          • Shagoth

            Trash rare and mythics are why people would buy more than one pack, people have always wanted to win the lottery.
            Singles market indirectly influences them a great deal. A new card from a new set is third bucks? A teen would rather buy packs until they find it. Sure, they just shelled out at least three times as much in order to do so, but they got more cards so ay, win win.

    • TogetherAlone

      Definitely rare for Limited, this is a great rare for limited especially on curve or eternalized.

  • MTG fan

    This is really good. 2/2 creatures, 2/1 creatures, and 1/3 creatures can’t block it or it’s other creature friends. Eternalize is also good to use with this creature. This is like unearth, but more expensive for a fatter creature.

    • DarthinvaderIX

      also servos, scarabs, snakes, and scions

  • Happy The Cat

    for a rare, I feel it should be creatures target player controls. Sure, that makes the eternalize a bit op cause 4/4 makes it effectively “target player probably can’t block” but that’s a six mana 4/4, it should pack a punch.

    • Hedronal

      Maybe “Up to target creatures can’t block this turn.”, as a middle-ground.

      • Happy The Cat

        that probably could have been better, maybe also have that based on it’s power as well, making the scaling of the two drop into the six drop more relevant

        • Hedronal

          Yeah, like “Up to X target creatures can’t block this turn, where X is ~’s power.” Or base power, in case more is too good or something.

    • Kyle Kinnear

      This card would be so overpowered. It’s already heavily pushed…

  • Edward

    This really should be uncommon or the effect should be better. It should at least have been on attack because the effect 1 time on 1 creature is just bad for a rare. Adorned Pouncer and Dreamstealer are the only ones in this cycle worth playing so far.

  • Friedrich

    Let it deal damage instead and it is a rare. 2 damage plus a 2/1 is what aggro decks want, and burn decks need. Would not be that overpowerd and would be worth the rare slot. I will probably still take it, but it does not feel like a rare should feel.

  • kmk888

    This is a very powerful card for Standard red aggro. They usually don’t get late game power like that without diluting their early aggression.

    • Trevor Panhorst

      Absolutely. It fits perfectly into the current RDW build I am using. It gives more consistent evasion and makes the deck faster overall. Honestly I’d use it without eternalize, but as with what you said, it just makes it that much better

  • Dboe

    I’ll take this any day of the week. Currently in this slot you only had speedway fanatic. This card is infinitely better.