• Kahai

    Maro says Desert isn’t fun and hurts/slows games.

    This is printed…

    I’d much rather gotten to play my Deserts than not.

    • Random Guy

      Dude what? This is a 3 mana plus 1 per turn retargetable pacifism. Are you just against removal or something?

      Deserts prevent every X/1 from attacking without dying (very annoying and hard-counter) and taps to give a blocking creature +1/+0 (acceptable).

      • Kahai

        MaRo says that Desert, the original card, is unfun and slows the game down too much: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fd5628e2ca0c96fb37bc58a1a0ad363ae31493ef1a283eda68a00a3a42c02385.jpg

        Meanwhile, they print this, which slows the game down even further.

        • Random Guy

          Yeah, desert is a little unfun because it kills all attacking 1/1s and makes attacking of larger creatures a bit more difficult. This, on the other hand, costs 3 mana plus 1 per turn. In theory that means it shouldn’t slow the game down much more than Murder. I see now that it only works against attacking creatures, but my other points still stand.

          • Kahai

            It pings one creature at a time, not all.

          • Random Guy

            Technically, but it’s very rare they want to attack with multiple X/1s at the cost of losing an X/1.

  • Kameenook

    This seems like an especially iteration of the brick cards because the ability while generating bricks is extremely relevant, although the payoff isn’t as high, it just ends up being the first ability with extra tacked on, which ain’t bad.

  • Hedronal

    This got a lot of problems lessened for me.