• Jazzyboy1

    This thing is pretty great. Play this T2.(or T1 if you play Eye of Ugin) Succeeding turns, play everything on curve. Play your 3/3 to make this a 3/3 for 2 mana. Play your 4/4 to make this a 4/4 for 2 mana. Play a 5/5 to make this a 5/5 for 2 mana… You get the picture. Obviously, it requires you to be able to pump out bigger colourless creatures for it to get bigger, and thus cost-effective… but you should be doing that anyway.

    Also, it’s the first 2 mana generic-costed Eldrazi. Thus the first Eldrazi to be reduced to being free by Eye of Ugin.

  • Bostorket

    Hello, Phyrexian Dreadnought? Yeah, your assistant just arrived.

    • DJ Pad

      In what format is this combo actually any good? There are better things you can do in legacy and EDH.

      • Chi Sarades

        like what? i wanna know

        • DJ Pad

          Well for one, stifle + dreadnought, but even that isn’t typically good enough to see play. Varolz + dreadnought/Death’s Shadow actually gets you a permanent fatty. Or if you want 2 card-3mana combos, show and tell + Griselbrand/Emrakul actually gets you a better creature, and does it permanently. Same with pretty much any reanimator deck. Getting a 12/12 for 1 turn (that can be chump blocked) is not that remarkable. Those are just a few, but I’m sure there are countless other better combos. After all nobody was playing dreadnought with renegade doppleganger in the first place.

          • Ben

            Do you realize that you can sac the Mimic into the Dreadnought trigger once you set the triggers right and have the Mimic become a 12/12 first, then sac it, and keep the Dreadnought t1.

      • Bostorket

        There are several ways to skin this abominable cat, yes. You’re so astute it’s asinine. But a two-card-3c ‘combo’ for a free 12/12 trample seems pretty damned efficient to me, especially in EDH where this could be one of many options, because you can pick more than one way to do it! And it might be able to fit in many a deck type, seeing as it’s all colorless? I’m not sure tho. Tech mi yur waz pls, sensei.

  • MrAptronym

    I love this kind of card. Its not too strong, but unique and I think it has an appeal for almost everyone. Johnny looks at combos, Timmy sees a cheap creature that can get big and spike sees a cheap creature with some late game value.

  • DJ Pad

    Would have been nice to have ingest or something so the ability can get pushed a little harder than in BfZ.

  • Zombie

    This could get STUPID.

    I’mma brew with this for sure.

    • Robert FakeLastName

      there is that modern black eldrazi deck floating around. It uses eldrazi temple or eye of ugin to do stupid things.

  • Happy The Cat

    well, the first thing I want to do is flicker Ludevic’s Abomination with this on board
    then I want to cast Phyrexian Dreadnought

    • Sunawa

      Has to be a colorless creature unfotunately, so Ludevic’s wouldn’t work. Dreadnought on it’s own would though, and stay

      • DJ Pad

        Not to mention, flickering it doesn’t transform it…

      • Happy The Cat

        ? I thought if abo entered the battlefield without ever being subject he was never assigned a color. Whatever though, if abo was good enough to see play he wouldn’t need a 2-star combo that doesn’t really get you anywhere.

        • Jazzyboy1

          Ludevic’s Abomination has it’s own colour indicator. That means it’s blue. Look at Dryad Arbor for comparison. Dryad Arbor would normally be colourless because it has no mana cost and there’s nothing in it’s text to say it’s green. However, it has a small colour indicator(the little green circle)

          Or at least I’m pretty sure it has a colour indicator. I would double check if Gatherer wasn’t being so incredibly slow for me right now o.O

          E: Yeah, finally got on Gatherer and both Dryad Arbor and Ludevic’s Abomination have colour indicators on the left of their type line. The colour indicators are basically the equivelant of them having text saying ‘Dryad Arbor is green’. In fact, Dryad Arbor used to say ‘Dryad Arbor is green’ in it’s Future Sight printing, but it was changed to the indicator in FTV :P

          tldr; Ludevic’s Abomination is definitely blue at all times because it’s colour indicator shows so.

  • Vizzerdrix

    Eye of ugin and eldrazi temple make this a viable turn 1 pretty insane. Phyrexian dreadnought seems like the obvious go to. All the devoid cards could make it standard playable as well.also while hangarback is legal there’s more reason to play both as well as endless one

  • Rosalie Ellen Redd

    Desolation Triplets… XD

  • Chaospyke

    My question is how does this guy work in relation to Vile Aggregate? (*/5 – * is equal to the number of colorless creatures you control)

    Also the end of turn makes is significantly more mediocre.

    • Kahai

      * is defined at all times. In hand, in graveyard, in the library.

      * would be whatever the number of colorless creatures are when this enters.

      So it counts itself and all other colorless creatures you control, the Mimic would get it’s power equal to * and toughness of 5.