Elite Arcanist - M14 Spoiler

Elite Arcanist

  • Color: Blue
  • Type: Creature - Human, Wizard
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Set:

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When Elite Arcanist enters the battlefield, you may exile an instant card from your hand.

x Mana, Tap Symbol: Copy the exiled card. You may cast the copy without paying its mana cost. X is the converted mana cost of the exiled card.

  • Wrathsforfun

    choose Timewarp… gg?

    • Ophion

      Time Warp is a Sorcery.

      • Wrathsforfun

        ya realised that about 1 min after i posted this and was to lazy to change it.

        So Time stop GG :D

        • ThatOneTechnicalGay

          You still can’t respond to the untap step, all they need to do is respond to his activation by killing him. Annoying, but not unbeatable

    • Chuck

      So close it’s a sorcery…

      • Chuckles

        it’s still a powerful bomb if your dumb enough to let it live.

  • David T.

    So does this mean you can actually pay the X cost of card’s like fireball? Or…?

    • Zombie

      The CMC of Fireball is 1. So what happens is you copy Fireball, pay X= 1, and then burn something for 0.

      • Joshua McTiernan

        You sir are very good at clearing things up :)

        • Zombie

          It comes with the territory of playing this game for 15 years. Glad to help when I can.

          • Level 3 Judge

            You Absolutely cannot pay for the spell normally. You can not cast the spell in any way other than by not paying it’s mana cost unless it has the text “you may cast that spell.” (see chandra pyromaster)

          • Zombie

            If that’s the case, then it’s completely janky and not worth playing in any deck outside the worst possible blue EDH deck I could think of, just like I thought it was.

            Oh well.

    • Zombie

      Here’s a basic rundown of how Elite Arcanist will work with an Instant that has X in the cost, let’s say It’s X and one Red for a CMC of 1:

      Step 1: Exile the spell.

      Step 2: Pay X and tap, where X is the exiled spell’s Converted Mana cost. In this case, the spell’s CMC is 1, so you tap 1.

      Step 3: Choose not to cast the spell without paying its mana cost, and cast the spell normally.

      Basically, you just have to pay extra mana to copy the spell equal to whatever’s in it’s cost except X.

  • Ramiel

    Time Warp is a sorcery spell , moron.

  • Steven Bryant

    this is pretty good in a U/R burn deck

  • Zombie

    Hello there, new addition to my Mono Blue/Artifact EDH control.

  • Reisen

    If I cast a split card, do I need to pay for both side but only one effect?

    • Zombie

      The Converted Mana Cost of a split card is the total of the two halves of the card. You can only Fuse a Split Card when it is cast from your hand, so if you exile a split card with Elite Arcanist, you can only use one half of the card while paying the CMC for both.

      So, basically, don’t be dumb enough to exile a Split Card with Elite Arcanist.

      • Theros Needs God Cretaures

        Actually there is a split card you can play both sides of on the came turn it’s called Ready and Willing. Copy Ready, untap all your creatures (including Elite Arcanist) they’re all indestructible for the turn, then copy Willing and all your creatures gain lifelink and deathtouch for the turn. It goes around the rules of Fuse if you exile it with Elite Arcanist.

        • Zombie

          You have to pay the full Converted Mana Cost each time you copy Ready/Willing, or a Split Card in general. Which, in Ready/Willing’s case, its CMC is 6.

          If you wanted to use Elite Arcanist to copy both halves of Ready/Willing in the same turn, it would require 12 mana.

          • RUG smuggler

            Wrong. When casting only a single half of a split card, its characteristics become only those of that half. it is only the colours of the half that is cast and its CMC is only considering that of that half that was cast.
            Inversely, when fusing it (cast from the hand only) it has the qualities of both halves, ie, all colours and the total CMC of both halves.
            Elite Arcanist cannot fuse the spell because it is being copied and put on the stack, as opposed to being cast from the hand.
            So only one half can be cast and the split rules state that its CMC is inclusive of only the half that was cast.
            In this situation, Ready could be cast, and then Willing could be cast after the untap, for a total cost of 6 colourless.

            In other words, split cards are extremely versatile with Elite Arcanist.

  • CodyGozRawr

    Time warp… nuff said.

    • Wrathsforfun

      i thought that too but “instant” time warp is not :( still works with time stop though :D

      • CodyGozRawr

        PORRRRRR QUUUUUUUEE!??!?!!?!!?!?! Damn when I first read it I just saw instant and assumed it went on to say or sorcery……… well still a good card though

  • Letsthinkhere

    Ok so pretty cool but lets stop thinking about the sorcery spell that is time warp, and start thinking about the much more annoying instant TIME STOP. Cuz all in all it’s more fun to infinitely stop someone from taking turns than anything else

  • Matt Abraham

    kinda reminds me of isochron scepter

    • Zombie

      It’s more a strictly worse Panoptic Mirror than Isochron Scepter, as Scepter is limited to CMC 2 Instants.

      • Matt Abraham

        This is true, good point

  • Zander1314

    How does this work with overload I wonder?

    • Zombie

      When you choose to Overload a spell, you pay the overload cost instead of the card’s actual mana cost. When you copy a spell, you’re restricted to using the card’s Converted Mana Cost, of which Overload is not a part of. You can not cast spells with Overload for free because the Overload ability is not a part of the Converted Mana Cost/base effect of the spell.

      • albirich

        When you cast a spell you choose what mode its in. As you cast the copy of the exiled card you say you’re overloading it. You then don’t pay the cmc. The X is still the un-overloaded cost because that’s the exiled card. The thing that allows this is the fact that you’re CASTING the copy so you go through all the steps of casting.

        • Zombie

          Wrong. When you cast a spell with Overload, you may choose to pay the Overload cost. Only if you pay the Overload cost does it take effect. Example 1.: You Play Electrickery, opting to pay the Overload cost. Electrickery will now deal 1 damage to each creature you don’t control. Example 2: You exile Electrickery from your hand with Elite Arcanist’s ability. You active Elite Arcanist, copying Electrickery by paying X=1. Electrickery is cast dealing 1 damage to target creature, because you copied the spell and cast it without paying its mana cost.

          If you want to Overload a copied spell, you still have to pay the Overload cost, as the Overload cost is not a part of the card’s Converted Mana Cost.

          • albirich

            You cast the exiled card. Do you know what casting implies? Let me enlighten you.

            The steps involved in casting:

            601.2a The player announces that he or she is casting the spell. That card (or that copy of a card)
            moves from where it is to the stack. It becomes the topmost object on the stack. It has all the
            characteristics of the card (or the copy of a card) associated with it, and that player becomes its
            controller. The spell remains on the stack until it’s countered, it resolves, or an effect moves it

            — SO you activate the ability and announce you’re casting the copy. The copy then goes on the stack.

            Heres the important part.
            601.2b If the spell is modal the player announces the mode choice (see rule 700.2). If the player
            wishes to splice any cards onto the spell (see rule 702.45), he or she reveals those cards in his or
            her hand. If the spell has alternative or additional costs that will be paid as it’s being cast such as
            buyback, kicker, or convoke costs (see rules 117.8 and 117.9), the player announces his or her
            intentions to pay any or all of those costs (see rule 601.2e). A player can’t apply two alternative
            methods of casting or two alternative costs to a single spell. If the spell has a variable cost that
            will be paid as it’s being cast (such as an {X} in its mana cost; see rule 107.3), the player
            announces the value of that variable. If a cost that will be paid as the spell is being cast includes
            hybrid mana symbols, the player announces the nonhybrid equivalent cost he or she intends to
            pay. If a cost that will be paid as the spell is being cast includes Phyrexian mana symbols, the
            player announces whether he or she intends to pay 2 life or the corresponding colored mana cost
            for each of those symbols. Previously made choices (such as choosing to cast a spell with
            flashback from a graveyard or choosing to cast a creature with morph face down) may restrict
            the player’s options when making these choices.

            — You say you’re going to overload it, so its new mana cost is the overload cost.

            601.2c The player announces his or her choice of an appropriate player, object, or zone for each
            target the spell requires. A spell may require some targets only if an alternative or additional
            cost (such as a buyback or kicker cost), or a particular mode, was chosen for it; otherwise, the
            spell is cast as though it did not require those targets. If the spell has a variable number of
            targets, the player announces how many targets he or she will choose before he or she
            announces those targets. The same target can’t be chosen multiple times for any one instance of
            the word “target” on the spell. However, if the spell uses the word “target” in multiple places,
            the same object, player, or zone can be chosen once for each instance of the word “target” (as
            long as it fits the targeting criteria). If any effects say that an object or player must be chosen as
            a target, the player chooses targets so that he or she obeys the maximum possible number of
            such effects without violating any rules or effects that say that an object or player can’t be
            chosen as a target. The chosen players, objects, and/or zones each become a target of that spell.
            (Any abilities that trigger when those players, objects, and/or zones become the target of a spell
            trigger at this point; they’ll wait to be put on the stack until the spell has finished being cast.)
            — Targeting

            601.2d If the spell requires the player to divide or distribute an effect (such as damage or counters)
            among one or more targets, the player announces the division. Each of these targets must
            receive at least one of whatever is being divided.
            — More targeting.

            601.2e The player determines the total cost of the spell. Usually this is just the mana cost. Some
            spells have additional or alternative costs. Some effects may increase or reduce the cost to pay,
            or may provide other alternative costs. Costs may include paying mana, tapping permanents,
            sacrificing permanents, discarding cards, and so on. The total cost is the mana cost or alternative
            cost (as determined in rule 601.2b), plus all additional costs and cost increases, and minus all
            cost reductions. If the mana component of the total cost is reduced to nothing by cost reduction
            effects, it is considered to be {0}. It can’t be reduced to less than {0}. Once the total cost is
            determined, any effects that directly affect the total cost are applied. Then the resulting total cost
            becomes “locked in.” If effects would change the total cost after this time, they have no effect.
            — at this point the cost is the overload cost because of 601.2b

            601.2f If the total cost includes a mana payment, the player then has a chance to activate mana
            abilities (see rule 605, “Mana Abilities”). Mana abilities must be activated before costs are paid.
            — Elite Arcanist says don’t worry about tapping I got ya

            601.2g The player pays the total cost in any order. Partial payments are not allowed. Unpayable
            costs can’t be paid.
            — Again because of Elite Arcanist there is no cost.

            601.2h Once the steps described in 601.2a–g are completed, the spell becomes cast. Any abilities
            that trigger when a spell is cast or put onto the stack trigger at this time. If the spell’s controller
            had priority before casting it, he or she gets priority.
            — And you’re done.

            These come from the comprehensive rulebook on the wizards of the coast website, I quote “They’re
            intended to be the ultimate authority for the game” Please read through them before you start trying to help answer peoples questions.

          • Zombie

            “You say you’re going to overload it, so its new mana cost is the overload cost”

            Still wrong. The Overload cost is not the spell’s mana cost.

          • albirich

            You are correct it’s the way Overload is worded. The way you said it in your first comment made it seem it like Elite Arcanist was stopping you from doing Overload all together so I didn’t read into the Overload rules. My bad man, my bad. But to be fair Zander still gets an Overloaded Blustersquall every turn for 3uu if he wants.

          • Zombie

            Actually, I didn’t word it like you could not Overload the spell at all. My first statement was merely clarifying that you can not copy the spell, and subsequently Overload the spell for free.

            Miscommunication from both parties I guess. No harm, no foul.

          • Zander1314

            Darn, oh well but the idea of this with blustersquall overload every turn would be a bit op

          • Zombie

            Exactly, which is why you’re forced to pay the Overload cost no matter what to trigger the ability. If you could use some for of Imprint or Imprint throwback to copy a free Overloaded Mizzium Mortars over and over again, the game would just break.

            How Overloaded is worded and intended to operate prevents this.

          • albirich

            Yeah and Wizards never overlooked something that broke the game before, which is why we have no ban lists lol.

          • Zombie

            It isn’t so much overlooking at not realizing the full potential of a card at the time of being released. The design teams for Magic sets don’t have the complete context of the environment when the cards aren’t being widely tested.

            Jace, the Mind Sculptor used to be just another Planeswalker, hanging around $30- $40, for example.

            Then people figured out he was really good.

            Then they figured out he was amazing.

            Then they figured out he was literally the best Planeswalker ever printed.

          • albirich

            The same could have been done with Overload, of course by now everyone and their mother would have realized casting it without paying its Overload cost is broken.

          • Anon8-something

            Actually, (referencing Panoptic Mirror), if you cast a spell without paying its CMC, you cannot pay any alternate costs such as Evoke, I don’t see how Overload isn’t an alternate cost. You CAN pay additional costs, like kicker. Also, a split card has 2 distinct mana costs, and (also referencing Panoptic Mirror) you can pay the CMC of either side to exile it, and when you cast the copy from exile you may cast either side. You can’t fuse, since fuse specifies cast from hand, but it actually does make split cards more versatile with ‘chron-scepter type cards.
            This from a kitchen table player you come across as quite derisive of. Let us have fun in our basements, plox. :P

          • Zombie

            When you copy the spell, you have the option to cast it without paying its mana cost. If you don’t, you pay for the copy of the spell, in which case you at that time pay the spell’s Overload cost.

            And isn’t playing Panoptic Mirror frowned upon by kitchen table tilters anyway?

          • anon8-something

            You never have the option to pay its mana cost. you can either cast it for free or you can not cast it.

          • Zombie

            That’s not how spell copying works.

            When you copy the spell, let’s say it has Overload, you can elect to cast it for its Overload cost while opting not to cast the spell without paying its mana cost, because you’ve already copied the spell.

            The copying of the spell and the casting of the spell are two completely separate parts of the ability. Not casting the card without paying its mana cost does not make the copy fizzle, because the two effects are not intrinsically reliant upon each other.

            You activate the ability, you copy the spell. You MAY cast the spell without paying its mana cost. The “MAY” wording is the key here.

          • D Roc21

            i agree with this. And this is why: if i did not tap elite arcanist and pay the cmc of the exiled instant card, could i instead cast the exiled instant with my own mana at any time i could cast an instant from my hand? I don’t think i can… because its exiled. the only way it can be cast from exile is by way of the elite arcanist’s effect. which i understand to be no other way except the one way specified. I read it like: “this copy of an exiled card(not spell) may be cast(move from exile to stack) if you elect to cast it without paying its cmc.”
            i understand that part of casting a card is being able to choose its alternative cost, but the copy never gets out of exile unless by means of the wizard’s ability, which is what you would announce. ONE OPTION “I am casting this card without paying its cmc.” I have never seen another card that allows you to cast a card that is exiled. I wonder what they say…
            And as far as Fizzling: If you pay for his ability and then do not move the copy from exile by the only means written on the card, then 706.10b happens:: “If a copy of a spell is in a zone other than the stack, it ceases to exist. IF A COPY OF A CARD IS IN ANY ZONE OTHER THAT THE STACK OR THE BATTLEFIELD, IT CEASES TO EXIST…”
            this being said, i still have a spell in mind that i want to use with him.

    • Silver

      A bit late.
      From gatherer: You can’t pay for alternate cost, as overlead

  • mexican

    Many people here have trouble reading it seems, it says INSTANT, most cards you mentioned are not instants

  • Chris Evans

    anyone notice its still a 4 drop 1/1 :(

  • Mr. Unicycle

    Time Stop + Seedborn Muse

  • Autonomachy

    Well… It looks cool.

  • Unreal855

    Sorry, but Overload doesn’t work with this — Looked up Cyclonic Rift errata (4/15/2013) If you are instructed to cast a spell with overload “without paying its mana cost,” you can’t choose to pay its overload cost instead… Pulled up errata from Isochron Scepter to clarify, since the two have almost identical wording. — (12/1/2004) You don’t pay the spell’s mana cost. If the spell has X in its mana cost, X is 0. You do pay any additional costs for that spell. You can’t use any alternative costs… Okay, Additional costs ‘OKAY’, i.e.: ‘Kicker’ keyword ability is the most common thing that comes to mind; Alternative costs i.e.: Snuff Out, Force of Will, ‘Overload’ keyword ability

    If this wasn’t the case you could use Cyclonic Rift on an Isochron Scepter and chose to ‘Overload’ every time, and it would be broken as shite. Also, it doesn’t make sense to choose to cast a spell w/o paying it mana cost AND paying it’s alternative cost at the same time… right? I mean the word ‘alternative’ becomes redundant if you could choose both to begin with

    Still though, Isochron Scepter, the Creature — Badass… Could be pretty fun with Hidden Strings and/or Illusionist’s Bracers in standard :)
    Definite EDH addition IMO

  • that guy

    exile lightning bolt
    start the clock

  • CodyGozRawr

    I choose fog, gg

    • CodyGozRawr

      Or silence

      • Chuckles

        Render silent is better get rid of a threat as well as silence