Elvish Mystic - M14 Spoiler

Elvish Mystic

  • Color: Green
  • Type: Creature - Druid, Elf
  • Rarity: Common
  • Set:

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Cost: Green Mana

Tap Symbol: Add Green Mana to your mana pool.


  • MtgCounterBalance


  • Clandestino.

    now, if my elfs have haste, my Noble Hierarch can tap to play my Findhorn Elves, then tap the Fyndhorn to play Llanowar elves, and use the Llanowars to play this. Then, i can burn myself.

  • what have they done to my llanowar ffs!!!!!
    why not a fcking reprint instead of making “new” cards?!?!?!?!?

    • Kilroy

      Llanowar is on Dominaria, not wherever this core set is based (R&D’s been setting their core sets on a singular plane lately). M13 was on Shandalar, and M14 could be anywhere (apparently not Dominaria, though). Also, by making “Elvish Mystics,” they can reprint them in any set located on any plane with elves without having to reflavor the card and make another elf druid with the same ability

  • mryomantoo

    wtf its lanowar elf why not say that?!?!?!?!?

    • Because now theres 12 T: Add G for a G Elves in existence

  • Kevin Lopez

    this is probably being printed to compensate for the new rulings on playing lands. ramp decks are gonna need all the llanowar elf-style creatures that they can get.

  • uargaroth

    12 Llanowar Elves is existence! Obscene!

  • i was expecting arbor elf again becase the shocklands, but there’s still a chance that we see both

  • Andy Dondes

    Why give me a reprint of Arbor Elf

  • Carlos Pimpão

    oh and look. nissa is the one speaking in the flavor text so i believe we might see a new nissa on this set :D YAY!

    • Tyrannödle Kung

      She was also quoted in M13, though… don’t hope for too much. But hey, there are a lot of new elves this year. Who knows?

      • Carlos Pimpão

        meh forget it we’ll get a new garruk. just look at the booster packs : /
        we’ll never have nissa back. probably in theros they’ll remember.