• Jacob Kodicovic

    Wow. Another in the long line of tools for the zombie deck.

    • ymmij X

      Well yea its a set about ancient egypt. Were you not expecting mummies out the wazoo

  • Edwin Marín Castro

    I thought this could give embalm to a creature, but it’s fine.

    • Zombie

      It says “Zombie” on it so I’m not entirely disappointed.

  • Marvin Sürig

    Wasn’t there this Zombie that gives you Zombies if you mill a creature from an opponents deck?

    • Joseph Ollivier

      Undead alchemist is what you are thinking of in blue.

    • Josiah

      You might be thinking of Waste Not.

  • Kahai


  • Robert FakeLastName

    un earth and enbalm are the only abilities affected? or are there other creatures that have individual gy activations with a mana cost?

    • E.

      A number of zombies like dread walker(? The new jackal zombie) and cards like sanitarium skeleton. Quite a few others have graveyard abilities too especially from SOI

    • Marvin Sürig

      The Golgarie abiltie with +1/+1 counter become cheaper to and there is a skeleton which can be returned to the battlefield for 1B tapped which can be returned for {B} then.
      Some Zombies from Innestrad had discard cards and pay mana to return them to the field abilities, too Plus there are some pretty overcosted pheonix cards and other similar selfreanimators arround.
      An Incarnation called Glory can give protection for 2W while in the graveyard.
      And The Soul of Cycle from M15 can be exiled for 1 mana less.
      But would become mostly used in Varolz, the Scar-Striped & Sedris, the Traitor King Commander or Embalm Decks.

    • Brams

      Don’t forget about scrapheap scrounger. But mostly just for embalm abilities would be my guess.

    • Polis_Ohio

      In Standard: (Among what was mentioned) Stitchwing Skaab, Advanced Stitchwing, Haunted Dead, and the cycle of create creature token cards when in graveyard from Shadows of Innistrad

  • Trevor


  • CMK


  • Kezvin


  • Ryū

    For those situations where Undead Alchemist and the horde don’t feel like swinging. Then again, Altar of Dementia is a thing. I’ll just use both.

    • Ryū

      Also Temmet deck.

  • KrakenHunter

    Throne of the God-Pharaoh ?

  • Mad Berd

    I’m already trying to think up an overly complicated way to make a milling engine.

    • Robby

      Undead Alchemist.

    • Edward

      Sidisi, Altar Of The Brood, Undead Alchemist, Altar OF Dementia, and this will get you a lot of zombies and it is complicated

  • Maui Amaru

    Does it work with gisa & geralf?

    • Sebastian Fuchs

      sadly not (atleast the first part…) the ability to cast them from the graveyard cames from gis/gera and not from the zombies.


        yes… “Cast a card from Graveyard” is another Thing…

        A card like “Activated Effects who target cards in graveyard cost 1 less”
        If you cast a card from graveyard it cost (1) less

        • Maui Amaru

          What about relentless dead?

          • Jake Miller

            no, because it’s a triggered and not activated ability.. good question though..

  • Blahblahblahbla

    This might be a serious card in limited. I’m definitely going to proactively draft this in zombie decks. Historically, go wide decks on the ground like the zombie decks create board stalls. With this you can turn a board stall into an inevitable win.


    More Mill tools for zombie tribal?

    They like to eating BRAAAAINS

  • MrAptronym

    Should be great with Sedris. I love that they leave cards open enough to work across blocks like this.