• Happy The Cat

    who is taking these pictures? ffs learn how to camera.
    at one it would be way to broken so that wont happen, at two it would be good red card so that cant happen

    • Hedronal

      A swiftspear-ish wolf would be interesting, in a way that I would prefer to not have. My bets for this card’s cost are primary 2R, secondary 1R.

      • Happy The Cat

        I feel RR for this, which would make it almost unplayable(well unplayable when it would be good) unless you are mono red. I’m defanatly going to be testing mono red after khans rotates but personally I want my beatdown deck to be RG or RB

  • Derek Niles

    7 mana, easy

  • Melissa Juice

    Two, probably.

    Wouldn’t it be wild if it was one mana, and became an aggro staple?

    • wwww

      I wouldn’t be that much suprised. Swiftspear exists (1/2 haste for 1 with an upside), so there a (tiny since it’s a common) chance it’s a one CMC card.

      • Happy The Cat

        swiftspear at least needs spells to demolish you after turn 1, this would be deal more damage without needing you to lose spells. plus this is a common, if they printed this as an uncommon it could have been one mana and would have made modern howlpack zoo a thing with Mayor of Avabruck and the old Innistrad lords

      • Jay

        Swiftspear is an uncommon, though. I do not think this card is very healthy for a limited environment if they’d print it at 1 mana and common.

  • Han Solo II

    10.000.000 mana only castable with some sort of conversion and mox lotus

    • Happy The Cat

      and it has text next to the cost that says player lose 20 life when they cast this card

  • MrAptronym

    Lets play the common lotto. Astounding at R. Decent at 1R. Bad at 2R.

    • Happy The Cat

      to bad it’s red so it cant be a good common.
      my money is on 2 cmc. might be RR but that would knock it out of the old innistrad gruul tribal aggro which tended to be pretty even or favored green.

  • Gord

    Probably 2R since then you could pay 3RR for a 3/2 haste, which would be consistent with what we usually see. Being 1RR for a 3/2 haste would be highly unlikely.

  • Jay

    The fact that it has no form of evasion and pumping actually demands coloured mana makes me unexcited to draft the card.

    • Happy The Cat

      that’s why we are all hoping it will be less than 2r so red aggro can get the card. drafting weenie is not that fun so we hope this will get some value outside of limited therefore making the two we get stuck with okay because we’ll just play them elsewhere.

    • Mr.Mayhem631

      What planet are you on where this pump ability is bad?
      It’s more or less better than firebreathing, and that’s a great ability.

      • Jay

        You can fire-breathe according to how much mana you need for the rest of your turn. If you’re at 5 land and want to cast a 5-drop, you can fire-breathe for 1. You can fire-breathe according to your mana. This greatly restricts you on what you can do with it. This is not a very exciting card. I’m not saying I have to puke if this is part of my 40, but I’m definitely not fist-bumping anyone for it.

  • Patrick

    Similar card from original Inistrad, Feral Ridgewolf was 2R

  • Murilo Mazza

    even if it’s 1 CMC, it’s not as good as Monastery Swiftspear, in most of the cases. Even if it’s R, it is a slow creature to Modern. My guess is that it is R, and it might replace the power Monastery Swiftspear has in Standard. If it is CMC = 2, this wouldn’t see gameplay in competitive. What makes me wonder is that it is a common card…