• MTG fan

    Nice Card.

  • Kevan Kramer

    No horns in front of the sun? I can’t believe this card is set on Amonkhet at all.

    • Adam Gillies

      If there were horns the sand wouldn’t be endless my friend

    • Hedronal

      The horns are part of a warped-image enchantment applied to inside the Hekma only.

      • Kevan Kramer

        Seems like you missed the joke.

        • Hedronal

          Deliberately ignored for the sake of showing off specific lore knowledge, actually.

  • Gregory Walter

    NAAAAA–nts ingonyama bagithi baba~!! ♪ ♫

  • Shagoth

    I think for my desert deck, I’m going to put lands in certain spell slots and I’m probably going to get something like 30 lands in the deck. Legacy lands is coming to standard! Shame this can work for a set because Gitrog will rotate.

    • Edward

      Yes but at least Ramanup Excavator is a thing now so you can replay your lands over and over again. Maybe Ixalan will come with some good land support too and with Hour of Promise the deck could be good

      • Shagoth

        Ramanup Excavator is what inspired me to think Deserts even had a glimmer of a chance.

    • DJ Pad

      How are you planning on surviving/winning when all you’re doing is playing lands?

      • Shagoth

        Play the myriad desert matters cards for the other half of the deck. Some deserts are creatures, too. This is going to be a bad deck, though.

  • DJ Pad

    Meh, Safe Haven already exists. I guess this taps for mana which is nice, but costs 4 to crack it.

    Not sure what deck wants to run this. Can save creatures from removal if you have a lot of mana, but how often is that going to happen to offset playing with a colorless land.

    • Gord

      This is really good in decks that steal opponents creatures. Mostly EDH decks – my Yasov Dragonclaw deck has been dying for more safe haven cards.

      • DJ Pad

        Right, but super niche when your value is restricted to a 1-of in a couple of EDH decks.

        • Gord

          It recursive which is important – I still prefer feed the pack type effects that give you something and the cost of 2 is a bit much (compare to High Market) but better than nothing since it is a land that taps for mana too. It’s not the best card I’ve ever seen or anything but will make the 100 in any deck that uses Threaten type effects. More than one commander does that – calling it niche is like saying Voltron is niche since only a few decks are interested in doing that particular thing.

          • DJ Pad

            Yasova, Rubinia, Skyfire Kirin (lol) and MAYBE Dragonlord Silumgar are the only commanders who would want this card as far as I can tell. That’s pretty niche compared the volume of Voltron commanders out there.

          • Gord

            I’d argue that there really aren’t that many more voltron commanders that see play (even though I will quickly admit that they tend to be better and see more play). I’m also not saying it’s a great card, just that it has a low cost to play for an ability that is more useful than it might appear at first glance. It could also be used late game to retrigger a group of ETB effects at once if your deck has any interest it that sort of thing.

      • jaya

        I would even argue zirilian wants this more than yasov, but your right.

        • Gord

          Zirilian would be another commander that can make use of this.

  • Nyos

    Would it have been too powerful to have replaced that second ability with something like, “When ~ is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, return…”? Would’ve had great synergy with the uncommon desert cycle. But I guess Gitrog is still a thing in standard, so…

    • jaya

      It would combo with obliterate, jokulmatus and the like. So yeah prob too broken, at least in edh.

    • TogetherAlone

      maybe but would it have been too powerful to just make it cost 5-6 and you can do it without tapping it.

  • Random Guy

    3 mana: exile a creature you stole. That’s alright, don’t know if it’s better than the alternatives for any deck.

  • K

    I have a kari zev steal deck where i use a lot of wrangle and kari zev expertise. I can steal creatures and mostly then use altars reap, but with this card i always have an answer for the stolen creature

    • Alexandre Donnart

      Yep, these cards are cheap enough to use the land in the same turn. It’s a sweet idea, I think I’ll try a build later.

  • jaya

    EDH wise, Not good enought, Safe Haven alrdy exists and barely sees play in EDH anyways, aside from zirilian, which is prob the only commander wants this too.
    In standard or modern i dont even see a use for this.

    • Hedronal

      Safe Haven loses you the exiled things if it’s popped by someone outside your upkeep. This gives you a chance at popping it yourself in response.

    • Adam Malekhedayat

      Also, Safe Haven doesn’t tap for mana, which is a pretty big deal. This tapping for colorless makes the cost of running it WAY less, i could definitely see it in almost ANY creature-based deck that can afford colorless lands. Especially if you can play lands from your graveyard.

  • TogetherAlone

    The one big thing this has over safe Haven is that you can use the Sac ability at instant speed instead of being forced to use it on upkeep.

  • Delipha

    Ooooooh,I’m gonna use that for my Zirilian deck as an additional safe for my dragons!

  • Zombie

    Wow that’s pretty darn awful. Best case scenario you save a creature from a removal spell – worst case, you exile your own creature and then someone just blows up Endless Sands and you have to put on the Dunce Cap.

    • Jalais

      I’m assuming your talking from a non-standard perspective?

      • Zombie

        I keep forgetting that Wizards put training wheels on Standard and doesn’t allow land removal to be good/exist anymore.

    • darkgod656

      Endless scourge combos with this. You can cast it from the exile zone so that he dodges field nukes like damnation.

  • Dave

    Would love to see this in foil

  • xxxx

    Sweeeet!!! That is what I was waiting for. I needed another “sac” outlet land for my Hazezon Tamar desert theme Edh deck. Now I can get rid of my last proxy (diamond valley). It even has the desert sub type sooo cool. + the artwork with the dude standing on top of that dune. Epic. With this, crucible snek, Shefet Dunes and the desert that exiles graveyards my favorit deck gets so many nice new on theme toys.
    Cool set. Great job wotc!

    • Bostorket

      I usually just send him to a High Market or City of Shadows, but this works good too.

      • xxxx

        I use High Market and a Diamod Vally proxy atm as land sac outlets. City of Shadows and Miren the Moaning Well have too less sweet desert flavor for my deck :D

        Strangest play I ever made:
        1. play Hazezon for the X time…
        2. Sac Hazezon to High Market. Sand warriors come in. Get doubled by Parallel Lives. Anger in graveyard. Attack. Pump the team with Army of Allah. Sac the blocked Sand Warriors to Goblin Bombardement and after dmg sac the rest.

        The Army of Allah a bunch of angry Sand Warriors attacked everyone and then exploded in a huge bombardment winning me the game. The faces of the other players as they realized what had happend … xD

        • Bostorket

          My favorite play was an early kill without Hazezon or any doublings:

          1. Opponent tapped out, no blockers. Play Secure the Wastes for 5.

          2. Untap, Triumph of the Hordes, win.

          Evil, but in such a good way.

          Also lots of fun with Mycoloths pumping out 24+ saprolings with Parallel Lives or Anointed Procession (double your doubles!), getting my Sand Warriors out, Crop Rotating for Gaea’s Cradle, then Tooth and Nailing for a Craterhoof and a Flame-Kin Zealot.

          It’s a lot of fun, I’m so glad I got him 12-ish years ago on a whim.

          • Lord Gonti Of The Orzov Networ

            My best play was
            1. Opponents swing with all (enough damage to kill me), had one drowner of hope (With tokens) and one 9th bridge patrol.
            2. Blocked with all except 9th bridge patrol
            3. blinked Drowner, then paradoxal outcome
            4. By then 9th already had 21 counters, swung at opponent, won