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  • Color: Green
  • Type: Sorcery
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Set:

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Target creature gets +7/+7 and gains trample until end of turn. It must be blocked this turn if able.

  • yegs

    Revenge of the kitten

  • Best art of the set

  • Graymalkin86

    So goddamn adorable. I need this in foil, even if I’d never play it outside of limited.

  • DJdij

    I can haz merfolk?

  • FFKronos

    I love how it’s not a lion, panther, etc. and is just an awesome, gigantic housecat. I need 400.

  • pete

    LOL, theres no way THATS the artwork

  • unarrangedchicken


  • br3ed

    no way thats real artwork.

  • Timbob

    Why is the flavor text not ‘Meow’.

  • Edward Riley

    What’s the best tuna? Merfolk of the sea!

  • fjdv

    it seems to be artwork legit. but i got to wander. why merfolk? cmn xD its my tribal deck!

  • mtgplayer

    *clear throat* FUQ YOO KITTEN