• Bruiser Moore

    Mythic, really WOTC?

    “Hey guys, we’re gonna print a bunch of the Legacy and Modern cards that are crazy high in value right now, but at Mythic in a limited, premium set, because that makes the most sense.” :/

    • bentheechidna

      It makes perfect sense. It means people are less likely to pull them and thus people are going to buy more packs to get them.

      Basically, putting money cards at Mythic sells more packs.

      • ShannoSauro


    • DJ Pad

      This card is stupid in limited. Had to be mythic.

      • Bruiser Moore

        I’m sure there’s going to be plenty of artifact hate at common, disenchant and grudge are pretty much a given I’d imagine. Would’ve been fine at rare, maybe one person per eight man draft would have one, not a big deal, just sideboard for it.

        • DJ Pad

          Cool, so unless you draw your 1 or 2 of sideboard card (if you have one), you can’t do anything.

          • Bruiser Moore

            How is that different than most other busted rare creatures or artifacts in draft? You have to find removal for all threats once they hit the board, they’re called bombs for a reason lol.

          • DJ Pad

            Because other bombs don’t prevent you from playing the game.

  • Mean ol’ Kookus

    Gerrard is back! I hated him then but I miss him now :’-)

  • ShannoSauro

    “NICE ENSNARING BRIDGE!! FINALLY A GOOD RARE FOR A 160$ BOX… sweet new art, tho!.. oh.. wait.. is mythic..” *facepalm*

  • NC

    Looks like a pretty handy card.

  • Henry FS Evans

    Weird cg art. It looks like children’s television show about a magical molesting bridge made in the 90’s.

  • TezzeretofCarmot21

    Lantern Control’s price just went down a (fraction of a) bit! Poor Modern players everywhere are mildly interested!

  • sansmyhands

    So we’ve got Bridge, Chalice and Moon all in the same set. Geez, they gonna throw Top and Counterbalance in there for good measure?

  • Blahblahblahbla

    Good luck beating this card in limited if you’re not playing g or w! Bomb in limited..