• Zombie

    A foil version of Entreat that won’t be $40+ ? Maybe now people will actually be able to afford it instead of just playing Decree of Justice in EDH instead.

    • Exyrea

      I’m betting this version will rest int he mid $20’s for a while

      • Zombie

        Which is fantastic, considering that’s effectively a 50% discount for an attractive foil process. I think the FTV foiling is going to be exceptional with Entreat’s art. It will probably make the colors pop really well.

        Plus many people like having that silver dot on the card. It makes it feel a little more “premium”, which is why people like Ultra Pro sleeves so much.

        You think people buy Ultra Pro for quality? Nope. It’s the art and the silver dots. That’s it.

    • Happy The Cat

      heck better bring white hate for a couple weeks with a spec baneslayer iona both akromas and all these other beat sticks being printed

      • Zombie

        Bring White hate?

        I AM THE WHITE.


  • Kameenook

    Not an angel. Makes angel tokens. Not an angel.

    • Zombie

      Just be happy it wasn’t Decree of Justice.

  • Happy The Cat

    reason #6 I love temple bell

  • Derek Niles

    Oh thank god its not Decree of Justice