Ephara’s Radiance - Born of the Gods Spoiler

Ephara’s Radiance

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Enchant creature

Enchanted creature has “1 ManaWhite Mana, Tap Symbol: You gain 3 life.”

“Civilization is the sum of Ephara’s gifts.”
—Olexa of the Twelve

  • Derek

    Not bad…one of those things people don’t think to deal about until you already have 40 life.

  • me

    Maybe newb question does this work on an opponents creature to lock them down and gain you life?

    • Ruger

      No. Because the enchanted creature gains the ability, the controller of that creature has the right to activate it. If it read “Tap enchanted creature:” then the ability would be on a permanent you control, and you could tap an opponent’s creature.

  • Ben Ehren

    i think this is actually going to be a great card. why? inspired. its major thing is that it happens when you untap, but what if its on a thing too small to safely attack with. heal some life, gain some inspired.

  • maguu

    Works well on Pain Seer.