• TogetherAlone

    Well thats definitely an interesting take on fact or fiction/steam augury. Not sure what to think on this one. Seems not terrible at least, at 3 mana its basically a jace Architect of Thought, which was a good card in standard, mind you you could do it multiple times.

  • Ryū

    I like the “plus one” addition. Makes even X for 1 effective.

    • Koover_rob

      Even 0 makes this a “Mini-Thought-Scour” :D

      Edit: Never mind, I misread it somehow :)

      • Zombie

        X for 0 makes this card read “Put the top card of your library into your graveyard” for U.

        That’s kinda…not good.

        • oaomcg

          X=0 reads “reveal the top card of your library and put it into your hand”

          • Zombie

            No, it doesn’t. X is just how many cards are revealed for you to separate into piles.

            Piles can have zero cards in them.

            So if you reveal 1 card, you’re forced to create a pile with 1 card and zero cards.

            According to rule 700.3d of the Comprehensive Rules, as of OGW: A pile can contain zero or more objects.

            This means that your opponent can select the pile with Zero cards to be put into your hand, and the one card will be put into your graveyard.


        • Hedronal

          Some part of me wants to try to salvage that and use the self mill as an advantage. I keep having to remember how much easier that is in better ways.

    • TogetherAlone

      Except for the part where you opponent just throws it in the grave. I mean unless you want to do that which is a seperate thing.

      • Mr.Mayhem631

        x for one, not 0.

      • Ryū

        I meant that just paying 1 mana into X lets you hit 2 cards.

        • TogetherAlone

          Correct, i read it as only one mana for some reason.

  • MaNU_ZID

    If you cast it for X=0, do you have to cut the card revealed in half?

    • yolksoup

      I guess so

      But no, the card will go to only one side and while the other pile is empty, it’s gonna end up in your graveyard due to your opponent being mean unless they are nice and the one card goes to your hand

  • Brian Schmidt

    Can anyone who keeps up with the lore know what exactly that is? It’s almost like Nissa’s Revelation’s art but with Jace and on Innistrad.

    EDIT: Perhaps more like Animist’s Awakening

    • De’Elgathor

      We haven’t been told what it is yet, but I think the name for each one of those structures is “cryptoliths”. It might have to do with nahiri, it might have to do with the moon cult, it might have to do with both.

      EDIT: I can’t spell

  • Mr.Mayhem631

    It looks like he’s surreptitiously watching some sort of cult ceremony or an eldritch portal.
    Also he’s talking to himself.

  • Ultramegalord

    I’m happy it’s an instant, but I prefer my opponent to make the piles though…..

  • Happy The Cat

    oh hey a bad fact or fiction that I can blow all my mana on to only get the weaker half of all my cards!

    • Lord_of_Riots

      If this had been fact or fiction rather than steam augury, I would have been down. As is it’s just unplayable

  • Colin

    this is extremely good because you can cast it end of turn after holding up counter magic and then get card advantage, and it is a fun card that says “plus one cards” on it

  • Nebulium

    I’m sure they didn’t make it fact or fiction style because that is too powerful. Also this design supports the set more. Since you make the pile, you can use it to help delirium trigger much more easily.

  • Andres Avila

    I love the flavor text

  • Blahblahblahbla

    Sweet baby jesus. EDH staple for real..

  • Dominic Ng

    If the format is slow enough this is definitely seeing play in control (why is it not gaining life?)

  • Matt Winters


  • MrAptronym

    Aww, I was really hoping it would work like fact or fiction. This style is never as fun. Still it is instant and if you can use the graveyard anyway, or have a deck with a lot of threats, it is nice.

  • kmk888

    “Is this what you found, Tamiyo? Another unplayable imitation of Fact or Fiction?”

  • Vizzerdrix

    EOYTEATDIW?, very costly fact or fiction might be playable

    • Mr.Mayhem631


    • Jazzyboy1

      I demand to know what EOYTEATDIW means!

      … Do you come in peace?

      Also, yeah, this is just a scalable Fact or Fiction. Amazing for Mizzix EDH, as she can make it more cost effective than Fact or Fiction eventually.

      • Vizzerdrix

        There was a saying eotfofiw which is end of your turn fact or fiction I win, bc the card was strong and most of the time gave the cards to win, this card is very similar to fact or fiction so I posted the eoytfofiw only as ephinany in the drownyard

  • Abyssus

    I think this would be better suited for a midrange shell where getting proactive hits off of it will benefit you either way.

  • Deadly Berry

    I guess we can all agree that Tamiyo is dead. Sad day.

    • eidorian1212

      Nope, the full art of anguished unmaking shows her and Jace watching as Sorin kills Avacyn

      • Deadly Berry

        You’re right, I didn’t expect the image to have more than what it was visible. I guess we can all agree that Tamiyo is alive. Happy day.

        • MrAptronym

          We can all agree Tamiyo was alive when they saw Sorin. Who knows when this happened relative to that.

    • Gatsby

      There is quite literally 0 evidence of that, anywhere. Your deductive reasoning is extremely scattered.

  • Kameenook

    Wait a minute, did we just get almost fact or fiction with upside ?

    • MrAptronym

      Not quite. We got almost Steam Augury with a variable.

  • wiseguy

    Can someone helps me understand why this is worse than FoF besides you get less cards (3U for 5 cards off the top with FoF vs 4 for [email protected])?

    I get that opponent chooses what goes into your hand and usually you don’t want your opponent to choose anything for you. But just like FoF, they don’t know what you have in your hand and thus which pile will help you the least, and with any GY recursion the cards you “lose” could very well be part of your hand too. After all gifts ungiven is so broken because of a similar result of cards that end up in your GY actually end up as basically part of your hand in the right deck that can access the GY very easily right?
    Yes yes I’m comparing tutoring with GU to scrying with [email protected] But still, my first thought is that while FoF is still generally better, I see this as a card worthy of being played alongside it or as a suitable replacement should you not have a FoF.

    Kinda like cryptic command and mystic confluence. The former definitely better overall, but mystic has that extra flexibility just like this X spell does to be run alongside it for basically an extra effect, or in place of cryptic (if one could not afford CC) ,

    • wujo444

      Opponent chooses which pile you get. FoF makes you choose, and you will always take better pile. If it’s your opponent, he might not know your hand, but he knows board and his hand, and it usually is clear when you want removal, counter, draw or threat. Steam Augury is basically the same card, reversed FoF, and it did not see any play, because you miss too often.

      Comparing to Gifts is wrong, cause it’s 4 cards tutor and with pool of cards in something like modern, you can make sure you get the card/effect you need. Counter? Sure, i take Leak, Remand, Negate ans Snapcaster. Removal? I tutor for Path, Doom Blade, EWitness, Slaughter Pact. Choose your path, it will always lead where I want.