• Nebulium

    Aren’t you a cute little floating sleeping bag wrapped in chains? I’m gonna call you Inspector Rattles.

  • Nolly

    This is absolutely adorable and completely playable in clue decks.
    Even though you still need to pay mana for your clues you actually get a lot more card advantage.
    And having playtested against clues, you’d be surprised how often you have free mana.

  • Samuel

    favorite investigation suppport adorable/10 design

  • Gregorio Stevenson

    Sweet on many levels.

  • Hedronal

    WotC really wants investigate to work. I think it will.

    • Velvet Wurm

      This is the only investigate card that I think is makes the whole thing viable. But even if you have a four of of this, it won’t be consistent enough as a deck.