• Rovkir Hexus

    Judging by the monuments, this is is going to be in most control decks.

  • Together Alone

    Thank god, wizards is printer answers!!! Hopefully more come and it can kill the aggro menace that is vehicles.

    • Chris Gonzalez

      Vehicle isn’t full aggro anymore not since more walker and ballista has been added to the deck

  • Kumrag

    seems like a strong creature focus in this set so far (typical of modern magic anyways). probably a 4 of auto include

    • tsokanos filippos

      Horribly Awry is still around and noone plays it.It cant counter the Gearhulks,but it does counter-exiles everything else playable at the moment.

  • MTG fan

    This plus negate is nuts in standard!!

  • prplprince

    This foil will look gorgeous. I need one for my cube asap