• NobleGhost117

    I really like these “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t” cards. Your opponent is screwed either way.

    • Aurore

      Depends. I’d double block this guy early if I had to, and not mind the life loss. Late game he can be a bigger threat, but unless it’ll kill me losing two life and killing your guy is better than losing one life and letting you draw into a bomb.

  • Kitnz

    That’s a lot of value on a 3-drop uncommon. This will see tons of Limited play.

  • ymmij X

    i kinda wish this was a 0/3

  • Grant Jacobson

    cards like these are where giving your opponent the choice is okay

  • Hedronal

    This card sums up what players have been saying since we knew Bolas’s plan was the Eternals. What’s next? Planar portal? Wearing them like jewelry so he can bring them with him? Lazotep makes planar travel easier? One of the suns explodes into a gateway to another realm?

    • Caleb Martin

      Well, since the planar bridge only allows non-living material, maybe this is like a reverse terminator, and the Lazotep does help with that

      • Tezzybros

        Hmmm… that may be true…

      • Hedronal

        Could be, for all we know. I’m thinking it’s not so related to Rashmi’s planar bridge specifics, as that was made a few decades after Bolas’s plan was already in place.

        • Caleb Martin

          That could just be a happy coincidence, but I definitely think it will factor in. However, without a bridge, what would he do with the Eternals? They’re not just going to muck around on the plane, so there must be some way of moving them off Amonkhet

          • Hedronal

            Or failing that, some way to get power from them that Bolas could use.

  • victorseth

    1 damage + 1 draw or 2 damage.

    oh, i’m using this.

  • Euronightmare

    That flavor text ;-)

    • Guezt

      To fight Phyrexians?

      • Demiurgo

        Wasn’t using phyrexia in his favor one of his plans?

        • Jacob Kodicovic

          He was more threatened than anything. He sent Tezzeret to stop them from uniting under one leader.

  • Jacob Kodicovic

    Hey, it’s a Shakespearean actor!

    • Marvin Sürig

      You! Because of you we need a altered artwork of this card. And I mean one where it holds a Shakespear served head in it’s hand!

  • Time Elemental

    Are they perhaps called “eternals” because they’re resilient enough to survive a trip through the blind eternities, and thus can act as an invasion force that Bolas can take from plane to plane?

    (just a random thought, probably not true in the slightest)

    • Caleb Martin

      That could be what the Lazotep is for; so the can pass through the planar bridge since it only takes non-organic matter

      • DarthinvaderIX

        A dead thing inside super metal seems like a terminator to me

  • Chaospyke

    This is a hell of an uncommon.

    Limited bomb for sure, Easily constucted playable.