Eternal Scourge - Eldritch Moon Spoiler

Eternal Scourge

  • Color: Colorless
  • Type: Creature - Eldrazi, Horror
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Set:

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You may cast Eternal Scourge from exile.

When Eternal Scourge becomes the target of a spell or ability an opponent controls, exile it.

  • Ultramegalord

    Lol sweet

    • Ultramegalord

      Breaking the card, have this in play/ hand/ graveyard , cast worldfire then float 3 mana ,resolve world fire cast this from exile and pass the turn ;-)

  • Rœkja

    I think I’m in love. That illusion clause is rough, but I’m sure I’ll find some use for it.

  • MrAptronym

    Ugh no, no, no. No more cards coming back from exile please. >.< Why even have exile if we're just going to start treating it like the graveyard?

    • Nanya

      We need a card that sends exiled cards into the “Really removed from game” pile.

      • Trevor Terry

        There was something like this IIRC, it was in one of the Unglued/Unhinged sets.

        • Nanya

          I know, my ex-roommate mentioned it a few times.

          It’s a hilarious card that sounds awesome.

      • EJ

        When a card is sent to the “really removed from the game” zone, you rip it into a million pieces and then force the opponent to eat the pieces.

    • Kahai

      Processors aside, there was like two cards that actually bring stuff back. (Pull from Eternity and Riftsweeper for sure)

      Just thing, Avacyn Restored could have had a Keyword that made cards start the game removed from the game. :P

      • MrAptronym

        There are those two cards, also Coax from the Blind Eternities can bring back from exile. Misthollow Griffin and Torrent Elemental bring themselves back and now this. Its a growing trend, it is unecessary and could cause issues for the game. Magic is better when there is a place you can trust that things can be left alone. At this rate we will need to put Unhinged “absolutely-removed-from-the-freaking-game-forever zone”.

        We don’t know what the wording for forbidden would have been, but I am going to guess the cards would have started in the Command zone (like Conspiracies, commanders and other assorted cards that start the game out) and not exile. Even then, if a card is being returned from exile by the effect that put it there, its no problem. My issue is with cards that can return regardless of how they got there.

        • Kahai

          Don’t worry. MaRo hates them. With a passion. I doubt they will actually get very far. We have five or six cards in 6 or 7 years. Not a trend.

          • MrAptronym

            MaRo isn’t lord of R&D though. he publicly stated that he disapproved of the last two they printed even before the sets were released but he couldn’t stop them. Whether or not you think it is a trend, there are two in THIS SET. (hopefully no more)

            Frankly I think there should be zero and ever new one is a loss. It was maybe cute as a one-off on a bad card like Pull from Eternity, but now we have half a dozen and they have been getting printed more frequently of late. The newer ones don’t just go to graveyard or library either, you can cast from exile or return from exile.

          • Kahai

            Honestly i wouldn’t worry about it.

            This Block was developed with a couple new developers, and I think that’s where this kind of thing is coming from.

            You’re right though, he isn’t lord and ruler of development of card sets of MTG, but he does put forth huge sway and you can see it in this like Red getting new stuff (even if it isn’t good stuff).

          • MrAptronym

            I am worrying about it. I consider it one of the larger issues in magic design right now. If the newer designers don’t share my (and MaRo’s) concerns over exile-tampering then that is even more an issue for the game’s future. MaRo has broad control over direction, but he doesn’t get to see every card design, and he can’t veto everything either. With the new 2 block paradigm he is kind of working half shift on every set and could possibly miss more.

            The fact that players get excited over these cards could also lead to more in the future, so I think its important for me, as someone who feels the opposite, to express my concern. Its one thing to dislike a card, I dislike plenty of cards, but I genuinely think this card is bad for the game of magic.

      • oaomcg

        Torrent Elemental

        • Kahai

          Brings itself back. There are three cards that can bring themselves back from exile, Marshmallow Griffin, Torrent Elemental, and this. The cards i mentioned bring anything face up back. Pretty different abilities.

  • Chromasticore

    This card is sick!

  • Scott Everett

    Food chain combo that is cheaper. Also it is invulnerable to opponent disruption of the combo

  • Melissa Juice

    Yesssss. Exile jumping is very eldrazi.

    • Kahai

      There was a keyword that was replaced by Miracle during Avacyn Restored development, it was called Forbidden. It said that the card with Forbidden had to start outside of the game. Really wish they had used that keyword here.

      • Melissa Juice

        Oh, wow. That’s pretty interesting. I wonder if/when that will pop up again?

        • Kahai

          I was hoping this second set. It would have been pretty cool of a mechanic for Our Lady Emrakul. :3

          Mark Rosewater still likes the mechanic, so there is hope. Maybe in a set that has some hidden or forbidden stuff in the theme! :D

          • Sarke

            Emrakul? I’mrakul!

  • Jay Kilian

    It’s still just a 3/3. You have to pay to get it back, if it dies to combat damage or your own spell it goes to the yard with no recursion. It’s decent but nothing amazing.

    • Ben

      Norin, is that you?!?

  • Garrison Tran

    nice, opponent will be wasting cards to get rid of it and you just bring it back

  • kmk888

    Food chain. Also keep your eyes peeled for a fatty edrazi with emerge that exiles cards from the graveyard.

  • Bige Boiy

    i love cards with dupsides
    very good with void effects, OG innistrad scaabs, delve, etc.
    also food chain but that’s boring

  • Julna Buras

    I’m getting a distinctly Norin the Wary vibe from this.

  • Murilo Mazza

    Abbot of Keral Keep likes this

  • Jaya

    This card is stupid broken if you got eye of ugin

    • Vizzerdrix

      Ive been saying it a LOT with some of the cards being spoiled but thank god eye got banned when it did, granted havent seen any super abuseable emerge cards but they would have been super easy to get out turn 2-3 with temples and eyes

  • Zombie

    Food Chain in Legacy is definitely going to pick this up.

    It’s not only cheaper than Misthollow Griffin, it’s a far more resilient combo-piece for the deck, considering your opponent can’t use spot removal to take it out of exile like they can with Misthollow.

    This makes Food Chain decks that much more efficient in activating their infinite mana combo. This is a great card for them.

    • kmk888

      They may play both. However one advantage of Misthollow Griffin is that you can pitch it to Force of Will.

  • Jonathan Reynolds

    I’m having trouble deciding if this is something I want to run in my UG Ezuri, Claw of Progress EDH deck. I’m already running Food Chain, so it makes for a nice two card, semi-fetchable infinite colored mana combo. But because it’s 3 power, it’s a weak card in a bubble.


    • Hedronal

      3 power is the matter.

    • EddieDeanofIgnorance

      If it was a 3 power creature for 5 or more mana, it’d be a weak card. It isn’t a 3 power creature for 5 or more mana. It’s a 3 power creature for 3 mana that, for the prepared player running it, is hard to keep dead. This is not a weak card. Is it a spectacularly strong card? No. But it’s not a weak card.

  • Vizzerdrix

    litterally dies to everything. this looks like fun though, my friend plays norin sisters and while this prob wouldnt make it in his list its a slightlly similiar effect to Norin the wary, more mana and no combat triggers

    • wwww

      Dies to everthing, but at least, you can get it back easily too. Better than nothing.

      • Vizzerdrix

        Wasn’t a complaint it has combo potential but a format like modern players look at creatures that can get around removal mainly lightning bolt, abrupt decay etc and they all kill this yet it might get played if it can find a home

        • Andy Upton

          it’s more of an effect like that ancient djinn card. it basically is a waste of removal. if anyone tries to get rid of it, save by non-targeting spells, it will just hide and you play it again. no one wants to try to remove it either because it is a waste to bolt this just for it to come back a turn later, or even the same turn if you have the mana. where this shines is skaab ruinator fodder, exile it from your yard alongside misthollow griffin or torrent elemental and have no guilt. also really shines in food chain a decent legacy deck.

  • Deadly Berry

    Too bad it won’t get exiled if it dies, I guess you can still exile it from graveyard somehow.

    • Sarke

      plenty of exilers out there like beckon apparition.

  • xSiNx SHADOW

    needs haste

  • Dan Langevin


  • Ants Johnson

    Wait a sec, is this a corrupted Wicker Witch?

  • AkaAkuma

    So in any game, i could randomly tap 3 for a Eternal Scourge because i pull it out of exile… I hate this mechanic.

    • MrAptronym

      Any game where you have one in your deck that has been exiled, yes. I also hate this card.

  • Guardian

    I wish they gave this haste or just lowered its converted mana cost by 1.

  • Rob Pattison

    running this with corpseweft wouldn’t be a bad idea for whenever it hits the graveyard from combat or board wipes