• Han Solo II

    l o l

  • Arcus Diabolus

    Yus! This is fantastic! The exact late game bait punish card my deck needs! I just need to give it flash and we’re in business!

  • Aurore

    Hello, good EDH card.

    • wisdomseyes


      • Matt86

        For everybody whose playgroup is staying away from infinite combos or lockdown decks, you know, trying to win the game in a fun way, it is.

        • wisdomseyes

          It is a 7 mana 5/5 flying with no ability unless you lose the game. Like Platinum angel it is really hard to justify putting it in a deck.

          It has good power and toughness. That is about it. I am not saying it is better or worse than platinum angel. I am just saying it has a lot of the same problems the angel does.

          • Matt86

            Well, it has some advantages that, in my opinion, make it better than Platinum Angel. Most importantly, after it has prevented you from dying, killing it will not still make you lose the game.
            Not saying it’ll revolutionize Commander, I just hate it when people brush off cards without giving a reason for it, most of the time using a very spiky view on a game that is most fun when you don’t try to break it.

          • wisdomseyes

            I did not say it was better or worse than platinum. they both have advantages over the other (angel being an an art makes it more removable but also more easily recurable and have more synergies… plus this angel cannot come back after it is gone)

            When you are ahead it is a 5/5 for 7.
            when you are behind it is 7 mana if my opponent swings I can potentially gain 20 life… which of course if they have removal and you choose ot to block you lose anyway. If they don’t have removal, though, that is when this card is at its best, which again is just… well… damage prevention.

            Realistically if you are at… 10 life. Let us say 10. If you opponent alpha swings at you, you can look at it as gaining 10 life and preventing all the damage your opponent did to you.

            It is basically a rattlesnake effect but without any bite. casual or not this card isn’t very good. You don’t have to be using infinite combos or trying to find ways to break the game to say that a card is bad. No one should ever spend 7 mana on a card that simply gains life or prevents damage. Holy day exists, use that instead of this. Beacon of immortality exists, use that instead of this.

            These cards I am mentioning are by no means good. That is established even in casual play. This card is dismissed because it is another attempt by wizards to give white creative life gain and damage prevention cards, but at the end of the day the only card in the boon cycle people don’t remember off the top if their heads is Healing Salve! (The others for reference are Giant growth, dark ritual, lightning bolt, and ancestral recall)

        • Zombie

          Infinite combos don’t care about you going back to 40, they’ll just kill you again.

          This also doesn’t stop you from losing to non-damage effects. If you run out of cards and lose on your draw step, this buys you until your next draw.

          • sansmyhands

            This DOES stop you from losing to non-damage effects, just sometimes not very effectively. If you get 21 commander damage, this exiles, prevents you from losing, then resets your life total. Then you die to commander damage due to a state-based effect. However, if you cast a Slaughter Pact and have this in play during your next upkeep, the pact triggers, this exiles, negates the pact trigger, then resets your life total. This doesn’t protect you from commander damage or poison and only buys you some time against mill, but it DOES protect you from things like pact triggers, Phage, Vraska’s assassins and Door to Nothingness. Still a pretty lame card (except in limited), but there are definitely enough weird corner cases to make the design interesting.

          • Zombie

            My only question after this is why on God’s green earth are Slaughter Pact and this monstrosity even in the same deck?

          • sansmyhands

            Poor life choices, most likely. Though i will at least once in my life use this to save myself from the game loss clause on that red Timewalk from way back when. THAT is why this card exists.

          • DJPad

            Nothing like paying 7 mana to avoid paying 3 mana, hey?

    • Zombie

      No. It’s terrible in EDH.

      Commander damage isn’t removed in any way by this. Commander damage is separate from your life total.

      This doesn’t reset the game, it only puts you back to 40.

      1. You take 21 Commander damage

      2. Game checks Commander damage, sees you at 21, declares that you’ve lost the game.

      3. This trigger goes on the stack, says “instead of losing, this guy goes to 40, yaaaay”.

      4. Trigger resolves, then the game then once again sees you at 21 Commander damage, and declares that you’ve lost the game.

      • DJ Pad

        Most of the time you’re not losing to commander damage in EDH. That being said, it’s still likely not that great. Maybe there’s some combo potential with Necropotence, Ad Nauseum, “Pacts”, Sneak Attack a Phage, Final fortune or whatever but I’m not sure if that’s enough.

        • Zombie

          A 7 mana bad Mythic isn’t really enough to justify a deck being built around it.

          • Pandancules

            yeah, dies to removal

          • Zombie

            More like, game’s over before it’s relevant.

            Any deck that would play something like this would rather have Linvala.

          • Daniel Kaine Allen

            Welcome to basically every not hexproof card ever. Bad argument.

          • Pandancules

            Bad sense of humor.

          • Pandancules

            Hexproof dies to removal btw

          • DJPad

            Lol, I’m just spit-balling ideas, I don’t actually think it’s that good.

        • Manasource123

          Theres other fun interactions with Reverse the Sands and Repay in Kind. I built a Lich deck that does these tricks! :D

      • ShadyBiz42

        Do you spend 24/7 on here? It feels like you have a post on every single card.

        • Zombie

          Most of the time I post from my phone.

          Other times, like now, I’m home from work drinking a beer and sh*tposting.

          • ShadyBiz42

            Well alright. Clear this is pretty much your life.

          • ShadyBiz42

            Just kidding. I’m just kinda surprised how many posts you have.

          • Zombie

            I run away and hide after spoiler season and then come back for new sets. It’s not really a challenge and it doesn’t take up much time.

            Tbh most of my comments from home right now are done while I’m waiting for an Overwatch queue to pop.

          • Zombie

            I mean, I used to play Magic professionally, so I’m pretty attached to the game at this point.

          • ShadyBiz42

            ooh, professional… WHOA DANG

  • Daniel Kaine Allen

    Definitely one of the most unique cards in this set.

  • Pandancules

    excuse me, what?

  • Mr.Mayhem631

    We’re gonna be rich!

    • Perseus Johnson

      How much?

    • Brandon Bilodeau

      no one plays hearthstone here aparently.

      • Mr.Mayhem631

        Three people do :D

        • Cthulhooo

          Make it 4 :D

      • Samuel Parker

        Took me a while but I got it. Bit rusty :)

    • Julna Buras

      Please no. I have PRSD (Post-Reno Stress Disorder).

      • Mr.Mayhem631

        *flash of light*
        *+29 appears over enemy hero*
        *next turn*
        “Who knows what secrets we’ll uncover”
        “At last, a worthy disciple”


  • Patrick Korhonen

    So if you loose the game from commander damage does it wipe the commander damage away?

    • Alex

      I would assume not. Unless we see a ruling on it. And I would assume it does not affect poison counters either. Stuff like Serra Ascendant and Felidar Sovereign already really abuse commander life totals in a far more impactful way than this.

      It will be powerful in Oloro and Karlov alongside Aetherflux Reservoir. Let’s you shoot people for 50 then get 80% to recharge. Imagine Oloro, doing Rite of Replication, Aetherflux and shooting people down one-by-one. Kinda slow though.

      Stealing/cloning this will also result in much fun/unfun. Imagine Infinite Relection or Mirrorweaving one of these…

      • Matthew

        I’d say it doesn’t wipe commander damage, but you wouldn’t die from the damage that was just dealt.

        • Him

          and you’d be wrong

      • Trevor Terry

        No, you cannot pay life you do not have, so this would not allow you to pay 50 life to do 50 damage unless you had 51 life, and then you’re waiting on your opponent to do something, which gives them the opportunity to nuke this creature then love-tap you to death.

    • Arcus Diabolus

      No, I don’t think so. It wouldn’t put cards back into your deck when you are milled or remove poison counters either, so you’d die the next time those win cons checked to see if they trigger. It would, however, buy you time. Not every much for the cost, but still some time.

      • Zombie

        This isn’t preventing the Commander damage, though.

        Commander damage reaching 21 is what’s causing you to lose the game, but you only lose the game AFTER you’ve taken that 21 damage.

        This ability triggers when you lose the game, and you don’t lose as a result of Commander damage until damage has already gone through.

        So an attack puts you at 21 Commander damage, the game “checks” to see your 21 Commander damage and then declares that you’ve lost the game. That’s when this would trigger, resetting you to 40 life.

        The game then checks again, once again sees you at 21 Commander damage, and then you lose anyway.

        • Arcus Diabolus

          Thats more or less what I was getting at. The point is this wouldn’t save you from anything else besides normal loss of life.

    • Zombie

      No. You’ve still taken the Commander damage. This only says it returns you to your starting life total – it doesn’t restart the game or change anything that happened during the game.

      This isn’t Platinum Angel, it doesn’t stop you from losing. You can still lose to “lose the game” effects, Infect, Commander damage, etc.

      You can only remove Commander damage through restart effects like Karn ult that literally say “restart the game”.

  • Norsdef

    Since it doesn’t say for where you can exile it, please assume that can be anywhere.
    Like, battlefield, hand, cemetery, library, exile, booster, own collection, other players…

    • Stinker289

      instant 80 of.

      • Zombie

        Nope. Doesn’t stop you from losing to non-damage clauses.

        Infect, Commander damage, “lose” effects, etc. all still ignore this.

        The only thing this stops is a single instance of lethal damage that would cause you to lose the game.

        If your opponent has a high enough Storm count, this can’t even stop you from dying to Tendrils of Agony or Grapeshot.

        • Him

          It stops mill too, until you draw another card. works with stuff like door to nothingness too.

        • Matthew

          Care to elaborate? The way it’s worded is that it triggers when you would lose the game, and replaces your loss condition with its clause. Is it because you lose any time the loss condition is met (i.e., if you have 10+ poison counters or have 21+ commander damage, so even after the exile effect those conditions are still true?

        • chea

          This still saves you from door to nothingness for at least a turn.

          • Zombie

            I’m pretty sure if you’re playing against a Door to Nothingness deck and it actually gets a chance to kill you in the first place, you’ve made some extremely egregious errors.

    • MithosFall

      It’s ability only applies while it’s on the battlefield.

    • Pandancules

      It would only trigger from the battlefield.

    • Zombie

      If it doesn’t specify that it can be used outside of play, then its effect only works when it’s on the battlefield.

      Otherwise every deck would just play 4 and keep them in the hand and just keep resetting their life total for free.

      Which would break the game.

      • Norsdef

        I know, I know…
        I’ve just wanted to imagine impossible situations

        Like, on the edge of your defeat, you see the guy playing on the table asided with an Exquisite Archangel on his hand. Then you just say to him “hey, sup? I’m about to lose the game, soooo… would you mind if I exile this beautiful angel you have in your hand just to, you know, keep playing?”

        Think in the possibilities!

  • Shagoth

    Lich’s Angel.

  • Tezzybros

    This plus providence ?

  • guest

    this could be an interesting finisher in control decks against aggro (preventing you from taking those last lethal points of damage) but i think this is a trap in commander. not being able to protect from commander damage is already crippling and there are so many other ways to lose the game where this doesn’t protect (infect, infinite combos and stuff).

  • Zombie

    Great art, garbage card.

    Some Mythics in this set are super disappointing.

    • Krhaynes1

      Really? As a control deck player I like it. It fits against aggro decks and has a decent body.

      • Zombie

        Linvala’s better, cheaper, and provides an additional body.

        If you want a counter to aggro, a deck that either wins or loses around turn 5, this isn’t it.

        • Krhaynes1

          The meta is a lot slower, aggro isn’t as fast. A control deck can survive until you get this card out. And yes Linvala is better, but why can’t they both be in a deck?…also last I checked Linvala was 6 mana so by your logic she’s not even fast enough for an aggro deck that wins turn five…

      • Cthulhooo

        How do you counter aggro with 7 mana creature?

    • Picklechu

      The mythical may be abbot disappointing, but darn the rest of the set is nice!

    • Arcus Diabolus

      I notice MTG has a record of doing that. Slapping fantastic art on less than optimal cards.

      Still, this is good late game EDH material. Its outclassed by Resolute Archangel in almost every way, but I’m sure its good enough for a janky stall, if only to force your opponent to top deck for a kill spell before they can even think about ending the game.

  • Trevor Terry

    Everyone who’s arguing about whether or not this works with commander damage, please refer to the rulings on “Lich’s Mirror” from Shards of Alara. – Here’s an excerpt from the ruling that is close enough to what we’re talking about

    “As part of Lich’s Mirror’s effect, it typically shuffles itself into your
    library. If it does, that means that if you’d lose the game *again*
    immediately after its effect is finished, it can’t help you a second
    time. This can occur in a few different ways. For example:
    — You have ten or more poison counters. Lich’s Mirror doesn’t remove
    poison counters. If you’d lose the game this way, you’ll do what Lich’s
    Mirror says, then you’ll lose the game the next time state-based actions
    are checked.”

    It specifically says that any even that would continue to cause you to lose the game after your life total changes will still cause you to lose the game, This works identically with Poison Counters and Commander Damage, since they both function similarly.

    • Ethan Naugle

      That makes sense. But really, commander damage should be done away with imo. Way too exploitable and it makes late game decks obsolete. We don’t do commander damage in my group because of this, and sure the games take longer, but they become hour long epics with crazy plays and interactions because late game is now a thing. I wonder if this card would be worth it then, in a (mostly) voltron control EDH shell.

      • Hedronal

        That’s part of the point of commander, some groups need something to make their games not go on forever. Also it’s a way through infinite life.

        • Ethan Naugle

          Understandable, but my group prefers the longer games lol. And not many life gain decks in my meta, but there are Sorin Markhovs and other such cards to deal with those decks

  • ShadyBiz42

    This is not as bad as everyone says it is… Should see some standard at least. Even though it may not be played a ton, it is still a decent card for budget players such as myself…

    • Kaiser

      the problem of this card is that not impact the board just make your life total 20 again. In turn 7 is like take one turn more before lose (again). So you need to play this and wipe the board/win the game the next turn

  • Miles Rinesmith

    Did they really have to give Kaalia more gas.

    • Ryuji Nichol Pabila

      Yeah that’s what I thought at first.. But it’s a very narrow trigger requirement. It’s easy to just sweep/remove her then kill the kaalia player. She’ll often be a vanilla 5/5 and a suboptimal inclusion if you ask me.

    • Arcus Diabolus

      Resolute Archangel is in many ways better. Kaalia could always just run that already. Running this is as well is kinda a moot point.

  • Gungear

    The mythics for this set BLOW. 2 playable mythics so far, 1 of which you have to build a deck completely around it to work (heart of kiran and the blue aura). The plainswalkers are either mediocre or straight trash, and the rest are simply trash, no 2 ways about it. Going to have to see hit after hit for the rest of the spoilers for this set to not completely crash after the first 2 weeks.

    • DarthinvaderIX

      Go look at the uncommons m8

    • xSkulk3rx

      Not everything can be exactly how you want it all the time lol. They have a purpose for making these cards how they are. Also a lot of cards probably work better than you think they do, quit being so narrowminded. The plainswalkers aren’t bad either tezzeret may not be amazing but he’s decent if they always made amazing cards that broke the format then magic would be dumb and pointless to play, they have to keep it balanced. As well as that there are a lot of good commander cards in here and there are a lot of card in here that are meant to expand the deck types and deck lists of the format. After this releases there will be so many different decks in standard which is good because then not one deck will just own the format like it typically does.

    • Melissa Juice

      Thank goodness. Mythics should be strange and fun to build around, not powerhouses.

  • Nanya

    Flash it in and burn decks cry.

    • Arcus Diabolus

      Only if you can ramp hard enough to get it out soon enough. Burn would try to kill you long before you could cast this.

      • Nanya

        True, but I was thinking EDH, sorry.

        • Arcus Diabolus

          Fair enough. But that does beg the question: how the hell does burn work in EDH? The closest ive ever gotten to that is Gisela with tons of X cost burn but thats typically too slow.

          • Nanya

            Karevik the Merciless as the commander
            Embermaw Hellion/Pyromancers Gauntlets to add damage dealt by burn spells
            Enchantments/creatures that double the damage dealt
            Deathpits of Wrath to make all spells kill spells
            Galvanoth to cast things for free (like Sorin’s Vengeance)
            Guttersnipe to deal damage to everyone
            Inferno Titan for a big body that burns
            Reverberate/Fork to copy your burn spells
            Pyromaster’s Goggles to copy burn spells
            Kill and Draw spells to get to those quicker
            Chandras, lots of Chandras, all the chandras in fact
            Wound Reflection to harm at the end of turn
            Goblin Deathraiders, Spike Jester, Mirri the Cursed, Vampire Nighthawk to round out the creatures.
            Heartless Hidesegu

            That’s what I can remember from my roommate’s EDH burn deck off the top of my head. Unless someone wins in under 6 turns, that deck will cut life down by half or more easily.

          • Nanya

            Do you have a Twitter account or something so I can link you that way?

          • Arcus Diabolus

            Nah, no twitter. Don’t worry about it.

          • Nanya

            Ah, okay. It’s a good deck.

  • Jace the coward

    Could be interesting in EDH as it stops instant win effects like Lab Maniac and Sovereign.
    Rule 104.3h in a multiplayer game effects that state a play wins, instead cause all other players to lose.

    • DJPad

      Stops it for a turn you mean (or less if they have another way to draw a card, which they do, because they are likely on mind over matter + azami/temple bell etc.).

  • Thrull

    if it only had flash

    • potatogod442

      and split second

  • TheAweDude

    “Haha, I may die, but my Angle will save me!”
    “You’re still at 10 poison counters.”