Extinguish All Hope - Journey into Nyx Spoiler

Extinguish All Hope

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Destroy all nonenchantment creatures.

Phenax offers the hope of life, while Pharika grants the solace of death. Between them stands Erebos, who promises nothing but eternity.

  • silver


  • Josh Kaufman

    Who else thinks that in 5 years from now this card will actually do something important based on the way it is worded? Kind of like how bad Thespian Stage was until people figured out how it works with Dark Depths? You never know.

  • BuddaRoger

    Overcosted wrath, and it shows how badly wizards hates giving black enchantment removal. Its highly disappointing. It should have been 2BB or 1BBB if they really hate giving black wrath effects. I hope this is fake, as it is a total waste of a card.

    • Shadow921

      it isnt enchantment removal

    • Kevan Kramer

      Honestly 4 drop wraths are undercosted and op if anything. Also it only destroy non-enchantment creatures. Yes I would like a damnation reprint, but that would be too good. This maybe a trend that wraths are starting to stay 6+. Card might be played more post-RTR.

    • Guest

      For six mana they could have at the very least added “can’t be regenerated” on there.

  • Necro

    Way to give Esper a chance to survive the rotation, Wizards, but it won’t work without Sphinx’s Rev.

  • Frontic

    Am i the only one here who thinks this is accually a good card? Since damnation is pretty expensive, things like this are perfect for people on a budget o.O

  • pete

    People…..this is NOT damnation, stop it! lol nor is this good enough for standard either

  • dinner

    too bad black is unplayable in standard right now

    • Ikr, if only they would make cards like Nightveil Specter, or Desecration Demon…

    • Whiskerbro


  • Chi Sarades

    reprint dark ritual please i want to make faster mono black deck

  • Zombie

    This thing’s only role is to be a game ender like Cyclonic Rift for decks that use nothing but enchantment creatures in Limited.

    MAYBE Jund Bestow, but that deck is an outlier and doesn’t show up almost ever.

  • Whiskerbro

    Maybe if you make an enchantment creature deck? In black?

  • kkk

    wanna use this card? try using- enchant ment creature based monoblack.
    gosh, you guys are taking the word destroy all non enchantment creatures as a bad thing.
    it dose mean it can’t destroy opponents enchant creature but it also means that your enchant creatures would not be destroyed.
    black has many good enchantment creatures man like Nighthowler

  • Traveling Philosopher

    Oh come on. This is not as bad as you guys are saying. 6 mana wraths HAVE been playable in the past (Fated Retribution sees play as a one-of at 7 mana, even) and a 6 mana wrath with potential upside in black, which doesn’t always get this effect, is definitely something to consider in standard. This is a slightly overcosted build-aroound that could get legs if the right cards are printed/in the right format. I could see it in a Rock-ish deck with Courser of Kruphix and/or Herald of Torment. Could be good with one of the new black Gods we haven’t seen yet. Could be good if there’s a black deck that wants a wrath in the post-RTR format. And it’s possible once Supreme Verdict rotates, WoTC won’t print another 4-mana wrath for standard right away, making this the only game in town. The card is reasonably powerful, at least enough not to be written off immediately.

  • GreatCrow

    I would love to see this card’s art made into a playmat.

  • Gabriel Chase

    Doesn’t kill Hopeful Eidolon。Flavour fail!

  • Nemo

    Seems fun with Nighthowler.

  • anonon

    The funny thing is with this new deck I’m building, Kruphix, who the deck is built around and will be centered around him and his shenanigans, will survive this card. Kruphix IS the hope in my deck…