• Kahai

    I love these monkey goblins! <3 Also Wayne Reynolds!

  • Jalais

    I’d like this if it didn’t have to tap the sac.

  • Calvin

    So a raging goblin that has a mini kill spell. Nice.

  • MrFacehug

    Awesome. Time to go aggro at this prerelease.

  • George Zamyatin

    So Mogg Fanatic is a pirate now.

  • Chaospyke

    1 Drop haster, Always Nice

  • Márcio Siqueira

    a 1 drop that will always deal at least a single point of damage to whatever you want.

  • Dave

    Dinos love this guy.

  • NC

    this one drop game in rivals

  • sansmyhands

    I can’t tell if this card is actually awesome or if my love for both Raging Goblin and Mogg Fanatic is clouding my judgement. Either way, I’m sure I’ll be playing this more than I should.

    • Erik López Barcelar

      Only handicap when compared to mogg is he cant be sac after attacking, for the rest its pretty much the same, with the upside that haste gives him a bit more of value when it comes to aggro, specially if u got lords or whatever to buff him, so all in all it’s a pretty good card imo.

  • “Mogg Fanatic too broken for Standard” – Wizards

    • Shagoth

      “Mountains were a mistake” – Mark Rosewater

    • Jakub S.

      Not since damage dones’t use stack.

  • ChaosEngineer

    I love this for pauper. Chips in for damage and snips Delvers.

  • Giby86 .

    How is this not called Raging Goblin Fanatic is beyond me.

  • David S. McCrae

    Break out the Blazing Shoals and the Greater Gargadons once again! This little guy now joins the ranks of Raging Goblin and Glitterfang in the new team “God-Draw Turn 1 Kill of total stupid luck and silliness!”

  • Idon’thave Aname

    Best new common this set.

  • Bostorket

    These are great goblin designs to boot.