Fated Retribution - Born of the Gods Spoiler

Fated Retribution

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Destroy all creatures and planeswalkers. If it’s your turn, scry 2.

  • MagicGALAXY


  • Da

    Well it’s not tha— wait why does say “If it’s your turn”… INSTANT SPEED! ARE YOU MAD!

    I guess 7 cmc makes it balanced, are you can be sure an opponent is planning something nasty if they have at least 7 mana untapped… but still

  • Magicmaster481

    This + Gideon’s second ability + your turn = awesomeness

  • Tank Johnson

    Hmmm… Rout? Rout was a useful card and an added scry? Pretty rad! UW control might have a new…. wait? Planes walkers too? Hmmm UWs only kill switch…. its the thought that counts Wizards!

  • Its a dumb idea

    How to use this card in standard:White Blue enchantment devotion!
    -Blind Obedience
    -Sphere of Safety
    -more intelligent choices
    you could win with Helliod’s little clerics after you exhausted your opponents deck. This card would wipe whatever your opponents played whenever you wanted.

  • ZedWrecker

    THAT ART!!!!

  • Okabe

    The new wrath yeah!!!!

  • Luke Myers

    Well. It certainly beats Planer Cleansing. xD

  • Ultramegalord

    dumb question. Begining of my upkeap before untap phase, cast fated retribution then scry, untap and draw right?

    • Marzen64

      You have the order wrong, but it still works. It’s untap, upkeep, draw, but it’s still technically your turn, so you can say “Before my untap step, I’ll tap these and cast it”.

      • joseph

        you should do it when they are atacking lol its an instant and you are clearly control so u should use it when they are about to attack or they atacked and buffed something for max lolz love this card xD (sry my eng)

        • ultramegalord

          problem with that is unless they tapped out b4 their attack phase thay can start to rebuild. if i do it b4 my untap step or hell even on their end phase they have less time to recover. unless they were leathal or had a bunch of mutavauls i would always cast this on my turn. scry b4 draw :)

          • Brom

            It’s downright crazy the number of players that think they can play cards during their turn before their untap step. The earliest you can play this card during your turn is your upkeep, after untapping.

          • ultramegalord

            was under the impression you can cast instatnts at any time. its almost anytime read the rulebook no abilitys or spells during upkeep.

      • rules advisor

        Players do not get priority before the untap step. You have to do it during their end step if you want to immediately untap your mana. Once it has progressed to your turn, your untap step has already passed and its too late.