• Andrew Cullen

    This feels a bit backwards, easy to ping players but they are exerted to ping a creature for one? but in a rakdos or Jund deck this could be nice for a -1/-1 combo with the 1 drop red mage from Amonkhet.

    • Shagoth

      If it was the other way around, it would spite burn players even more.

  • Jacob Hennessy

    Could the exert deal idk like one more damage?

  • Happy The Cat

    so they traded the ping being useful for power that’s useful. decent card. and unlike his(her? hard call, nobody wears enough clothes on this plane and they all have pretty gender neutral haircuts) counter parts leaving this up and pinging before your turn is an actual threat.

    • ColorCaptain

      Pretty sure the character depicted in the card is female. The dudes on this plane tend to be ripped.

  • Friedrich

    Fervent Paincaster 2R
    T: Fervent Paincaster deals 1 damage to target player or target planeswalker.
    T, exert Fervent Paincaster: Fervent Paincaster deals 2 damage to taget creature, player or planeswalker.