• Ricardo Gaspar Lázaro

    bye ghost quarter…or no…pay 2…bad…fix it

    • Shawn Michael Diaz

      It only costs 1. Your fetched basic comes in untapped.

      • Alexandre Donnart

        You’re still unable to do it on turn 2.

      • Hedronal

        Actual cost 2, virtual cost 1, by that logic. That said, it costs 2 and tapping itself too, so functional cost 3, giving back 1 after.

  • xxxx

    Great card!
    With this + Ghost Quater, the new dryads, Excevator and path you could pull your opponents basics quite fast out of their deck and land lock them…

  • Happy The Cat

    yeah this card is super powerful when a mechanic in the set is quests that turn into lands.
    also does it say “each player” or is that a mistranslation? cause that’ll make this good enough to require paying two for ghost quarter.

    • xxxx

      “Jeder Spieler” = “each player”
      The translation is right.

  • Lukas Rösch

    Amazing card for Archive Trap in mill since your opponent has to search

    • Nyos

      It’s also cute with Ob Nixilis Unshackled lol

    • Thyago Lopes Mastrocolo


      For Archive Trap and Hedron Crab at same time.

  • Alexandre Donnart

    Basically a Ghost Quarter for all players but you have to pay 2 to sac it. Pretty good and a good synergy with Archive Trap.

    • DJ Pad

      Except the main utility of Ghost quarter is that it hits basic lands….

      • Happy The Cat

        is it? pretty sure that it’s utility is denying non basic lands, since it has that whole “fetch a basic land” part on the end normally makes it pretty bad at getting rid of basics.

        • kukuc96

          Some modern decks play very few basics. So if they run out it becomes a strip mine. And you can destroy their entire manabase if you have something like a crucible of worlds or a Life from the Loam going it is pretty effective vs basic lands as well.

        • Shawn Michael Diaz

          Sometimes the strategy with the card is to exhaust the opponents basics until Ghost Quarter becomes Strip Mine.

          • Happy The Cat

            so wouldn’t that mean this has better utility for non 1v1 since not only can it deal with utility lands but pulling out basics from everyone means this becomes Strip Mine quicker? (or I guess it’s closer to Dust Bowl or Tectonic Edge since you have to pay mana)

            this probably wont effect modern as much, but I could see this wiping Quarter out of edh thanks to the ramp. someone like Gitrog and other Crucible friendly commanders will turn this into a mean ramp card.

          • Akisama Inu

            Yeah indeed, i’m srsly considering to add this to my gitrog edh

  • magicalfollower

    This is kinda bizarre in a multiplayer game since everyone not involved in the process gets a free basic land as well.

  • Vizzerdrix

    Well I will need this for group hug, very odd card though

  • ConDucktor Whirl Crate God


  • Dordledum

    In commander, I’d play this over almost any other landdestroy variety. Strip Mine/Wasteland/Ghost Quarter. They all set you back in your mana base as well. This use of “each player” does mitigate that quite nicely. Especially nice if you’re the third or fourth party in multiplayer of course, but hey, it’ll make you some friends at the table.

    • Giby86 .

      Yes. This is better than Strip Mine in Commander. My gosh.

  • Nanya

    Ob Nixilis says “put me in, coach! I’ll punish them for searching!”
    Or have Aven Mindsensor out.
    Or Leonin Arbiter.

    • Random Guy

      That punishes yourself. That’s the point.

      • Tolle

        Aven Mindsensor doesn’t. It only punishes the opponent.

  • Random Guy

    Ghost Quarter, but costs 2 more but doesn’t cost the land.

  • Kameenook

    No way this says each player, does it ???

    • xxxx

      Yes each player.

  • Thyago Lopes Mastrocolo


    • xxxx

      Yes, confirmed by me (I’m german).

      • Thyago Lopes Mastrocolo

        Thanks, bro.

        Incredible versatile card. I love it already.

      • Han Solo II

        This won’t be good in standard, you have to destroy a land that isn’t in standard “nichtstandardland” :(

        • xanatos135

          Hahaha good point

  • galen150

    kinda just meh. cool idea but not great.

  • Zenbeni

    Can’t wait to upgrade Boros Land Destruction deck with it.

  • Shawn Michael Diaz

    Most exciting card this week for modern I’m thinking. Don’t know what this means for standard.

  • Kevin Johnstone

    This is going to be nuts… blow up your manland / tron piece… and search for a land (they get a basic too, but youre taking them off something much more powerful, PLUS if you kill a manland, it came into play tapped, so slight edge to you) WOW… and UNTAPPED… WOW

  • Alexandre Donnart

    You guys should fix the description and add the 2 mana activation cost.

  • chataolauj

    I didn’t see the “2” mana activation cost, but this card is still good regardless because you don’t lose anything, unless you don’t have anymore basic lands in your deck. Makes me want to build a land destruction deck even more.

    • ymmij X

      we now have a ghost quarter and a crucible of worlds in standard. just give me a leonin arbiter and i will be set… wait aven mindcensor was printed in amonkhet block too!

      • Giby86 .

        This is so gross.
        I should start playing standard.

      • chataolauj

        There’s Aven Mindcensor; not Leonin Arbiter, but he’ll do.