Firedrinker Satyr - Theros Spoiler

Firedrinker Satyr

  • Color: Red
  • Type: Creature - Satyr, Shaman
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Set:

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Whenever Firedrinker Satyr is dealt damage, it deals that much damage to you.

1 ManaRed Mana: Firedrinker Satyr gets +1/+0 until end of turn and deals 1 damage to you.

Attending a satyr revel requires a high tolerance for pain.

  • Zombie

    This is…

    Really bad…

    • agree. . . this time. . .

    • Zombie is a Twat

      it makes me laugh to see that the potential of this card is overlooked.
      in a RW deck, palisade giant and it would make great friends.

      • Zombie

        Because Palisade Giant is totally playable in Standard.

        Side note: The only one being a twat is you. There’s no reason to single someone out and insult them for their opinion. I don’t do it, neither should you.

  • That Guy

    i never really liked jackal pup, this really isn’t much better.

  • Bakido Skywalker

    Yall sleep… playing rdw again!!! Yahh

    • Zombie

      Yeah, have fun getting killed by your own 1 drop.

      • Bakido Skywalker

        Yeah i just re read that card… damn

        • LightandFire676

          LOL. I think this is to make up for all the other INSANELY good stuff in the set. I’m obsessing over that lion still…

  • Levi Warren

    I was honestly hoping I read the card wrong. This is an abomination…except…I’m really glad it’s not yet another stupidly good Boros pump. Red doesn’t need any more ridiculously PERFECT cards in standard.

    • Zombie

      Don’t worry, Purphoros alone makes up for any other shortcomings.

      I… uh… I mean… Purphoros isn’t one of the top 3 best cards in the entire set. Nooo, don’t buy him. Ignoooooore meeeeeee.

  • GRUULman

    I am very sad because I expected something much more powerful when I saw the rarity gold color and the art on a red card, and then was quickly let down. But then again I can’t go expecting too much.

    Other than that my thoughts are if this creature had haste I might be willing to take the self-damage, but, meh, not now after I read the card. If it had haste though it would be very powerful, maybe too powerful in my opinion.

    Oh well, good art at least.

  • YouGotFranked

    This card is sooo much value…. for your opponent…

    On another forum there was someone rejoicing that red finally have a creature that can kill Loxodon Smiter. Sure if 1 creature, 4 mana and 6 damage is an appropriate cost for you to kill another creature.

    • Orion Moore

      mizzium mortar please

  • Jace

    eh, It’s not that bad.

    At worst, It’s still a Jackal pup which is a defining card for red.

    I think I will sideboard it against slow control decks I can easy race.

  • CodyGozRawr

    Come on, really? A 1 drop 0/1 fire breathing would better in my opinion

  • Manos Kon

    it’s been a while since they printed a rare that is unplayable in every format and has neither sideboard nor timmy potential.

    • Kad

      This, angels grace, near death experience. Hurt yourself till you get to one. Win.

  • Loiden Mc Leroy

    Vexing devil… SOOOO MUCH BETTER. Too bad it’s going out of standard :(

  • Jordan

    So let me get this straight wizards…. red gets a 2/1 with firebreathing and draw backs for 1 mana, yet white gets a 2/1 heroic for one mana with no draw backs. WHY?

  • Jordan

    So red gets a 2/1 for 1 mana that has drawbacks and firebreathing…

    but white gets a 2/1 for 1 that gains you life and has protection from multi colors. With 0 drawbacks….


    • Zombie

      Red is the color with drawbacks.

      That’s it’s thing.

      • Jordan

        No, that’s black. but red isn’t allowed to have big creatures for it’s casting cost. And that’s just plain stupid. Why should white get fast aggro when it’s supposed to be the slowest color in the pie? But instead it gets fast aggro, big beats, lifegain, creature removal/control, sweepers, instants, sorceries and enchantment/artifact control.

        • Argentumdens

          White does alot of things, and it doesn’t do any of them particularly well except for weenies and life gain. White wins in numbers, its the color of the people and can be fast when dropping weak threat after weak threat, but one on one it wont win a race. And the creature with protection, its a set fighter, built so it can fight RtR with something, like RtR had Ash Zealot to hose graveyard play.

          This card is Jackal Pups spiritual successor and is going to see play in modern burn along side vexing devil for the shear board presence this pushes through when your opponent hasn’t played a 1 drop and you have access to Lightning Bolt. This isn’t a standard contender, but understand, this is one card that will change the Red format because it is aggressive to the extreme.

          • Jordan

            just wait until your opponent laughs at you when you drop this and they follow it up with a turn 2 smiter. Enjoy that 4 damage if you’re not rockin that mortars in hand.

          • jim

            “It has the only instant speed creature token spells ” guilt leaf ambush isnt instant?

          • Jordan

            not sure what guilt leaf ambush is, but it’s not standard.

          • MaloBeto

            I haven’t played modern recently but I’m almost positive that red has enough modern 1 drops that are better than this to fill an entire deck.

  • Levi Warren

    Combos with Donate.

  • noob-man

    this is a formidable rival for gloom surgeon

    • MaloBeto

      not in the slightest

  • da

    So it’s a Bellows Lizard… except it has one more power, is a rare instead of a common, AND has TWO horrible drawbacks.

  • james chapman

    This guy effectively doubles 1 burn spell, and can’t stop damage in a block… I would have a hard time justifying him in limited…

  • Gunbad

    What if you gave it life link and swing for 2 that means you would gain 4 life total that turn goes good with that angel enchantment

    • Gunbad

      Pumping it also I mean sorry

    • YouGotFranked

      Rather underwhelming giving lifelink to a creature just to fight it’s drawback. Chances are every other creatures in your deck would make better target for your lifelink spells.

  • Dan

    this is NOT bad. Anyone who has played red decks understands why this is good. Turn one, on the play, this card is hard to race. It’s not in the game forever, if it hits the opponent for 3 to 6 damage (total) it’s done its job. The entire point (in red) is to get 20 points of damage on your opponent as quickly as possible, regardless of cost. The loss of life is seen as trivial if you’re killing you opponent first. Learn to play with red and reevaluate this card.

    • Zombie

      This card can’t attack into one drops. It doesn’t have haste. It can’t race because it hurts you more than the damage it will deal.

      If you attack into a one drop, the satyr dies and YOU’RE the one taking damage.

      This card is literally unplayable against anything except control.

      • Jordan

        there are absolutely 0 ways this card is worth playing. you could drop this and they could drop a 1/1 and chump block on your attack and you still come out behind. The caryatid wall will stop this all day. Smiter laughs at this. A 1/1 laughs at this.

        • Zombie

          If I ever see a copy of this across the table from me, I will probably just laugh and ask them to sign the slip 2 wins- Me, 0 wins- them.

          It’s just so hilariously awful. This is probably the only rare I’ll be disappointed to pull from my booster boxes of Theros.

          Actually, they might make nice tinder, now that I think about it.

          • Jordan

            Boros reckoner would especially laugh at this guy. Oh let’s deal 3 damage to it, and 2 damage to you. Oh yeah, and 3 more to you as well.

          • Tyler

            Oh yeah wait… a red one drop that can kill a 3 drop… that’s terrible…. get a clue. rdw doesn’t care that it’s taking damage. do you not understand that it’s a viable 1 drop that can kill tons of things or hit your opponent’s face for extra damage when you don’t play anything else? and you are also forgetting that this isn’t the only card I will play in my deck. I will be playing burn spells and things that kill your blockers.

          • Zombie

            I play Boros Reckoner, you have Firedrinker Satyr on the board.

            You burn my Reckoner, trigger targetting your Satyr. Satyr dies, you take 3+ damage from whatever you hit the Reckoner with and you lose your Satyr.

            Next turn I play Anger of the Gods, sweep your lousy aggro creatures, turn after that I drop Stormbreath Dragon and you lose the game because you though it was a brillitant idea to play Firedrinker Satyr and attempt to race literally any other deck and fail.

          • Guest

            Zombie, you’ve clearly been playing this game for a while, and you’re usually a pretty good judge of cards from the swamp of your comments that I’ve read over the months.

            That’s what makes your opinion of Firedrinker Satyr all the more mortifying. I literally cringe every time I re-read your clueless comments about why this card is bad. This one in particular stands out to me, though, because it sounds like it came from a cocky fifteen year old who started playing the game three months ago.

            First of all, if you have to point a burn spell at reckoner, you’re probably going to get 2-for-1’ed anyway. And the three damage to you from the Satyr is IRRELEVANT. It DOES NOT MATTER.

            And Christ almighty have mercy upon my soul, what in the world makes you think that Anger of the Gods isn’t a direct counter to ANY red one-drop? Anger of the Gods kills Goblin Guide, but that doesn’t make it unplayable. “Oh, but when I cast Anger of the Gods with Satyr on the field, you take 3 extra damage!” Nobody cares.

            I hope that when the Standard lists come up with this guy as an automatic 4-of, you can realize how absolutely, one hundred percent dead wrong you were. And act accordingly.

          • Zombie

            I’ve already played against plenty of aggro decks running 4- of Firedrinker Satyrs. They all performed horribly compared to the RG aggro decks that went without them or ran Foundry Street Denizen/Legion Loyalist/Elvish Mystic instead. I just played a turn 2 Sylvan Caryatid, and forced them to either play nothing turn 2 to trade, or not attack. Then I started dropping bombs turn 3-4 like Desecration Demon, Stormbreath Dragon, etc, pretty much auto- winning the race.

            It’s a Jackal Pup that bad aggro players will use as a brainless One- Drop until someone points out that it actually contributes to the race in your opponent’s favor, rather than winning you games. It’s only useful if your opponent doesn’t play any creatures, or has a completely god- awful start.

            People are already brewing aggro decks without Firedrinker Satyr. It is not good enough to be an auto- include. There are plenty of better options with less downside, and even though I do expect to see Firedrinker Satyr played, I do not expect it to impact the meta in even a remotely significant way, because it auto- loses to other creature- based decks.

            It would be infinitely better if it was just a 2/1 for R with no ability text, or just Haste. But since it’s a Jackal Pup, you cannot race with it, and therefore it isn’t a strong option. Firedrinker Satyr punishes your opponent for a slow start with no blockers, but then again, so does literally every single other Aggro creature in the entire format. And most of them don’t have nearly as poor a drawback. Not to mention they can actually chump block if needed.

            Even some of the pro’s who have brewstormed aggro decks with Firedrinker in them said that it was a necessary evil, something that the deck they made is forced to run just because it’s a one drop that has the POTENTIAL to hit for 2, while admitting that there are a huge number of better options they could run instead, given how enormous its drawback is.

          • Guest

            I’m confused. If anything, Firedrinker Satyr should be a PERFECT counter to Sylvan Caryatid (if the player is smart and waits until blockers to decide whether or not to pump the Satyr), because it can much more consistently get 3 power on turn 2 than some garbage card like Foundry Street Denizen. And much like how Anger of the Gods is always a good board-wipe against RDW, a turn 3 Desecration Demon puts ANY red deck in a rough spot, running Satyr or not. Same goes for an accelerated Stormbreath Dragon, or a turn 2 Smiter, or all the other nonsense people have been giving as examples of why this card is bad.

            I do agree with the general consensus that Firedrinker isn’t a GREAT card. He’s no Stromkirk Noble, and speaking as a Red player, I’m missing that vampire already. But it outright destroys the other options that Red has available for a 2nd one-drop (Cackler being the 1st) in Standard. Foundry Street Denizen is an outright joke. Loyalist is a little bit more forgivable because it looks a lot better, but its battalion will never trigger. I would really only recommend Loyalist as a 1-of in most aggro builds. And before people start yammering about Burning-Tree draws, I’d invite you to keep in mind that A: You will not always draw Burning-Tree with your bad one-drops, and B: Burning-Tree draws are good anyway, and don’t need the help of bad one-drops.

            Satyr does get worse in the Red aggro mirror and in more creature-based Midrange decks, that I will admit. He’s a little bit better against Selesnya, since he can trade with their 3-toughness creatures, but that’s a less-than optimal scenario. What might be a better option for Red decks is to have Loyalist as a sideboard replacement for Satyr against Selesnya or other fast-racing decks, if his “downside” really does end up making enough of a dent. However, Satyr is still the better mainboard option, especially since more and more early removal is leaning more towards Doom Blade/Putrefy/Sac effects and not so much straight burn. Even Anger of the Gods is more sideboard-y.

            And as a final note, if this card was a 2/1 with Haste for 1, then it would be spectacular. I’d definitely prefer that.

          • Zombie

            Sylvan Caryatid’s 3 toughness’ strength lies in its ability to force your opponent to play around it. They only way they’re getting past it is by pumping their Satyr, meaning they have no turn 2 play and will fall extremely behind immediately, in exchange for your Caryatid. Which, if you have a third land, usually won’t be a detriment at all, as you can just either play a basic and shock to play Anger.

            Flip side, they just play cards normally, and you can play a Desecration Demon turn 3. It’s win/win.

            Like I said, every single option you’re presented with the Firedrinker Satyr loses you the race.

            As for Foundry Street Denizen, the possibility of attacking turn 2 for 3-4 damage off a hand- dump from Burning- Tree Emissary is nothing to laugh at. It has the potential to do in one turn what the Firedrinker would take at minimum 2 turns of doing under the same circumstances.

            And if you’re thinking about playing RW, keep in mind the Foundry Street Denizen gets +1/+0 every time AtL puts a token into play, every time you make a token with Young Pyromancer, etc. It can get really silly, real quick.

            Best part about it, however, is that it doesn’t hurt you to use it to maximum efficiency. It gets better while you play your creatures, and that’s something the Firedrinker Satyr distinctly lacks.

    • Zombie

      If its ability read as “Whenever Firedrinker Satyr WOULD take damage, prevent that damage and you lose life equal to the damage prevented this way.”, THEN it would be extremely good and worth the life loss.

      But as it stands, it literally has one upside. It has 2 power.

      That’s it.

    • Manos Kon

      The problem is not only in the damage he deals to you (that is relevant in aggro mirrors AND midrange matchups) but that even without the drawback he would STILL be a mediocre onedrop, unlike the options other colors are getting.

      • Zombie

        The entire card is pretty much one giant drawback.

        It’s not as good as Rakdos Cackler, it’s not as good as Legion Loyalist, it’s not even as good as Foundry Street Denizen.

        I attend FNM’s that have upwards of 150+ players each week at the shop I go to, and I doubt I will ever see even a single copy of Firedrinker Satyr being played amongst all of those people. Quite a few of which, myself included, play a ton of aggro.

        • Alec

          You go to FNM? Wooooooaaaaaaaahhh

      • YouGotFranked

        If he didn’t had that drawback of killing you as soon someone sneeze at it, he would be pretty good. Red LOVES 2 power for 1 mana. It generates a much appreciate aggro lead. Sadly with the satyr, that turn 2 lead backfire in your face as soon someone leaves a blocker.

        One thing RDW loves to do is flood the board quickly with low cost creature. Ending a turn 2 with 3 cacklers on the board is a good start. But a turn 2 with 3 satyr is an invitation for your opponent to drop Anger of the gods on you.

    • james chapman

      It would be acceptable, IF we didn’t have so many other options better than him (Cackler, Loyalist, Denizen, striking sliver). How many 1 drops really fit into RDW? if you really wanted a his fire breathing ability, Bellows Lizard…

      oh and he effectively copies a burn spell to your face, and can’t stop damage in the form of blocking. I’m tempted to make a Bazaar trader deck featuring this guy

      • Tyler

        I would not care at all if you wasted your burn spell to kill my 1 drop. even if I just play him and don’t get damage out of him because you burn him, he has done his job.
        RDW will be playing 4 of these along with 4 cacklers, and possibly denizens etc.

        • james chapman

          If I burn him with a shock, before he did any damage, you basically made my shock say “2 damage to your face, and discard a card.” I’m absolutely happy to burn him.

      • Heywood Jablomi

        Did you really just imply that Striking Sliver is better than this? Which one of your handlers decided it would be a good idea to give you an internet connection?

        • james chapman

          Thanks for being a constructive member of MtG, I would much rather have a 1/1 with haste, verses this guy.

  • Aejan

    If you block with this card, you’re doing something wrong.

  • zup

    red/black with whip of erebos

  • Rowe Cavelli III

    I have an idea! Give it to some one else! (Zedruu)

  • harakka

    I like how insanely Rakdos this is.

    • Jordan

      More like “satyr-ical” :)

      • Levi Warren

        Trying to decide if I should rate this up…

        • Jordan

          Oh you should.

  • Holy Ghost

    You are all morons.
    People read this card and see two “drawbacks”, neither of which are relevant in an aggressive red deck. You take damage when he takes damage. So? When you pump him, you take 1. So? Who cares? Certainly not the RDW player. If a red deck has to worry so much about its life total that losing 1 life at a time is terrifying, something is wrong with that deck.
    Of course, the one exception is the aggro MIRROR. In a MIRROR, this card is not nearly as good. But as a mainboard 4-of to replace Stromkirk Noble in standard, it destroys Legion Loyalist and Foundry Street denizen due to its consistent 2 power for 1 mana. Yes, that is enough for it to be the best.

    • Jordan

      Oh really? read some starcity articles today? let me give you a few scenarios.

      Opponent drops boros reckoner.
      Opponent drops a 1/1
      Opponent shocks, lightning strikes, warleader’s helix it.
      Opponent drops a 2nd turn smiter.

      There is no situation in which this card is good. And then when you look at other colors, namely white, who get a 2/1 for 1 that has double benefit instead of double drawback, and you realize this card is crap. It’d be crap even in a common slot in limited.

    • da

      But you could just run 1 for a 2/2 with only one draw back (Rakdos Cackler) plus it’s an uncommon too.

      • Holy Ghost

        Obviously you’d still run Rakdos Cackler, but as your other one-of, this beats every other available option.

        • YouGotFranked

          I’d run Foundry-Street Denizen over this satyr any day.

  • guest

    Well it’s a strictly better jackal pup… that was pretty good at one time

    • YouGotFranked

      “at one time” is not “this time”. “At one time” was a time where power creep on creature was much lower. It was not a time where someone could drop a Loxodon Smiter on turn 2.

  • Rogue

    Bazaar Trader in Modern

  • Liam manning

    The cards second ability should read tap two target player gains control of this creature.. That would make this card so fun, then they would think twice about bolting it, and unless there red they wouldn’t be able to give it to you.

  • Holy Ghost

    Your entire post is completely ridiculous. Try to think, even for a second, about how a red deck functions and you’ll realize how embarrassing your opinion is.

  • Tyler

    Noobs will be noobs

  • Maximize

    This guy is obviously supposed to be used as a decoy attacker. He puts your bigger dudes through by wanting to be a meat shield. Plus he punishes your opponent when they ignore him. Perfect for an aggro deck using Akroan Hoplites or Smiters.

  • Musicman247

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say that there is a card on the way that in tandem with this guy would be killer. An Instant that reflects direct damage to the other player or somesuch. Remember, we’ve only seen 1/3 of the Theros block. We have no idea how these cards work in the grand scheme of things.